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Get a € 25 discount on your first Airbnb booking

We are a big fans of the Airbnb experience. We not only rent our own apartment. We also rarely go on a city trip without booking our own home away from home via the platform. For a much better price than a hotel you get the atmosphere of your own town house with all possible amenities. What’s not to like? And to make it even more fun: how about a big discount on your next booking?

Are you still new to Airbnb? Lucky you! Then you will have a great first introduction to a hospitable host and the unique first experience of your own home away from home still ahead of you. Also, if you are new to Airbnb and therefore are registering with a new e-mail address, you can get a big discount on your first booking.

Simply book your stay with this link to get a discount of € 25!

An extra bonus? Recently, Airbnb started offering ‘experiences’ hosted to discover your travel destination in a unique way with a local host. If you register via the link above, you will get another € 9 discount on this as well.

Nope, this article is not sponsored in any way by Airbnb. We are just really excited about this platform! The link is simply our ‘friend link’ to share with our family and friends (with which we also get a small bonus for referring). Win win!