24x The best coffee in Amsterdam

Amsterdam always keeps a special place in my heart. The houses, the people, the whole atmosphere. Although the center is very touristy, there are fortunately enough great spots to find in the neighborhoods around city center. Here are my favorites:

The My Maps map above summarizes all our tips. The menu on the menu has separate layers that mark the best coffee spots, sleeping places and highlights. Click on the star to save the map to your own Google Maps or open the map in a new window for a larger version. Enjoy!

  • Back to Black –
    Weteringstraat 48 & Van Hallstraat 268

Back to Black is by far my favorite coffee spot in Amsterdam. Not only the coffee is delicious, but also the place itself completely relaxes you. The owners only burned their first beans in 2015, and only a few years laters the coffee from Back to Black is now famous for its great flavors. Sit at the reading table, or a comfy spot at the window, and leave it all just as it is. Maybe you even get a visit from Binkie the cat.

  • Lot Sixty One –
    Kinkerstraat 112
  • White Label Coffee –
    Jan Evertsenstraat 136
  • 4850 –
    Camperstraat 48-50
  • Monks Coffee Roasters –
    Bilderdijkstraat 46

Monks Coffee Roasters stands for right turnip for good coffee. Here you will find nothing more than good beans, the best coffee and a lovely place to sit. And that is exactly what we are looking for. A perfect place for the early bird, because they are already open at 07:00.

  • Caffènation Amsterdam
    Warmondstraat 120
  • Rum Baba Café –
    Pretoriusstraat 33
  • The Coffee Virus –
    Overhoeksplein 2
  • Scandinavium Embassy
    Sarphatipark 34

Scandinavium Embassy guarantees perfect espresso, as evidenced by several awards they have already won. This minimalist, small spot is located in the heart of De Pijp at the Sarphatipark. Combine your coffee with dishes from the Scandinavian kitchen with, or take your coffee in the park on a hot day!

  • Toki –
    Binnen Dommersstraat 15
  • NAKED espresso –
    Warmoesstraat 46
  • Coffee Bru –
    Beukenplein 14

The most relaxed spot in Amsterdam East is definitely Coffee Bru on the Beukenplein. Coffee from Bocca’s is served here. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is cluttered, the sandwiches tasty. Definitely worth it.

  • Bocca Coffee
    Kerkstraat 96HS
  • Friedhats FUKU Cafe –
    Bos en Lommerweg 136HS

Fuku means ‘happiness’. This is what you will get if you order a coffee here. For the owner Lex Wenneker Fuku has a personal meaning, after he had to close Headfirst Roasters because of problems with permits. Now there is a new coffee shop; Friedhats FUKU Cafe in Bos en Lommer. Friedhats can be recognized by their characteristic artwork. This can also be found in the bar. The coffee bar is pretty minimalistic, but mostly the yellow bar stands out. Everyone agrees about the award winning coffee, which belongs to the top. I myself also like to put the beans at home in my grinder.

  • Public Space –
    Bercylaan 301
  • Coffee Something
    Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 63
  • Schuurmanoomkensgrassotti –
    Overtoom 558
  • Espressofabriek
    Pazzanistraat 39
  • Frederix Roastery X Coffee Bar –
    Frederiksplein 29
  • Screaming Beans –
    Runstraat 6
  • Koffie Academie –
    Overtoom 95
  • Zuivere Koffie
    Utrechtsestraat 39
  • Coffee & Coconuts –
    Ceintuurbaan 282-284

Coffee & Coconuts is all about relaxation. Beachvibes, and “celebrating the abundance of life”. This bar is located in the old Ceintuur theater, a beautiful building on the Ceintuurbaan. Is Amsterdam too busy for a while? Are you looking for peace? Then be sure to go to this oasis.

  • Black Gold Amsterdam –
    Korte Koningsstraat 13H
Back to Black – Weteringstraat