Best things to do in Hopkins in Belize

In the small fishing village of Hopkins, fishing is no longer the only activity. The beautiful Caribbean beaches and blue sea are travelers’ favorites and tourism is now the main source of income at this bounty beach paradise. Hopkins has one of the best beaches in Belize – and maybe even the world. It’s the perfect mix between tropical beach and exotic jungle and a must-visit on your Belize trip. But where to stay? Where to eat? And most important: what are the best things to do in Hopkins in Belize?

Best things to do in Hopkins, Belize

# 1 Beach time in Hopkins

In other words: put on your bikini or swim trunks and enjoy the white beach in the shade of the palm trees and take a dip in the warm sea.

# 2 Snorkel or dive in the largest coral reef in the world

Did you know that Belize has the largest living coral reef in the world? A trip to Belize is therefore not possible without a visit to this beautiful underwater world. All kinds of snorkeling and diving tours are offered from Hopkins. Recommended!

# 3 Hike at Cockscomb Jaguar Park

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is the first ever jaguar reserve in the world. In a green jungle you can make the most beautiful hikes and spot wildlife here. That won’t be a jaguar by the way, but bird watchers and other animal spotters can definitely enjoy themselves here. Or do you mainly come for a dive under the waterfall? In our blog about Cockscomb you can read everything about the highights, the trails and how to get there exactly.

# 4 Visit Mayflower Bocawina National Park

From Hopkins you can – with your own transport or a tour – also easily visit this beautiful park. In the jungle you will find beautiful swimming spots, waterfalls and trails. It is also possible to zip line here or abseil from a waterfall.

# 5 Do a bioluminescence tour

Close to Hopkins are the Sittee River and the Anderson Lagoon. A beautiful place to kayak during the day, but in the evening it becomes really magical. On a subsequent trip to Belize, we would like to take a look here in the evening during a bioluminescence tour. Particles in the water then light up with every movement. Wow!

The best places to stay and eat in Hopkins

Hopkins has three types of accommodation to offer: luxury resorts just outside of town, the Funky Dodo Backpackers hostel and the beach paradise of Coconut Row. We cannot tell you enough how amazing our stay at Coconut Row was with its picture-perfect beach cabanas, private beach and excellent staff.

For food and drinks, we recommend the restaurants Coconut Husk and Fred’s Lime Tree. Driftwood serves the tastiest pizzas (really pricey) and often live music Garifuna music is performed here. Go to Thongs for breakfast and get some ice cream at Nicecream.

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