Best hotels, glamping and Airbnb in Salento in Colombia

Salento is absolutely a must on your travel itinerary for Colombia. The beautiful surroundings, colourful architecture, palm tree valley and local cuisine will definitely impress you. But what hotel, guesthouse or boutique hostel to book? That’s a tough choice, as Salento has so many beautiful hotels and hostels. Let us help you with that!

Salento Colombia | Valle de Cocora Colombia
Plantation Hostel Salento

Where to stay in Salento: 8 stunning Airbnb, hotels and glamping

#1 The Plantation House

Current prices and availability | The Plantation House has stolen our hearts! The rooms are nice and spacious. There is a lot of green between the small buildings with the rooms. The dogs are so sweet that you want to take them home with you. The Plantation House is part of one of the coffee plantations in this coffee region. You can join an excursion to this coffee plantation from The Plantation House every day. The longer you stay, the more discount you will get on the tour. During our visit to the coffee finca – of coursenthe hostel dogs also went along – the owner explained us all about the growth of the coffee plant and the process of drying the coffee bean. We also learned how to roast and grind coffee ourselves, while at a tasting we learned the difference between the different roasts and grindings. Absolutely recommended!

#2 Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel

Current prices and availability | About 400 meters outside Salento you might find the nicest hotel in the area. This boutique hotel is not cheap, but then you get to sleep in a beautiful place. Every room has its own balcony to enjoy the beautiful view!

#3 El Jardin

Current prices and availability | You will find El Jardin in a white building with colourful paintwork. A typical example of the colourful, colonial architecture of Salento, so this might be the most suitable place to spend your time in the city! The beautiful view and the breakfast and rooms are good, but it is probably the prime location in the middle of Salento that makes El Jardin so popular.

#4 La Serrana

Current prices and availability | Just outside Salento is the popular La Serrana located. It is a short walk from the town, but maybe you want to take – especially with your luggage – a willy jeep on the town square to drop you off here. The sleeping places are beautiful. There are dormitories and different types of private rooms, but there are also great camping spots where you can set up your own tent. You have such a beautiful here over the green hills! The hostel is a reason for many travellers to visit Salento, so make sure you make a booking on time.

#5 Ecohotel Kasaguadua Natural Reserve

Current prices and availability | A little further is Kasaguadua, a sustainable and organic eco-host in a beautiful private reserve. There are just few places to sleep, so book a bed in advance if you want to spend your time in Salento at this popular location. It is the perfect place to relax in a hammock with a nice book and a drink after a hike after exploring the area!

#6 Ecohotel La Cabana

Current prices and availability | This eco hotel is located in a beautiful garden. The finca is a bit outside of Salento, so arrange a willy to get you there or bring your walking shoes. But you’ll get the best view in return! You can go horseback riding, spot birds and unwind in the beautiful green surroundings on the estate’s own grounds.

#7 Lumbre Glamorous Camping

Current prices and availability | It doesn’t get any better than the sleeping places and surroundings of this luxurious camping site. This glamping hotel has beautiful tents with private bathrooms among the green hills of Salento. It is outside the city, but it happens to be on the route from Salento to the popular Valle de Cocora. If you want to go to the palm tree valley or the village, you can easily hop on one of the willy’s between those two destinations.

#8 Luxury Airbnb in Salento

Current prices and availiability | Website | | Just outside Salento is where you’ll find this architectural gem. The cabana has a kingsize bed, stunning view of the Salento hills and an outside bath. The Airbnb has a huge hammock with a view as well, creating the perfect place to relax.