Visiting the Palomino beach in Colombia: why you should visit this hippie beach town

The village of Palomino is a great beach destination to add to your Colombia travel itinerary. Many travellers visit this tropical gem, as Palomino has so much more to offer than just the regular beach experience. These are the reasons you’ll want to visit the hippie beach town!

Palomino | reisroute in Colombia | Guatapé | The Orange Backpack
Palomino | reisroute in Colombia | Guatapé | The Orange Backpack

5 reasons to visit the Palomino beach in Colombia

#1 Relaxing at the Palomino beach

You will, of course, visit Palomino to spend some time on the beach. Bring some drinks with you, find a nice spot and enjoy the sun. Oh, and don’t forget your sun cream, as you’ll easily get a sun burn here. The only downside about the Palomino beach is the heavy ocean current. Unfortunately is therefore too dangerous to get far into the water. You will always see a few who give it a try though, but they’ll always need help to get back to the beach.

Tip: the Palomino beach is also a great place to watch the sunset!

#2 Tubing the river to the Palomino beach

Does tubing make you think of drunk eighteen year olds running down the river with cans of beer in their tube? Then go tubing in Palomino! You’ll be brought up the mountain on a motorbike with your tube, from where you go downstream to the sea in your tube. If you go early in the morning, you’ll have the chance to spot monkeys and all kinds of exotic birds along the way! We went as early as possible and were, therefore, the only ones on the river. The morning silence and awakening nature were a beautiful experience! You’ll return the tubes at the end of the river at the beach. You can find yourself a nice spot on the beach there or walk down the beach back to Palomino.

Tip: use a lot of sun cream or even better: wear a shirt and pants/skirt. Even in the early morning, you’ll easily and quickly get a sun burn. As you are in the water, the water will rinse the sunscreen off your body, causing you to burn. Trust us, we would have loved to have known this.

#3 Souvenir shopping in Palomino

The village of Palomino is actually on the main road from Santa Marta and not at the beach. But a dirt road leads you from that main road to the bounty beach. Along the way, you will pass all kinds of nice eateries, hotels and hostels, green fields, palm trees, and the best souvenir stalls. Palomino is often called a hippie town because of the relaxed vibe and the cool souvenir shops where you can shop for handmade jewelry and bags for a small price.

#4 The most stunning places to stay in Colombia

Palomino offers you the most beautiful hotels and hostels at an affordable price. How about a private hut on the bounty beach or a huge tree house? Highly recommended and very popular are La Natura, The Dreamer, La Sirena andMakoa.

Tip: are you looking for the most idyllic, luxurious and picture perfect accommodation? Then you can also search for one along the beach outside Palomino. Our bus from Santa Marta also stopped to drop off other travellers on the way to Palomino and we saw the most beautiful accommodations and the most empty beaches.

#5 The perfect base to explore the area

Palomino is close to the popular Tayrona National Park, the beautiful mountains of Minca and the starting point of the multi-day Ciudad Perdida hike. The beach town is therefore already on your route and is the ideal base to travel further to these other amazing destinations in the area!