Why The Netherlands is a must-visit in 2020 according to Lonely Planet

When the new top 10 of Lonely Planet with must-visit travel destinations for 2020 came out at the end of October and we Dutchies are number 7! What are the reasons for this?

# 1 The Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam

Douze points, twelve points! The Netherlands will be the host country for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020. For a long time it remained a mystery where exactly the international music event would take place in the Netherlands. But last September we got the redeeming word: in 2020 the Songfestival will be held in Rotterdam. The semi-finals will take place on 12 and 14 May. The grand finale is on Saturday 16 May.

Hotel rooms are no longer available for that week in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. But in our blog about the Songfestival in our hometown we give you some insider tips to find a place to sleep. And which must-do’s not to skip during that week!

# 2 An extra festive Liberation Day

In 2020, the Netherlands will celebrate 75 years of liberation. Liberation Day on May 5th is always festive, but this year it will be much bigger than usual. E free and comes together at exone in the Netherlands will have a day off and will come together on large markets, liberation festivals and street parties. We think that is especially nice for the locals, but according to Lonely Planet, it is also the perfect opportunity to plunge into the Dutch festivities as a tourist.

# 3 Colorful Amsterdam

Lonely Planet mentions Amsterdam as the city that is ‘always worth a visit’. which many tourists probably know all too well. And when speaking to people abroad, it often helps more to say you are from Amsterdam than explaining you are from the Netherlands. And we understand that love for our capital. Sebastiaan has lived there for a long time in Amsterdam-West and together we regularly come to visit our favorite museums or just to enjoy the atmosphere.

Reading tip: read our city guide for Amsterdam for the best coffee spots and our favorite museums!

# 4 Festive King’s Day

Lonely Planet advises to visit our little country in April or May, because then you can also Experience King’s Day alongside the Song Festival and Liberation Day. The amazing orange party is always celebrated on April 27th, when King Willem-Alexander celebrates his birthday together with the Dutchies. The famous travel guide advises travelers to pack their orange clothing and emerge themselves in the orange festivities.

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Tip: April or May is not just a festive period. During this time in the year the Dutch tulip fields are also in bloom! Near Rotterdam you will find these beautiful tulip fields (and you can visit them for free).

# 5 The Dutch Wadden Islands

If all the partying gets too much for you, Lonely Planet advises you to get a breath of fresh air on the Wadden Islands. Sebastiaan has been coming to Terschelling from an early age and is in love with this small island. Travelers are more likely to travel to the largest island of Texel, which I myself often came to and love. It is easy to reach from Amsterdam; direct train to Den Helder and from the station by bus on the boat to the villages. The island is also wonderfully versatile: from white beaches to mudflats and from small villages to wine tastings.

In the words of Lonely Planet:

“In the year that marks 75 years of freedom for the Netherlands since the end of the Second World War, our country is ready to celebrate with events throughout the country. Amsterdam is always worth a visit, but the rest of the country is still full of surprises. So get on the train and discover the many cozy places that our country has. April and May are more festive than ever this year, because in addition to King’s Day and Liberation Day, the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam in 2020. Escape the crowds? Then set course for the Wadden Islands. “

P.S. The entire top 10 consists of Bhutan, England, Northern Macedonia, Aruba, Swaziland, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Liberia, Morocco and Uruguay. So yes, that includes the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. Double profit for the Netherlands.