The bounty beach alternative to Mahahual: Cabanas Ecoturisticas Costa Maya

Are you coming to the beach village of Mahahual for a snow-white beach with palm trees? For snorkeling in the beautiful coral reef directly in front of the coast? Relax and do nothing for a few days? Then Mahahual might disappoint you. In this blog we explain why we would not recommend Mahahual, but we also have the perfect alternative: Cabanas Ecoturisticas Costa Maya.

Admittedly, we booked this place by accident. We were looking for a place to sleep in Mahahual and found something on the edge which looked the nicest. But we did not realize how far these cabanas are from the village. 35 minutes drive is not exactly within walking distance. But it was worth every kilometer!

Don’t expect a luxury resort. The cottages are very basic, without electrical outlets and with a cold shower (with some salty water). The bed was tight, especially for Sebastiaan with his 2 meters. That was certainly not what we had hoped for, but in the end it felt like an inseparable part of our off the grid experience.

Because the location could not have been better. The guests of the cabanas have the beautiful beach all to themselves. No beach club with loungers row by row, but endless rows of palm trees and tranquility. There are comfy chairs in the shade of the palm trees that you can use freely. Just like the kayaks and the snorkel sets. And you want to use that snorkel set. Just like in Mahahual, the coral is just off the coast. From the beach you can snorkel between the rays and colorful fish within a few minutes. It was beautiful!

The atmosphere also made this one of our favorite places in Mexico. We came here at the end of the year and experienced one of the most memorable changes of the year. Every evening a delicious community style dinner is served with the fish of that day (for 250 pesos per person). That community feeling has also been completely successful. The guitar is played and sung, there is talking and laughter and in the meantime a campfire is lit. We ended 2019 with a fantastic group of people around a campfire among the palm trees on a bounty beach. Is there a better way to start a new year?

In the high season we paid a price of 131 euros for two nights. Look here for the current prices of the cabanas. The lavish breakfast (there were also pancakes!) Is, just like the kayaks and snorkel sets, included in the price.

Cabañas Ecoturisticas Costa Maya

Cabañas Ecoturisticas Costa Maya