The adventures of The Orange Backpack

Our orange backpack just loves to travel. He enjoys Asian cuisine, wants to go on African safaris or heads to Paris for a city trip. Of course we don’t mind joining him and sharing his travel stories and tips with you on this blog!

Who we are? Maartje and Sebastiaan, built in 1989 and 1988. We are full-time homesters in our hometown Rotterdam and part-time world travellers. We only knew each other for three weeks when we made our first trip and we welcomed a baby girl in April 2021 to our travel team. We love to tell you our travel stories on this blog!

Cosy Cabin | Tree House | Warredal | Belgium


Build in 1989

Maartje's enthusiasm and curiosity knows no bounds. She loves museums, nature, food, walking, architecture, history, animals. Writing and photography is a big passion and she has been writing about cooking, minimalism, food, hotspots and travel for many years. Above all, she has a special place in her heart for castles, royal jewels and ancient Egypt. Maartje gave up her job as a lawyer to bring more balance to her life: less work and more life. Besides to The Orange Backpack, she works as a legal entrepreneur.

Lake Bacalar | Yucutan Mexico | The Orange Backpack


Build in 1988

Sebastiaan's eyes start to shine with new travel plans, specialty coffee and craft beer, cuddling cats and hikes in the mountains. He likes to create, innovate, discover new cities and try out interesting technology. Sebastiaan works part-time as a strategic designer at one of the largest technology companies. The rest of his time is devoted to day trips, weekend breaks and exotic trips. Adventurous road trips through beautiful landscapes are Sebastian's favourite.

What characterizes our travel stories? Adventure, fun, road trips, comfort, sustainability, nature and discovery. Maartje loves romantic palaces and castles, Sebastiaan is fond of specialty coffee and craft beers and together we like to explore new places for the best foodie hotspots.

The constant factor on our travels? The Orange Backpack, the backpack-camera bag-daypack that has been with us from that very first trip.

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