Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

How we keep this site running? With blood, sweat, love and pleasure, but also with income from affiliate marketing. That does not cost you money, but provides us with an extra income.

We are happy to give you lots of practical tips on our blog. In addition, we gladly link you to more info or to the right websites to book or buy the things we are so lyrical about. If possible, we use so-called ‘affiliate links’. If you click on such a link and make a purchase or make a booking, we will receive a referral bonus. Without extra costs for you of course.

Examples of such links? If we tell you about cool sleeping places and hand you the link to Or if we tell you about a great road trip and tell you about good car rental for that trip.

So are you enthusiastic about our blog and would you like to give us a helping hand? Then make your bookings and online purchases through our links below, so that we get a referral bonus at no extra cost to you.

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