Where to Stay in Vlorë

Staying overnight in Vlorë is crucial if you want to truly experience the Vlore’s attractions and enjoy the stunning natural areas and beautiful beach nearby. You can opt to stay within the city itself or along the beachfront, where you’ll find a range of accommodations from cozy hostels to beautiful boutique hotels and luxurious properties. During our research for our visit to Vlorë, we discovered several gems that we’re excited to share with you. This blog will guide you through the best places to stay!

It’s also worth noting that prices in Albania are quite affordable. This gives you the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a stay in a gorgeous luxury hotel for the same price—or even less—than what you might pay for a regular hotel room in the Netherlands.

Where is Vlorë located in Albania?

Vlorë is positioned in the southwest of Albania along the coast. It is part of the region often referred to as the Albanian Riviera. This stretch along the southern coast of Albania is dotted with numerous beaches, villages, and larger towns, including Vlorë itself.

Nearby destinations include the city of Fier (a 40-minute drive), the coastal town of Sarande on the Albanian Riviera (almost 2.5 hours away), the archaeological site of Apollonia (25 minutes), and the museum town of Berat (1.5 hours).

Vlorë itself boasts a beautiful coastal location, with the Bay of Vlorë unfolding along its edges. To the northwest of Vlorë, you’ll find the Narta Lagoon and the Vjosa-Narta Protected Landscape, a scenic natural park.

How many days do I need for Vlorë?

We recommend spending at least three days in Vlorë.

You can explore the city center in just half a day, but that doesn’t cover the beaches and the surrounding natural areas. The town center itself is quite compact, so we suggest setting aside just half a day for this part of your visit.

For the inviting beaches and the stunning Narta Lagoon, plan to spend more time. Allow at least one full day for each, adding up to two additional days. Of course, the total number of beach days you spend here—or at another enchanting beach—will depend on your overall itinerary in Albania.

Best Areas To Stay in Vlorë 

When deciding on accommodation in Vlorë, you’ll need to choose between staying near the beach and coastal boulevard or opting for the old town, which is located more inland. The beach area extends quite far south of Vlorë, where you can also find fantastic places to stay. So, should you choose the old town, the boulevard, or the beaches to the south?

We suggest staying along the coast (and making a separate trip to visit the old town during your stay). Although the vibrant city center is definitely a must-see, the beautiful beaches and the lively boulevard, complete with charming beach bars and restaurants, offer the best places to stay.

The Best Hotels in Vlorë

#1 Hotel Liro boasts a spectacular location perched on the rocky coastline just south of Vlorë. It features a spacious terrace, its own private beach equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, an on-site restaurant, and a bar. Each guest room offers a magnificent view of the sea, making it a prime choice for travelers looking for scenic ocean vistas.

#2 Paradise Beach Hotel offers the feel of a luxury hotel but at Albania’s typically affordable rates. Located right on the beach south of Vlorë, this hotel comes equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, beautifully landscaped gardens, and an à la carte restaurant, creating a perfect setting for a relaxing getaway.

#3 Yacht Hotel, situated on the southern boulevard of Vlorë, is a mere 20 meters from the coastline and features a restaurant, a bar, and a private beach. The rooms are modern and airy, with nearly all providing breathtaking views of the sea, offering guests a tranquil retreat by the water..

#4 Grand Mirage is also located on the southern boulevard of Vlorë. Each room in this hotel includes a balcony that overlooks the sea, and is furnished with modern, spacious, and comfortable amenities. Guests can enjoy breakfast served daily on the top floor, where they are treated to stunning views of the beach and the sea beyond.

#5 Veranda Boutique Hotel is situated along Vlorë’s bustling boulevard and features a terrace as well as many rooms with sea views. This family-run hotel is known for its exceptional service, ensuring that guests have everything they need during their stay, which is reflected in its very high review scores.

#6 Chic Boutique Hotel Vlore is a stylish boutique hotel located near the city beach of Vlorë. The rooms are decorated with modern elegance and a touch of coziness, making it a comfortable and trendy spot for visitors. It is highly praised in reviews for its excellent breakfast, warm hospitality, and spacious rooms.

#7 Vlora Backpackers Hostel is the most popular hostel in Vlorë and offers a range of accommodations including dormitories and mixed rooms, all sharing communal bathrooms. The hostel’s free bicycle rental service makes it an excellent base for exploring the surrounding area and nearby beaches.

Wild Camping in Vlorë

We spent several days exploring Vlorë with our camper and found the city to be very camper-friendly. We chose to stay in the Narta Lagoon, which proved to be an exceptionally beautiful place for wild camping.

Our camping spot (Park4Night #106746) offered a panoramic view of the Zvernec Monastery and was located right next to some fascinating bunkers that can be explored with a flashlight. While this spot was our personal choice, many campers prefer the gorgeous beach in the lagoon (Park4Night #89027) or the immediate area next to it (Park4Night #108564), both of which come highly recommended for those looking to connect with nature.