Where to stay in Antigua Guatemala

The best places to stay in Antigua Guatemala include cozy hostels, beautiful luxury hotels and beautiful lodges in the hills around the city. As one of the most popular destinations in Guatemala, you have plenty of accommodation options to choose from. In addition to hotels, you can also opt for bucket list experiences, such as treehouse lodges in the hills around Antigua and camping on a volcano. The range is huge and in this blog we help you to make a choice. Where to stay in Antigua? Which hostels, lodges and hotels in Antigua will give you the best travel experience?


How to get to Antigua Guatemala

Antigua – or actually Antigua Guatemala – is located in the southwest of Guatemala. The capital Guatemala City is not far away and therefore the main international airport of the country is also close to Antigua. For that reason, Antigua is often the first destination for travelers in Guatemala to visit. They usually travel straight to Antigua from the airport, though we can recommend spending a day or two in Guatemala City as well. The next destination after Antigua that makes the most sense on any Guatemala itinerary would be the popular Lake Atitlan, known for its deep blue lake surrounded by majestic volcanoes and charming villages.

From the airport and from other destinations in Guatemala, you can easily get to Antigua with buses, minivans and taxis. Though most travelers use buses, minivans or taxis, we loved using the Uber app. You can use the app in almost every area of Guatemala to find an affordable, private ride to your destination. From two and especially three people, an Uber is usually cheaper than a spot in a minivan. Our Uber ride from Guatemala City to Antiqua cost us 155 quetzal. The Uber ride from Antigua to Panajachel, the largest city on Lake Atitlan, was 370 quetzal. If you don’t have an Uber account yet, we recommend you to sign up with this Uber link for a discount on your first ride.

Why Antigua is worth visiting

Antigua is one of the most popular and beautiful places to visit in Guatemala. The colonial town is known for its small-town atmosphere, pastel-colored buildings, great restaurants and beautiful surroundings with some of the most famous volcanoes in Guatemala.

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The picture-perfect streets of Antigua are characterized by low-rise buildings, pastel-colored facades, cozy squares, ancient monastery ruins and small streets. Well-known and not to be missed are the much-photographed Santa Catalina Arch and the richly decorated, yellow Iglesia de la Merced. Although the colorful city is one of the most visited highlights of Guatemala, you hardly notice this popularity in the streetscape. Although every street has at least one trendy restaurant and great hotel and many facilities are aimed at tourists, the town does not seem to be overrun by travelers.

One of the best things to do in Antigua is a day trip or multi-day excursion to the volcanoes of Antigua. The most famous volcanoes in the area are the Acatenango and Pacaya, two of Guatemala’s three active volcanoes. We recommend visiting at least one of them during your days in Antigua for an unforgettable travel experience.

Where to stay in Antigua

The old town, the lush countryside or on a volcano?

As one of Guatemala’s most popular destinations, Antigua is packed with beautiful hotels and hostels. It has both low-budget options and stunning luxury hotels, and both modern trendy hostels and authentic historical places to stay. When looking for where to stay in Antigua, you can choose a hotel in town or a unique place to stay in the hills around it. Or how about spending the night on a volcano?

We couldn’t choose and ended up doing all three. We stayed in a beautiful lodge overlooking Antigua and its volcanoes, after which we spend some days in town and camped on two active volcanoes. You might not have enough travel time in your itinerary to spend a week in Antigua, but if you do have the time: go for all three options as we did!

Where to stay in Antigua

#1 Selina Antigua for one of the trendiest hotels in town. There are both dormitory rooms and spacious private en-suite rooms, as Selina combines a hostel atmosphere with hotel comfort. The stylish hotel also has a lovely outdoor swimming pool and yoga classes are given on the roof terrace.

#2 Casa Santo Domingo for one of Antigua’s most unique hotels. In addition to being a beautiful luxury hotel, Santo Domingo is also a spa and archaeological museum, housed in an old convent with historical exhibits. The hotel has a swimming pool and beautiful gardens.

#3 San Rafael Hotel for a luxury hotel with antique furniture and a colonial, Spanish atmosphere. The beamed ceiling, the authentic building and the special details make this one of the most beautiful, historic places to stay in Antigua.

#4 Meson Panza Verde for a classic-style property with lush gardens, an art gallery and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views. The swimming pool and on-site restaurant also contribute to the high review ratings that guests give Meson Panza Verde.

#5 Maya Papaya for Antigua’s most popular hostel. Both dormitories and private rooms are available. The hostel has a prime location in the center, a modern interior, a lovely courtyard and hospitable staff.

#6 El Convent o Boutique Hotel for a chic boutique hotel, set in a historic convent. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and beautiful gardens. The historic atmosphere of both the old monastery and the rooms makes this an unforgettable place to stay.

#7 Good Hotel Antigua for a modern hotel in an authentic mansion with a minimalist design. All rooms are located around the inner garden and have the same white, clean design. The hotel receives only extremely positive reviews and very high review ratings.

#8 Ojala Hotel for a unique place to stay in Antigua with a one-of-a-kind interior style that combines modern and historical elements. Ojala is both a hostel and a hotel with comfortable private rooms and great dormitories. The beautiful courtyard and prime location make this a perfect choice for Antigua.

Where to stay in the hills around Antigua

#9 Earth Lodge for a beautiful hotel with huts and tree houses built against the hills around Antigua. The view over the city and the surrounding volcanoes is phenomenal. The gardens, the vegetarian restaurant, the yoga classes, the hikes from Earth Lodge, the hammocks and the sauna will make your time here unforgettable.

#10 Hobbitenango for a special place to stay outside Antigua. If spending the night in a Hobbit hole is on your bucketlist, now’s your chance. Even if you don’t stay at Hobbitenango, you can visit during the day to admire this special place and have lunch in the restaurant.

Camping on a volcano

#11 The Acatenango volcano for an unforgettable hike and overnight stay on the most famous volcano in Guatemala. Wake up to the rumble of a volcano, unzip your tent and see a huge eruption. That’s waking up on the Acatenango. The Acatenango Volcano has fantastic views of two other volcanoes, the massive Agua and active Fuego. We stayed in a base camp above the clouds where you can only get to by hiking all the way up. On a ledge overlooking the eruptions of the Fuego, the tents are lined up with a lovely campfire in the middle. Breathtakingly beautiful!

#2 The Pacaya volcano for a night tour to lava flows and roasting marshmallows in the dark. The night hike to the top of the volcano in the dark was one of the most spectacular things we’ve ever done. The huge lava flows from the top down, the lava splashes from the crater and the thick clouds of smoke. Wow!

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