Iceland on a budget: tips and tricks to save money

Traveling around Iceland is not cheap at all. Fuel is expensive, hotels are expensive and restaurants are expensive. But it is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, so scrape your last penny and use our tips for Iceland on a budget to save money on your trip.

Tips for visiting Iceland on a budget

#1 Camping in Iceland

Camping is not only the best way to experience the nature of the island, but also budget-friendly option. Particularly if you also opt for a tent! It is not only cheaper to rent a tent and car instead of a camper van. Fuel is also pricey and a car obviously uses less fuel than the heavy and sometimes old camper vans. Read all about the ideal camping trip in Iceland in this blog!

#2 Cook your own meals

Restaurants are quite pricey and you will certainly not find them everywhere in the country. So cook your own meals! Many guesthouses offer the possibility to prepare your own breakfast and dinner yourself in the guest kitchen. And are you going to camp? Then you will get a gas bottle with cooking utensils or even a mini kitchen with your camping equipment.

#3 Avoid the expensive Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is expensive and touristy and you have to book a time slot well in advance. Opt for a cheaper and more natural option and avoid the popular Blue Lagoon. Less visited, cheaper and more natural options than the Blue Lagoon are for example Hveragerði, Landmannalaugar and Mývatn.

#4 Take advantage of the free sights

A whale watching boat trip is very cool. Hiking over a glacier was a must see for me. But does that all not fit in your budget? Fortunately, most sights are free of charge. Visit the many waterfalls, the Black Beaches, the cliffs and everything else. Without paying an entrance fee.

#5 Travel in low season

The price difference in the high and low season is big. Very big! If your travel budget is a bit tight, then definitely choose to come in low season. You may have fewer daylight hours in the winter months, but the Icelandic landscape with snow and ice is said to be extremely beautiful. And you also have a good chance of seeing the northern lights!

#6 Drink tap water

Do not buy bottles of mineral water, but just fill your bottle with tap water. It may sometimes smell a bit strange, but the tap water is healthy and drinkable.

#7 Stick to the speed limits

There are many cameras in the country to check for speeds. So make sure you don’t score a fine and stick to the speed limits!

#8 Make it a stopover

Save money on your plane ticket and visit Iceland with a stop over. Almost all flights from Europe to North America are via Iceland. Some companies make a short stop on the island and offer you the option to make a stopover. Iceland Air even offers you the option to make a 7-day stopover! Read more about this here.

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