The Jordan Pass, the best investment for your Jordan trip

The Jordan Pass is absolutely a must for a trip to Jordan. We normally aren’t big fans for these tourist passes. It is usually just a way to earn money from tourists and you won’t profit from them at all. The Jordan Pass is the only exception!

Jerash | Jordan | Jordanië | The Orange Backpack
Wadi Rum | Jordan | Jordanië | The Orange Backpack

It costs between 70 and 80 JD

There are three types of passes with prices ranging from 70 JD to 80 JD (so € 88 to € 100 at the current exchange rate). The three passes differ only in one way: the number of days you want to spend in beautiful Petra.

  • 70 JD for a pass with one day access to Petra
  • 75 JD for a pass with two consecutive days access to Petra
  • 80 JD for a pass with three consecutive days access to Petra

That may sound like a big investment, but let me do the math for you.

For your ticket to Petra you pay 50 (one day), 55 (2 days) or 60 JD (3 days) without a Jordan Pass. You can find the admission prices on this site. The second big win of the Jordan Pass is your visa. If you buy your pass before you arrive in Jordan, you won’t have to pay the visa costs of 40 JD (you will need a visa though, the pass is not the visa itself). Here you can check the visa costs.

We bought a Jordan Pass with access to Petra for 2 days and each paid 75 JD for it. A single ticket for Petra would have cost us 55 JD and our visa 40 JD, so we already saved 20 JD by only looking at the costs for these two.

So with visiting to Petra and getting your visa with the Jordan Pass, you already benefit and save 20 JD.

Petra | Jordan | Jordanië | The Orange Backpack
Jerash | Jordan | Jordanië | The Orange Backpack

Our favourite Jordan Pass sights

Besides Petra, the Jordan Pass gives free access to more than 40 other sights in Jordan. You can find them all on the official site. These were our favourites!

  • Petra, the biggest highlight of Jordan (50 to 60 JD).
  • The impressive ruins of the Roman city of Jerash in northern Jordan (10 JD).
  • Access to the desert castles Shobak, Karak and Ajun (1, 3 and 2 JD).
  • The ancient citadel of Amman with a beautiful view of the city (3 JD).
  • The Roman theater in Amman, in the middle of the city and still in use (2 JD).
  • Access to the desert of Wadi Rum in the south to spend the night in a tent camp (5 JD).

You can check the regular prices for all sights in Jordan in this overview.

An extra bonus: with the Jordan Pass you don’t have to stand in lines, but you can walk directly to the ticket control.

Petra | Jordan | Jordanië | The Orange Backpack
Jerash | Jordan | Jordanië | The Orange Backpack

Terms and conditions

Before you buy the Jordan Pass, make sure you first read the terms and conditions on the official site. Read the FAQ carefully. The two most important conditions relate to the visa benefit of 40 JD.

You will only receive the visa benefit if you already have the pass upon arrival. If you buy the pass during your trip, you cannot reclaim the 40 JD for your visa. So make sure you buy the pass before your trip and bring a printed version of it with you

The other condition is that the visa benefit only applies if you stay at least 3 nights in Jordan. Why? This way the pass will only be used by tourists who actually travel through Jordan. Petra is often visited as a day trip from for example neighboring Israel.

Where do I buy the Jordan Pass?

You can buy the pass on the official site. This is the direct link to the page to purchase the pass.