Where to stay in Braga

Choosing where to stay in Braga is crucial to fully experience both the ancient city and the famous church, Bom Jesus, with its zigzagging stairs. The most practical location would be accommodation in or very close to the historic city center.

As a popular tourist destination, Braga offers a variety of delightful hotels, cozy hostels, and exquisite luxury hotels. During our research for our visit to Braga, we discovered several gems that we are eager to recommend. This blog covers the best places to stay in Braga!


Where to Find Braga in Portugal

Following the famed Porto, Braga is the most renowned city in Northern Portugal. Situated in the northwest, Braga is in the historically and culturally rich Minho region, known for its green landscapes and the production of the light, sparkling Vinho Verde.

It’s easy to visit Braga from other tourist destinations in Northern Portugal as the distances aren’t very large. From the well-known coastal city of Porto, Braga is just a 45-minute drive. The historical Guimarães is less than half an hour away, the mountains of Peneda-Gerês National Park are about an hour’s drive, as is Viana do Castelo, and the Fortaleza de Valença near the Spanish border.

Braga Portugal

What Braga Is Known For

Braga, a prominent tourist destination in Portugal, is especially famous for its main attraction, the Bom Jesus do Monte. This sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is renowned for its striking stairs and stunning views over the city. Besides the Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary, Braga is known for its long history, Baroque architecture, and numerous churches.

As Portugal’s oldest city, Braga has a history dating back to Roman times. This historical heritage is still visible in the city, where you can visit Roman ruins and an archaeological museum. The city’s long history is celebrated annually during the Braga Romana festival.

Braga is also known as the “City of the Baroque” due to its many monumental buildings and houses from the Baroque period. The city’s architecture is a splendid example of this extravagant style, with over a hundred buildings in the historical center from this era.

Braga Portugal

How Many Days Do You Need in Braga?

You can experience Braga in half a day with a short walk through the old center. However, to fully appreciate the historic heart of the city and the breathtaking Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary, we recommend spending at least two days.

On day one, immerse yourself in the ambiance of the old center, filled with dozens of churches and beautiful buildings adorned with azulejos. Don’t forget to visit the impressive cathedral. The second day is ideal for exploring the famous UNESCO heritage of the Bom Jesus sanctuary, located on a hill just outside the city.

Braga Portugal

The Best Hotels in Braga

If you’re looking for a fine place to stay in Braga, the historic center is the most logical place to search. The Bom Jesus de Braga, located outside the city, offers little besides the sanctuary. It’s better to visit the sanctuary from Braga itself by car or direct bus.

The most charming hotels in Braga’s old center:

#1 Burgus Tribute & Design Hotel: Highly rated for its central location, excellent breakfast, lovely garden, and spacious stylish rooms with French balconies. This hotel is undoubtedly the most popular choice in Braga.

#2 Vila Gale Collection Braga: Ideally located at the beautiful Largo Carlos Amarante square, near two of Braga’s most monumental churches. It features an indoor pool, a garden, a restaurant, and free parking. The hotel is housed in a characteristic building, and its vaulted ceiling in the dining room is particularly stunning

#3 Braga Heritage Lofts: Offers a central location in the heart of the city center, rooms with a private kitchenette and sitting area, and a modern and bright decor. Guests consistently give high ratings and are extremely enthusiastic about this accommodation.

#4 Villa Theatro Heritage Apartments: An aparthotel with spacious and trendy apartments, fully equipped for convenience. It offers a terrace, a sitting area, and a fully equipped kitchen, including a washing machine, all housed in a beautifully authentic building, centrally located in a wide pedestrian street.

Se de Braga

Staying in Braga with a Camper

Traveling with a camper in Portugal? Braga is easily accessible with a camper van or a larger camper. Unfortunately, there is no official camper site in Braga. However, there is an somewhat outdated camping site not far, but not within walking distance from the center – Camping Braga.

We spent the night in our camper at the parking lot by Parque da Ponte (link Park4Night). In summer, it can be busy, but we were there in the low season and were the only camper. It’s a spacious parking lot within walking distance of the center and set amidst the greenery of the park.

Visiting Bom Jesus, it’s not difficult to find a place for your camper. There are ample parking spaces for campers both at the top by the church and at the bottom of the stairs. The parking lot at the top is paid. Normal cars pay €1, and campers €10. We stayed overnight (for free) in the parking lot at the bottom (link Park4Night) and preferred to spend our money on a ride with the historic cable car to the top.

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Tip: East of Braga, in the village of Póvoa de Lanhoso, you’ll find a very nice free camper spot (link Park4Night). Here, you can not only empty and dump waste but also access free electricity. An ideal stopover if you’re traveling from Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês to Braga.