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65+ free Lightroom presets

We all know the impact of a beautiful photo on our ‘wanderlust’. Well, there is a lot involved in making that perfect travel photo, but editing afterwards can also make a world of difference. We started editing our photos via Adobe Lightroom not long ago. And what has helped us in this? Presets!

How do Lightroom presets work?

Lightroom is one of the most popular tools among travel bloggers for travel bloggers. If only because Lightroom has a nice mobile version as well as a paid desktop version. Did you edit a photo in Lightroom exactly as you would like? Then it can be useful to capture that editing, so that you can easily reuse it for a similar photo. This is how you create your own preset. Then they work just like filters on your phone or instagram and you apply them to a photo with a click.

Capturing a favorite edit is exactly what many experienced travel bloggers have done. And to help you get started with editing your photos – and of course to make some money yourself – their presets are often for sale. Do you love the look and feel of an instagram feed from your favorite instagrammer? Chances are that you can just buy their presets and advertise them regularly.

Of course, presets do not work one by one for every photo and you also do not simply want to copy another instagrammer. But such a preset will quickly teach you more about editing. With a preset you can see exactly which sliders that experienced blogger slides open or closes to create a certain effect. So an easy and fast learning method. Our experience is that after applying a preset you still make some minor adjustments. Even those small adjustments teach you to tweak a photo so that you find it best.

Tip: do you buy presets or are you looking for free versions online? Then pay attention to whether these are presets that you can use on your mobile or on your computer. When you buy presets, you often get them for both, but that is not always the case. Free presets are usually for the paid version on your computer.

We collected more than 60 different free presets of travel bloggers

We started with a number of free Lightroom presets from other travel bloggers. With the help of those presets we learned a lot about Adobe Lightroom in a short time. In the meantime we have been able to develop a handful of our own presets that we use a lot. Very handy! Are we there yet? Absolutely not. We have only just begun editing and have not fully mastered it at all. But we’re getting there.

Why would travel bloggers give presets away for free when others sell them? They usually write that they are generous and are happy to help you in the difficult world of instagram and travel photography. Is there no catch? We have not yet been able to discover them. The bloggers often ask you to sign up for their newsletter, generate more traffic with their free presets to their website, give away presets for the paid desktop version with reference to their affiliate link for Adobe Lightroom or so promote their paid presets. A win-win for both.

We collected a nice list of free presets to help you develop your Lightroom skills!

Link | 14 free presets | desktop version | Full-time travel blogger Aura shares her 14 favorite presets for free. With more than 60,000 followers on instagram, it is clear that her photos are popular. She edits them with a light, warm touch without the photos being edited or the colors appearing too chemically. Unfortunately, only the desktop presets are free and can only be purchased for the mobile version of Lightroom.

Link and link | 3 and 3 free presets | desktop and mobile | Helene has no fewer than 151,000 followers who love her photography. She gives away three presets on her site after registering for her newsletter. Via the link you can see examples of the operations that you can perform with it. Two of the desktop presets give the photos a warm, light tint. The third preset is for black-and-white edits, but we are usually not that enthusiastic about travel photography. The mobile presets have a rosy tone and are meant to make your photos lighter and softer.

Link | 9 presets free | desktop | Travel blogger Lloyd has really done his best to get you started! On his blog he not only gives 9 presets, but he also gives an extensive explanation about each preset. So for which photos you can understand them and even how you can best adjust them if you wish. His presets are (too?) Very subtle and photos mainly light up a bit.

Link | 1 free preset | desktop and mobile | Charlotte edits her photos with a focus on light tones, blue, green and orange. She sells that look in a bundle of presets. But to get you warm up for that, she also gives away one for free. That may not be much, but this is a mobile preset, so for the free mobile version of Lightroom.

Link No longer available | 1 free preset | desktop | Kelsey gives away a free preset via Adobe – of which Lightroom is a part -. One does not sound much and certainly not if it is not for the free mobile version. But if you are looking for a girly and ‘rose gold’ editing of your photos, then this might be exactly what you were looking for.

Link | 4 free presets | desktop and mobile | Were you equally worried that only desktop versions will be given away for free? Presets for the free mobile Lightroom app are given away less often by travel bloggers, but with Sarah you are at the right place. She is giving away 4 presets, of course in the hope that you will buy one of her bundles.

Link | 4 free presets | desktop and mobile| Jojo offers its fans access to a complete database with tips for travel bloggers. From free mobile presets to templates and packing lists. If you register for her newsletter, you will receive the password for the database. At every preset in the database, Jojo indicates what you can use best for. She also explains how you can adjust the preset for a better result for your photo.

Link | 3 free presets | mobile| Fallon is giving away three presets under the names Cali Blogger, Fallon Travels and Vanilla Pop. Her photos are cheerfully colorful and have a warm tone. Do you want to use more of her presets? She now has more than 25 (!) For sale on her site.

Link | 3 free presets | mobile| Yes, even more presets for the free mobile version. Most presets for travel blogger Melissa are for sale, but you can also ‘buy’ three presets for free. Be prepared for intense effects, because Classic Vintage gives a dramatic vintage look, Color Pop Vibrant for bright colors and Cotton Candy for bright blue hues.

Link No longer available | 1 free preset | mobile| If a travel photo can always stir up a lot of wanderlust, then it is a golden sunrise or sunset. According to travel blogger Dani, this is the ideal setting to perfect sunsets and sunrises.


Link | 20 free presets | desktop and mobile| If you want to bring in many presets in one fell swoop, you have to be at photographer Lex. The presets may not have been developed by a travel blogger, but are used by Lex specifically for travel photography.

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