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22 best family travel blogs to follow in 2022

As we love to travel with our small family ourselves, we are very excited to learn about the experiences of other travelling families. What’s it like to fly with a baby, go on a safari with teenagers or hike with a toddler? What destinations are great to visit with kids? Or not? Family travel blogs are our go-to place to learn more about travelling with kids and to look for specific tips for things to do with kids. We teamed up with other travel bloggers and created the ultimate list of family travel blogs to follow, including their best travel tips for travelling with children. Let’s introduce you to our favourite blogging and travelling families.

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Best family travel blogs: 22 families travelling the world

#1 The Orange Backpack

With the addition of our newest team member, we became a travel family in April 2021. We, Maartje and Sebastiaan, started travelling a few weeks after we met. Our tenth date was a trip to Cambodia and Laos, starting with the most amazing sunrise at the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia. Now baby Linde has joined our family and we are not planning to stop travelling.

Linde already made her first big hike in our home country the Netherlands when she was seven weeks old. At three months, our family started a road trip around Europe, visiting Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland for over five weeks. Travelling with a baby turned out to be much easier than we imagined.

Especially because she was so young, Linde loved sleeping in her carrier on Sebastiaans chest and simply slept while we did amazing hikes and explored beautiful European cities. We didn’t bring a stroller and we would recommend all young parents to do the same and use a carrier instead. You’ll have no problem getting around during hikes or on the European cobble-stoned streets. We also loved how breastfeeding made travelling with her even easier, as we always had her food with us at the right temperature without worrying about bottles, cleaning, etc.

We are currently finishing up another longtime dream of us – building our own travel van for our family – and we are about to embark on another European road trip, exploring the southern European countries during the next winter for about 5 months. Linde will return to the Netherlands just in time for her first birthday, after spending about half her young life travelling!

Kasteel Hluboka

#2 World Adventurists

A Canadian family of six based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Debbie & Darcy share their adventures on They started traveling with kids soon after their first was born. Madison was six months old on her first airplane ride and ‘big trip’ and they haven’t looked back since. they equally love a road trip or hopping on a plane. they are here to show you that travel can be for bigger families too and that adventures near and far are both valuable and worthwhile.

They make travel a top priority, and focus on independent, budget adventure travel, with a splash of luxury here and there. So far, the kids have mainly traveled around North America, with their favorite destinations being National Parks. They love exploring outdoors. They are planning their first big International trip with them for 2022.

Traveling with kids does get easier the more you do it, Debbie and Darcy tell other parents. However, you will always run into a few challenges anytime you travel with kids. Everything will take longer with all the extra bodies and little legs, including check-in, clearing security, and boarding a plane. Road trips also take longer with more stops along the way to curb restlessness. Leave room for flexibility in your travel plans and it will help you have a better time traveling together, they recommend. The more you travel, the more you will learn about stretching money further to travel more and spend less.

If you want to travel with your kids, you just must go! There will never be a “right” time. Take the leap!

#3 Smudged Postcard

Smudged Postcard is a family travel blog by Annabel Kirk, mother of two boys aged 10 and 7. The blog focuses predominantly on Europe with the UK and Italy being a particular focus.

They started travelling as a family straight away – their first trip was to Mallorca when their older son was 6 weeks old. In their opinion the best tip for family travel is to start immediately – then all the family will become accustomed to travelling together. They’ve had some fun adventures together – camping trips, sleeping on trains and hiking up mountains.

Italy is one of their favourite destinations for family trips as everyone is so welcoming and there are so many child-friendly attractions – including the food. They particularly love Sicily – it’s a great spring and autumn destination due to its southerly location, the weather is always mild. There are some great sandy beaches for little children and brilliant castles and ancient ruins to explore as well as an active volcano. They prefer to stay in independent family-run accommodation wherever possible – it’s the easiest way to make their travels more sustainable. In Italy, family-run agriturismo properties are the best as the food is grown locally and produced using authentic regional recipes. They’ve found Crete has some amazing independent hotels opening up too which they’ve enjoyed discovering.

They enjoy taking road trips – exploring the places in between destinations – and stopping at unknown places – sometimes they find an unexpected hidden gem. They’re lucky enough to have an electric car so their travel footprint is ever so slightly smaller than it used to be.

Smudged Postcard

#4 Karpiak Caravan

The Karpiak family is an adventure travel-loving family that loves history, has an obsession with France, will always head to vineyards on child-free getaways and endlessly explores their beautiful province of British Columbia. You can read about their adventures on their travel blog Karpiak Caravan.

They started traveling as a family when their youngest was two months old and have never looked back. They try to incorporate and expose their young boys to educational travel and one of their favourite trips to date was their WWII-themed adventure across the Normandy Coast.

They happen to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the west coast of British Columbia and they heavily document their road trips to one of the many locations surrounding their home in the Okanagan. Their travel family loves adventure so you will often find them surfing the waves in Tofino or riding horseback at a dude ranch. If there is adventure to be had, they will find it!

Their best tip for traveling with kids is to make sure to schedule something just for your kids each day of your trip, whether it is time at a playground or taking them to an amusement park. This way, your kids will be much more inclined to do the thing you want to do knowing that they will get their own time to have their own fun too.

Karpiak Family Travel

#5 Ruhls of the Road

This blog is about the travels of Zach, Julie and Indie, also known as Ruhls of the Road. They are a new travel family with the addition of their baby girl in February 2021. Before having a baby they were full-time travelers. They made a promise to continue their passion with their kids when the time came. Indie’s first trip was when she was 6 weeks old. She is now 8 months old and has been to 5 countries and 8 US states.

They are based in Utah, USA however they really lean into the remote work lifestyle by renting their house on Airbnb and traveling while it is rented out. Recently they spent 2 months in Spain, France and Germany and 2 months in Hawaii.

Their favorite destination for kids is Hawaii. Hawaii has wonderful soft beaches, many with calm lagoons that are great for swimming. It also has beautiful scenery for hiking or walking with your little one and delicious food including tasty new fruits for your child to try.

Their biggest tip for traveling with your child(ren) is to just do it! It has a learning curve at first, but the more you do it the easier it gets and the more adaptable your child becomes. It truly makes traveling even more special as you share these magical moments with your little one. Remember, time is a precious thing! Don’t wait to start making special memories with your family.

Ruhls of the Road travel family blog

#6 The Rx for Travel

Rachel is the mom and blogger behind She and her husband Michael have been travelers since their childhood. They knew they wanted travel to stay a part of their families’ story once they had kids. And now that they have a boy Roman who is 5 years old and a girl Eden who is 2 years old, they’ve been able to do just that. Roman started traveling at 9 months old when they took him out of the country to Montreal, Canada. It was a special trip for them as parents because they learned so much from that very first family adventure. It now helps them be able to provide practical advice to other families to make traveling with small children less intimidating.

Their best tip is to buy diapers at your destination (if it allows) and only bring what you need for the day of travel. This will save room in your luggage for other important items. Another great tip for traveling with children is to travel in the fall. It’s their favorite time of year because most places have cooler weather (at least compared to Florida). It is also typically less crowded as it is not the peak season because most kids are still in school.

They live in Central Florida, so most of the time they don’t have to travel far to find fun activities going on there year-round. No matter the place, there are always fun things to do with kids for every destination they write about. So, follow along on their families’ adventures.

#7 KarsTravels

KarsTravels is a family of 3. Cosette, Paul and Yuri, their 11-year old son. As a family, they live in Utrecht, the Netherlands. They love to road trip as a family. Their son’s first road trip was at 6 months old. They love to make road trips across North America or Europe. Load some stuff in the car and just drive. Stop to explore national parks, museums, historic sites, cities and sample the local cuisine. During their drives, they love listening to audiobooks. Staying at hotels and apartments for the night. When their son was younger they stayed mostly at campgrounds, since it’s so easy to make friends for kids then.

Their all-time favorite destination is the USA. They’ve been on 4 road trips in the States, one of which was cross country and 6 weeks long. They love to drive in North America. The US is perfect for this with plenty of things to do for families and suitable hotels to stay. In Europe their favorite destination for families is Norway. Kids are welcome everywhere and get special attention.

They started traveling as a family when their son was 6 months old. It was a road trip in the South of Germany. They enjoyed it so much that they did a California Road Trip when their son was 13 months old.

Their best tip for traveling as a family is to start with your kids as young as possible and to include in each trip something, for each person, that they love.


#8 Glorious Sunrise

As a family of four that includes two young kids ages four and seven, theirs is a happy and busy traveling unit. Now the Glorious Sunrise family usually travels only on weekends, long breaks or summer because of kids’ education and schooling, but they started traveling just after their first child was born seven years ago and never stopped. Their youngest is four now and they travel keeping his needs in mind.

Their blog covers travel tips and details about the areas they visit in California, with San Francisco as the center. As they are based out of the California’s Bay Area, they have visited many of the national parks in California including Yosemite national park, Pinnacles national park, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National parks and have an upcoming Halloween Camping trip at Death Valley National Park!

Their favorite destination with kids, apart from the golden city of San Francisco, is Point Reyes National Seashore. It has everything to keep all the members in the family happily engaged outdoors. The hikes are amazing with rewarding ocean views and whale sightings. There is a lighthouse at Point Reyes that is a bit of a hike, especially coming back uphill, but the views are gorgeous if you visit on a clear day. In summers there is fog sometimes, but you can plan your activities around it. Limontaur beach is also in Point Reyes and is a must-visit sunset spot.

Traveling with kids can be tricky if you are not prepared. They always carry paper towels, wet wipes, disinfectant wipes, extra clothes and plenty of snacks even if they go on a short road trip. Be prepared to stop for food, restroom breaks and more tiny breaks to keep the kids from getting cranky.

#9 Globalmouse Travels

Globalmouse Travels is run by a family that has been travelling since their children were babies. Now they are aged 14, 12 and 10 and they still love getting away with our kids.

Their favourite destination has to be Oman as the activities there are so wonderful, from sleeping in the desert with nomadic bedouins to watching endangered turtles hatch on the beach. They also love their trips to Scandinavia – skiing, taking husky dog sledge rides and enjoying the magical scenery, particularly in Lapland. They have been lucky enough to travel to Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway and really love these trips, particularly as the children have developed a firm love for skiing and all the winter sports.

Their best travel tip is to leave as much time as you can. Travelling with kids always takes much longer and it’s good to not have a really rigid schedule so you can stop and enjoy unexpected adventures. They find that travelling with kids really does open up doors and conversations and it’s really nice to have the time to enjoy these. They’d also say don’t put travel off. It’s easy to wait until you think children will be easier to travel with but start as you mean to go on and as young as possible. They have taken a seven-month-old to Cuba and a two-year-old to Russia, it’s all definitely doable and travel with kids is so much fun. Just make sure to take a sense of humour with you!

Globalmouse Travels

#10 Wandering Birds

Kathryn Bird spent a year exploring Europe in a motorhome with her teenage daughter and (slightly bewildered) husband, writing about their experiences on their family travel blog Wandering Birds

They never meant to travel full-time, and they certainly never meant to home-school their daughter through her end of school exams, but circumstances led them one step at a time down that path, until one day they woke up and found themselves at the top of a mountain in Switzerland, trying unsuccessfully to Google algebra equations.

They spent a year in a 7m motorhome and learnt a heck of a lot of things about van life with kids and living in close proximity to a teenager- including things they never really wanted to know!

Some of their favourite places in Europe include the incredible castles in Germany, the mountains in Switzerland (without the algebra) and the Italian lakes.

Kathryn’s top tips for travelling with a teenager include: always ALWAYS make sure they’ve charged their phone and EarPods before setting off for a long journey. Make sure they have a data cap on their phone before you start roaming into another country. And ban all body sprays inside the van. Teenagers don’t know when to stop spraying

Their daughter Jade is now in University studying law (home-schooling really helped her, pushing her grades up from Es and Fs to A*, As and Bs) but Kathryn and her husband are still travelling and enjoying van life around Europe. They now have a cocker Spaniel to replace the daughter, although she does come back for adventures as often as she can. 

Wandering Birds

#11 CS Ginger

CS Ginger is a family-based travel blog in the United States. Candice, Coltin and their kids love traveling the United States in their 35-foot Bounder motorhome. Their daughters are six, six, and two.

Their home base is in Idaho where they own long-term and short-term rentals. They do not travel full-time but will hit the road for two to three months at a time at least a couple of times a year. They started traveling right after they had their twin daughters. Too many people told them to leave their kids at home when they started traveling. The more they traveled with their kids, the more they wanted to show others there are so many fun travels you should do with your kids.  

They love visiting the national parks and the coastlines of the United States, searching for lighthouses and the best beaches. Candice and her family love visiting the small beach towns as well as the national parks because of the many different sceneries they offer and their love for the outdoors.

Their biggest piece of advice for traveling with kids is to just get out there and do it. There are always excuses of why you shouldn’t take the kids or how old they should be before taking them to certain places. They often see a common theme – we wanted to travel with our family but wanted to wait until our kids were older and then we all became too busy and so we never did. The time to adventure with your family is now. Each stage of your child’s life brings different adventures and sights.

CS Ginger

#12 Diapers in Paradise

Dani’s family of four has been traveling since their oldest daughter was just 3 months old, and that is how Diapers in Paradise was born. They found it challenging to find good destination guides for people traveling with very little ones, so they decided to make them themselves. They are not full-time travelers, as they’re both working parents who have to be selective about taking time off for travel. But they have always made the most of the time that they do have, and learned early on that having a baby or a toddler – or both – does not mean that a family needs to stay close to home.

Their kids are now 3 and 5, so they are leaving the toddler travel age behind. But their favorite tip for those traveling with a baby is this: plan first for transportation. Finding safe transportation abroad without lugging your car seat everywhere is a challenge, but by staying near public transport and consolidating your days that require a car, you can ensure that you don’t have to travel by taxi without your car seat.

Their favorite destinations with kids so far have been in Southeast Asia. In Thailand in particular, they found the culture to be so incredibly welcoming to families and loving toward children. And the gorgeous beaches don’t hurt either! That trip, and other trips in the region, have been the best for their kids.

Diapers in Paradise

#13 Biker Girl Life

Kat from Biker Girl life never planned to get her own motorcycle, quit her job and go touring around Europe on bikes with her daughter and husband. She was quite happy sitting on the back of her husband, riding pillion.

But then their daughter grew up and wanted to come on the biking adventures too. So they needed a second bike. Cue a lot of nervous riding and trial and error before they found two touring bikes which worked for the three of them to travel- Triumph Scramblers.

They travel long-term around the UK and Europe, meaning they do longer trips during the school holidays and shorter ones at weekends or whenever they can. They’ve always tried to travel as much as possible around their daughter’s schooling- some years are easier than others.

Their favourite places for motorcycle touring have so far included Scotland, Norway and Germany- in particular around the Black Forest. 

Kat’s top tips for taking a kid on a motorcycle trip include riding at their pace. Not necessarily speed (she always wants to go faster) but duration. Travelling can be tiring so allow plenty of time to unwind and recover after each long day. Don’t force them to camp. If they hate it, use hotels or B and Bs instead. No one enjoys riding in the rain. Find an alternative plan for wet weather days. Also, include them in the planning. Get them excited about places you’ll be visiting and ask them to help choose the route or places to see. They’ll be much more engaged. 

Biker Life Girl

#14 Our Offbeat Life

The family travel blog Our Offbeat Life is about the Cole Family, a full-time slow-traveling family of three. They sold everything and left their home in Chicago in 2019. After a three-month summer road trip in the eastern United States, they took a one-way cruise ship from Los Angeles to Singapore to launch our global adventure. 

Prior to the pandemic closing borders in SE Asia, they managed to visit Vietnam, Bali, Komodo Island, and Myanmar. Typically, they spend 1-3 months in each country unless it’s a pricier location, like Singapore. They were in Malaysia when borders closed in March 2020, and happily spent over a year there on tourist overstay amnesty. It’s easily their favorite place in SE Asia! Between the friendly people, tasty food, and diverse places to visit, they still feel like they barely scratched the surface after their prolonged stay there. In April 2021, they returned to the Americas to get vaccinated, and they are now in Mexico for a while. 

Their nine-year-old son has been homeschooling since they left to travel. Their best learning practice during our travels has been to incorporate learning into daily activities. It’s much more fun and productive to count sightseeing in an abandoned castle as history than doing school-at-home at your Airbnb’s kitchen table!

Our Offbeat Life

#15 Go Far Grow Close

The family travel blog Go Far Grow Close is 5 years old, but Nicole and her family already started their travel adventures began over 20 years ago. They have four children who are now between the ages of 16-24 years old and have been to over 40 countries.

The kids started travelling as soon as they were born. When they entered school, they continued travelling during school holidays. When their children were little, we chose destinations where it was a direct flight under 6 hours, provided a good medical system, offered accommodation that worked for a large family, and supplied lots of children-specific activities. They organized their itineraries to match their children’s needs – lots of beach, pool or playground time with afternoon naps.

Once the youngest turned 7, they opened up the world to them. Initially, they travelled all over Europe, but once they saw that they were comfortable and engaged travellers, they began what became their passion – adventure travel seeking authentic experiences. 

Their best family travel tip is to organize itineraries that best reflect the ages and interests of your children. That means when they are little, your holidays should have a lot of pool or beach time, and gaps in your daily itinerary for naps or downtime. No matter how much you have always wanted to go to the Louvre or shop in New York City, your young child will have only so much interest and stamina to do either. Your long term goal is to create little humans who love to travel and can not wait for the next adventure. If your children associate travel with unpleasant or boring activities, they won’t want to go the next time.

As they get older, you can make your itineraries more adventurous, sprinkling not only what your children may find interesting, but also what you want to see or do. Having said that, you need to make sure that your itineraries stay balanced. Not everyone has the same interests and yet, everyone needs to stay engaged. Every family is different but I found that if you acknowledge everyone’s different interests at some point on a trip, then they stay engaged and respectful even when what you are doing isn’t exactly what they want to do.

#16 Map Made Memories

Sinead writes about family travels on Map Made Memories. She has an adventure-loving, travel mad family of five who explore our home country, the United Kingdom, and around the world whenever we get the chance to travel.

They started travelling when the children were very young – their eldest child was just six weeks old on her first trip out of the U.K. Their children are now 16, 14 and 11 and travel forms a big part of their lives. They always travel on a budget and organise their trips themselves. They love camping, hiking and the great outdoors so they try to spend as much time as possible in rural locations. They like to travel light (hand luggage only) and they completed a year-long round the world trip with only carry-on bags. They fly as little as possible (as Sinead is terrified of flying!) and love to travel by train; their longest rail trip to date was from Hong Kong to the U.K, an epic journey that took several months.

Their favourite countries they have visited as a family are Argentina, Mongolia, New Zealand and Hawaii but they have many more on our wish list. Their best tip for travelling with kids is to slow down and to accept that travel with kids will be different to travelling as a solo or couple; some aspects will be harder (tantrums and lack of sleep) and some aspects will be so much better (seeing the world through their eyes). Plus, accept that you will spend a lot of time in playgrounds and looking for a public toilet!

Map Made Memories Travel Family Blog
Map Made Memories Travel Family Blog

#17 She Saves She Travels

Nikki is a travel writer and she blogs about her experiences traveling with her husband and two kids, ages 9 and 6 on the site She Saves She Travels. Based in Omaha, they travel several times a year as a family, often bringing their golden retrievers on road trips!

One of the best road trips was a 20+ hour drive from Omaha, Nebraska to Glacier National Park in Montana. The family hiked the epic trails through snow and rocks, while swimming in alpine lakes and witnessing nature on display with stunning waterfalls. 

When kids learn to enjoy nature by seeing the world up close, hiking is a natural skill! Kids can work up to hiking by walking paved paths and building distance so that on the trail it becomes easier. Each kid also carries a backpack with water, snacks and layers. 

This traveling family also isn’t afraid of flying, either. After all, as a home base in Nebraska (the middle of the USA), it’s a short travel day to get to either coast or the Caribbean. Both kids have been flying since age one and are used to the sounds, sights and patience required for airplane travel. While it’s easier to fly with older kids, the key to young and old is plenty of activities and snacks. But isn’t that true for adults, too? 

She Saves She Travels

#18 Our Woven Journey

Rodney and Karee Blunt are high school sweethearts, living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. They enjoy exploring the world together as a couple as well as with their six kids.

Although they love spending time on the Washington coast as a family, their two oldest are in college and most of their traveling is now with the younger children, ages 17, 15, 12, and eight.

The Blunts hope to encourage other families to take the steps needed to make their travel dreams come true. Families don’t have to travel full time to be world travelers. Taking even one trip a year is more than many families do. By sharing their travel reviews and itineraries on their blog, they hope to encourage others to travel to places they have been with their kids.

Traveling with a large family is expensive, yet Rodney and Karee feel it’s important to instill a love of travel in their children. This led them to look for ways to make travel more affordable so they could do it more often.

Their travel blog, Our Woven Journey, focuses on value-packed travel destinations for families as well as ways to use points and miles to book flights and hotels for free. They want others to know how easy it is to do and help teach families how they can do it, too.

One of their favorite travel tips to share with others is to get the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. This is especially helpful if both parents have it so that two of their children can fly for free whenever they travel with the parents. 

Our Woven Journey

#19 Zest In A Tote

Travel blogger Shweta from Zest In A Tote started traveling with her husband started with a trip way back in 2006 to the Andaman islands. They haven’t stopped ever since – together they have gone to more than 20 countries in between their regular corporate jobs. In 2011, their daughter got added to the equation. She accompanied them to the Maldives when she was 3-month old. And while they can remember several melt-down moments during trips with her between ages 1-3, she is a great travel companion. She falls in love with each new country she goes to and vows to make that place her home – Italy, Vietnam, USA west coast, Mauritius to name a few.

They believe that you don’t have to quit your day job to travel. A lot of research and planning goes in before any of their trips. As a family, they like to explore new countries and cities. Taking in top sights in a city, a bit of rest & relaxation, some adventure activities, and culture and food added to the mix is how they travel. Comfort is important to their family, but so is discovering new restaurants and quirky, off-beat places to stay. They mostly book comfort-to-luxury accommodation. They like trying out street food and small cafes. But they also end up eating occasionally at high priced restaurants.

Whatever be your style of travel, taking your kids everywhere and showing them the world will make you all bond better, is what they recommend. Their top travel tips to travel with kids would be to keep your expectations real, not to try and make everything like it is at home, not do only kiddie activities, and be open to new experiences.

Zest In A Tote

#20 It’s a Family Thing

The Lewis family is the traveling family behind the blog It’s a Family Thing, traveling full-time with our 2-year-old son. Their travel adventure started in January 2020 when their son was 14-months-old, and they decided to sell everything to travel the world.

Things got a little derailed, so they have spent the last year in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Playa Del Carmen has been their favorite destination so far because it feels like home. They have been embraced by our local community and have fallen in love with the children in their neighborhood. As a two-mom family with a little one, they were concerned, but they have embraced their son in a way they never thought was possible.

Since they travel with a little one, they have to adjust our travel plans to fit him. When traveling with toddlers, it is crucial to find ways to keep them entertained, so most of their activities are toddler-friendly. The best tip they can give for families traveling with young kids is to start young. 

Their son has been traveling since he was 8-weeks-old, so now he is a seasoned traveler at the tender age of two. If you want to travel with your baby or toddler, go for it. Do not let anyone discourage you from seeing the world with your little one, even if they are a baby (quiet as it’s kept) that is the best time to travel with your little one, so go for it.

Its a family thing
Its a family thing

#21 Sharing The Wander

Sharing the Wander is a family of four: Cynthia, Waker, and their two girls (7 and 4). After being home all together for 2020, they couldn’t imagine going back to working all day in offices and not seeing the girls until dinnertime. They were ready for a lifestyle change – or at least some long-term family time! They sold our house, and started travelling full time in June of 2021. They call it a Family Year Out, but they’re not sure where it will take them or where they will land!

So far, they’ve been road tripping across and around the United States (with a quick trip across the border into Canada!) in their Subaru Outback. They’ve visited more than a dozen National Parks, and done everything from hand-feeding bison in Wyoming, to digging for crystals in Arkansas.

One of their best travel tips, is to set clear expectations for the kids. Their kids know when they will have a long travel day, when their parents have a fun activity planned, and how long they stay at each stop. Their kids thrive on schedules, which is really tough when travelling. They build in time for them to do schoolwork on iPads, and also have some time at playgrounds, where they often make quick friends.

They are hoping to start their international travels in January of 2022, starting with Mexico, where they are hoping to join their first world school pop-up, then hopefully head to Japan! They’re hoping to also go to New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland and more. They’ve had to be incredibly flexible, planning ahead as much as possible, but also keeping everything fluid and refundable.

Sharing The Wander

#22 CosmopoliClan

Sarah is a former hotel professional and the blogger behind CosmopoliClan. Traveling is what she loves most and she’s passed on that travel-itch to her husband Fatih and their girls Alegra (12) and Jade (9).

They live in the medieval city of Ghent in Belgium but have traveled around Europe, to the Middle East, Latin America and just about a dozen of US States including Hawaii. Even though their day jobs and schools offer a limited degree of flexibility in planning our trips, they always made it work. Even a pregnancy couldn’t stop them. Now they’re getting to a stage where the girls pick their destination, which is so much fun. They usually stay at hotels and, since they love the finer things in life, a touch of luxury is never far away.

The blog is their way of inspiring other parents to overcome their doubts and just take that family trip no matter the kids’ age. Yes, traveling with little ones can be challenging – they know all about it – but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Their children have learned to be open towards new cultures, to be curious and to deal with unforeseen circumstances. And most of all, family travel has given an extra dimension to their mutual bond simple because they’ve experienced so much together. Taking the time to escape the daily grind and discovering new places together, learning new things and finding new passions has really brought them even closer. What’s really heartwarming to see for them as parents is that their girls are best friends and they attribute that to our worldwide adventures. Traveling in itself is awesome but, to us, traveling as a family is next-level.