13 best hotels and hostels in Minca

Wake up to a mountain view? Enjoying a breathtaking sunset from your cabin in the evening? Chilling on the largest hammock in the world? Minca might just have the most beautiful places to stays in Colombia! There is probably no other place in the world with such a dense concentration of unique accommodations. Spending the night in Minca is one of the highlights of any Colombia trip! We made a list of the 13 most beautiful ecolodges, hotels, mountain cabins, luxury hotels and hostels in Minca.
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Where to stay in Minca

Minca is a tiny and somewhat isolated village tucked away in the mountains of the Colombian Sierra Nevadas. The village is overlooking popular Colombian destinations like Santa Marta and the Caribbean Sea. Though Minca is still an off-the-beaten-track destination, it gets more visitors than its 800 inhabitants each year. It has a surprising amount of accommodation, both in the tiny town itself and hidden in the mountain area.

You will find the accommodation in Minca itself and hidden in the mountain area surrounding it. Because a visit to Minca mainly revolves around the beautiful nature, mountains and tranquility, there is actually no perfect location. It is easy to get to Minca from popular nearby destinations like Santa Marta, Cartagena, Palomino or Tayrona National Park. So all hotels and hostels in Minca itself are easy to reach.

Reaching the more remote accommodations can be a bit more challenging. Some are an hour’s drive from Minca. That is of course part of the magic of these jungle cabins, but keep this in mind when booking your place to stay in Minca. The tiny town has some restaurants. So beware that if you want to be able to visit them, you need to book a place in Minca or within walking distance. The more isolated places to stay usually have their own restaurants for hotel guests or visiting hikers.

Also consider the transport to hotels outside Minca. Sometimes your accommodation can arrange transport, but you could also use one of the motor taxis on the main road of Minca. A motor taxi ride in the Minca mountains is quite an adventurous experience, especially when carrying your luggage as well! The taxi rate depends on your destination, so take some extra costs into account when staying somewhere far outside of Minca.

Costeño River Minca

13 best hotels, hostels and ecolodges in Minca

5 best places to stay in Minca

#1 Casa Loma

Hostal Casa Loma is without a doubt our favorite place to stay in Minca. And we are not alone! This special hostel is on all lists of special places to stay in Colombia and receives unanimously positive reviews on Casa Loma is also centrally located in Minca itself and has very affordable room rates.

What makes Casa Loma this unique? It is a wonderful eco-hostel, centrally located on the outskirts of Minca on a hilltop. The main building has a few beautiful rooms, but there are also dormitories with hammocks and special cabins. The showers are communal and the vegetarian meals are also eaten together in the evening, although you can also have diner at one of the Minca restaurants. The highlight of a stay at Hostal Casa Loma is the exceptionally beautiful sunset every evening. All the guests then gather on the edge of the mountain with cocktails in hand to watch the view of Santa Marta and the Caribbean Sea in the distance slowly turn yellow, orange, red and pink. Breathtaking and unforgettable!

Don’t forget to make a reservation, because Casa Loma is a popular hostel and almost always fully booked. We only booked our stay during our trip through Colombia and were lucky to be able to make a reservation this late, although we did have to change rooms halfway our stay.

Check the current prices and availability of Casa Loma.

Casa Loma Minca

#2 Sweet Harmony Hotel

Located on 2 acres of land along the Minca River, you will find Sweet Harmony Hotel Boutique. This small-scale accommodation combines a central location in the town itself with the luxury of a boutique hotel.

Sweet Harmony has beautiful suites and glamping tents in the shape of bubbles. They all have the same incredible view of the surrounding nature and the mountains. Some suites also have a private terrace. In a location known for its special birds, this terrace is of course the perfect place to start your day spotting those birds and enjoying a bird concert. The wooden deluxe cabins are the most beautiful places to stay at Sweet Harmony. With a full glass wall, you have perfect views of the mountain area and those cabins have their own hammock to relax.

The boutique hotel has its own bar. And it serves a delicious breakfast, which is included in the price. There is a swimming pool and jacuzzi, but we can also recommend a dip in the river. The cool river water is wonderfully refreshing in warm destination like Minca. We found the large river spiders not that wonderful though, so anyone as afraid of spiders like Maartje might prefer the swimming pool.

Check the current prices and availability of Sweet Harmony Hotel.

Sweet Harmony Hotel Minca

#3 Minca Ecohabs

One of Minca’s undiscovered gems is Ecohabs. This eco-friendly place to stay is hidden between the hummingbirds and the lush green mountainside on the edge of the village. There are only a few rooms in this small-scale accommodation. There are standard rooms in the central building, but we recommend you book one of the deluxe cabins and two ecohabs with large verandas.

These ecohabs are made of natural materials like wood and bamboo. They have a beautiful interior, but above all a lovely veranda with a hammock and a view over the mountains. So you get to enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that Minca has to offer from your own cabin. Breakfast is included in the price, and you can also enjoy lunch or dinner for an additional fee. Or a book a nice massage in the spa.

Check the current prices and availability of Minca Ecohabs.

Minca Ecohabs

#4 Costeño River Minca

Costeño River is one of the most beautiful and dreamy places in Minca! With a central location close to the amenities of the village, yet the tranquility of the mountains, Costeño River is a traveler’s favorite.

There are different room types at this accommodation. There is a dormitory or a glamping tent with a bamboo roof, but also a luxury suite with a private veranda and large hammock. These suites are the highlight of this special hostel. The large glass wall gives you a phenomenal view and you can privately relax on your own veranda with a hammock.

The swimming pool, the huge hammock and the large garden also make Costeño River a lovely place to stay, relax and unwind in Minca!

Check the current prices and availability of Costeño River.

Costeño River Minca

#5 Minca Glamping

With excellent reviews from hotel guests and a location hidden in the green mountains near Minca, this glamping accommodation has everything for an amazing stay in the Sierra Nevada.

The name Minca Glamping suggests that guests stay in luxury tents and that this place is a bit more back to basic than the other accommodations in the area. But in our opinion, Minca Glamping is not much different from other great places to stay at Minca. Guests stay in spacious bungalows made of wood and bamboo and enjoy the comfort of a big double bed. Each bungalow has a private bathroom, terrace with hammock and stunning views. Breakfast is included in the price. You are close to the restaurants in Minca, so you can have your lunch or dinner there.

Check the current prices and availability of Glamping Minca.

Minca Glamping

8 best places to stay outside Minca

#6 Finca Carpe Diem

Finca Carpe Diem is a hidden gem for hiking and relaxation lovers. The ecolodge is located in Paso del Mango, a beautiful valley one hour away from Minca town so a bit further away from the crowds.

This unique place to stay outside Minca has three swimming pools, magnificent views over virgin forests and river access at the doorstep. There are dozens of hikes and tours you can make, like to one or more of the Sierra Nevada waterfalls or a visit to a coffee or cacao farm.

Other reasons for visiting this beautiful forest lodge are the daily yoga classes and farm-to-table dinners. A very important pillar for Carpe Diem is their organic farm, which you can visit, and the growing of organic food (always delicious vegetarian options) in a sustainable way.

Check the current prices and availability of Finca Carpe Diem.

Finca Carpe Diem - Colombia

#7 Sierra Alta Finca

Sierra Alta Finca Boutique is tucked even further away in the mountains south of Minca. It is one of the most luxurious hotels near Minca. The prices are therefore a bit higher than you are used to in Colombia, although a stay at Sierra Alta is still a bargain by European or US standards.

This beautiful property offers a boutique experience in a beautifully isolated hotel, 13 kilometers and half an hour’s drive from Minca. The bungalows all have a large comfortable bed and a private veranda with a view over the Sierra Nevada mountains. Every luxury is provided. Think of rain showers, free WiFi and coffee machines in the suits. There is a large garden with a terrace to enjoy the lush surroundings. This secluded boutique hotel has its own restaurant, so you don’t even have to leave this beautiful place during your stay.

Check the current prices and availability of Sierra Alta Finca.

Sierra Alta Finca Boutique Minca

#8 Masaya Casas Viejas

The Minca area is known for its beautiful nature and of course also for its coffee plantations. One of the best things to do in Minca is a visit to a coffee plantation with an extensive tour. But how about staying at one of those coffee farms? That is exactly what Casas Viejas Hostel has to offer!

Half an hour’s drive from Minca you will find this beautiful accommodation in the heart of a coffee plantation. All rooms have a private bathroom, terrace and stunning views. The bar and the lovely swimming pool make this hostel a real gem.

You can take a tour of the plantation and learn more about the process of growing coffee plants and harvesting beans. You can also book massages, which can be a great treat if you have just completed the multi-day Ciudad Perdida hike or another hike in the Minca area. Or if you just want to relax and enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

Check the current prices and availability of Casas Viejas.

Casas Viejas Minca

#9 Mundo Nuevo Eco Lodge

If you travel a little further into the mountains northeast of Minca, you will arrive at Mundo Nuevo. This little paradise is run by a Belgian-French traveler who came here in 2015 and never left. With a sustainable mission, this farm was transformed into an ecolodge. The farm has not completely disappeared though, as vegetables are still grown around the lodge for the restaurant.

Mundo Nuevo is also a great place to visit when you are not staying here. From Minca you can hike to Mundo Nuevo in less than 1,5 hours to enjoy a vegetarian and organic meal in the restaurant. It is quite a steep mountain hike, so you definitely deserve and need a proper meal when arriving here from Minca. Don’t feel like hiking? Just take a motor taxi and you still deserve that amazing meal.

The ecolodge has both simple dormitories and more luxurious bungalows and even a villa. This makes Mundo Nuevo a suitable accommodation near Minca for every travel budget. Whichever room you have, a magnificent view and beautiful sunset are guaranteed for every guest.

Check the current prices and availability of Mundo Nuevo Eco Lodge.

Mundo Nuevo Eco Lodge

#10 Finca San Rafael

Does a stay at an eco-friendly cocoa farm in Minca might sounds interesting to you? Finca San Rafael is the perfect place! The Sierra Nevada is not just home to a large number of coffee farms, there are also many cocoa plantations. We can recommend joining a tour at one of those plantations, but it is even better to stay for the night.

Finca San Rafael is a 30-minute walk from the village. But if you arrive with your luggage, we recommend taking a motor taxi. This little backpacker’s paradise has shared dorms and basic private rooms for affordable prices. Breakfast is included in the price, as is of course the use of the lovely outdoor pool and the kitchen. Finca San Rafael has its own restaurant as well. So you can have all your meals right at your hostel, if you don’t want to walk the 30 minutes to Minca.

Check the current prices and availability of Finca San Rafael.

Finca San Rafael

#11 Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro

This lush green paradise in the Colombian Sierra Nevadas is one of the most beautiful places to stay at Minca! Despite the remote location, you have the luxury of hot water because of the solar panels. The staff at Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro is extremely friendly and will help you to feel right at home here. With personal tips and tailor-made meals, this lodge feels more like staying with friends than a hotel.

Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro offers a honeymoon-like experience with its spacious suites made of natural materials, all equipped with a private bathroom and a comfortable bed. There is a balcony at every bungalow to enjoy the beautiful view over the mountains and the river. The best place to relax at your balcony? The large hammock net! This romantic accommodation is definitely our top choice for couples.

Check the current prices and availability of Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro.

Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro

#12 Loma Nevada Minca Hostel

Lomo Nevada is the highest of all accommodation around Minca! This special hotel is located at an altitude of 1500 meters in the Sierra Nevada and you can reach it in a 45-minutes bumpy ride by motor taxi.

At this altitude, the hostel offers the best views in the area, although it can be surrounded by clouds some days. There are bungalows, dormitories and lodges, as well as special ‘iglu’ huts for a high-altitude glamping experience. You can have your meals in the on-site restaurant and relax at the pool, in the garden, on the large net that has been stretched above the mountain or in the evening by the campfire.

Check the current prices and availability of Loma Nevada Minca Hostel.

Loma Nevada Minca Hotel

#13 Trekker Glamping

The most unique place to stay at Minca is Trekker Glamping. From Minca it is about half an hour’s bumpy drive to get to this special and remote location. Five luxury domes are perched on the edge of the mountains with an amazing view of the area.

Each dome has its own bathroom, terrace and hammock net. The hammock nets are the perfect instagrammable place to enjoy the view, though it’s not for guests with a fear of heights. We can highly recommend you to set your alarm clock early and take your duvet to the net to slowly wake up to a beautiful sunrise. There is a jacuzzi, a natural water source with a waterfall and a restaurant.

Children will love this beautiful mountain location and special domes, so luckily Trekker Glamping also offers great family rooms. The spacious family dome has five places to sleep: a large bed, a single bed and a bunk bed. The duplex suite might also be an option for families with older kids. This dome has a second floor with a second double bed.

Check current prices and availability of Trekker Glamping.

Trekker Glamping Minca

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