Where to stay in Salento in Colombia: best hotels, hostels and Airbnbs

Looking for the best place to stay in Salento in Colombia? This unforgettable destination is one of the best places to visit in Colombia because of its colorful architecture, famous palm tree valley, local cuisine and beautiful lush green mountains. But where to stay in Salento? As this destination attracts more and more visitors each year, there are many charming hotels, hostels, lodges and Airbnbs in Salento to choose from. To help you find the best place to stay, we created this short list of the best accommodation in Salento!

Where to stay in Salento

In a town as tiny as Salento there are no specific neighborhoods or areas to choose from. Each and every street is within easy walking distance of the restaurants and the main square. The most important choice to make is whether you want to stay in Salento itself or rather opt for one of the special accommodations outside town.

In the beautiful green hills surrounding Salento, you will find beautiful cabins, mountain hotels, eco-hostels and glamping options. Some of these are located directly on the edge of Salento and can thus be reached on foot from the town. Other accommodations outside Salento are a bit further from the town. You can also reach those with a long walk. But when you arrive in Salento with your luggage, we recommend that you use the colorful Willy’s – iconic old-fashioned jeeps – that you will find on the main square in Salento.

Salento Colombia

The 8 best places to stay in Salento

#1 The Plantation House

The Plantation House has stolen our hearts! The rooms are simple, but nice and spacious. There is a lovely green garden around the houses of The Plantation House. The hostel dogs are great companions and you’ll want to bring them home with you.

Salento is one of the well-known coffee regions in Colombia and The Plantation House has the same owner as one of the Salento coffee plantations. An excursion to this coffee plantation is organized every day from The Plantation House. The longer you stay, the more discount you get for the tour. The tour to the coffee finca learned us all about the growth of the coffee plant and the process of drying the coffee bean. We also practised roasting and grinding coffee, while experiencing the difference between the different roasts and grinds during a tasting. We can highly recommend joining this tour!

Check the current rates and availability of The Plantation House.

Plantation Hostel Salento

#2 Lumbre Glamping

It doesn’t get any better than the accommodations and surroundings of this luxurious camping site near Salento. This glamping hotel offers beautiful accommodations among the green hills of Salento. Glamping sounds much more back to basic than what you can expect from Lumbre Glamping. The accommodations are a mixture of mountain lodges, designer cottages and glamping tents. Despite the remote location, free wifi is available and all accommodations have a private bathroom with hot water. This makes Lumbre Glamping one of the best luxury hotels in Salento.

Lumbre Glamping is quite far out of town, but it is located on the road from Salento to the well-known Cocora Valley. The famous palm trees are almost around the corner! If you want to visit the palm tree valley or the village, you can stop one of the Willys driving between those two destinations. There is an on-site bar and restaurant, so you don’t even have to go to Salento for your meals.

Check the current rates and availability of Lumbre Glamping.

#3 Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel

You don’t often see the terms boutique and hostel combined, but Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel shows you how this is done. The hostel has a charming boutique design with natural materials and offers dormitories, private rooms and family rooms.

You will find Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel on the outskirts of Salento. A 400-meter walk from the main square, the hostel is close to everything Salento has to offer, but also in a quiet and lush green area. Coffee Tree has a large garden and beautiful views of the area.

Check the current rates and availability of Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel.

#4 EcoLodge Kasaguadua

Kasaguadua is one of the most special places to stay in Salento. This ecolodge is not located in the small town, but slightly south of it. The ecolodge is a sustainable and organic concept, located in a private beautiful nature reserve. It’s about a 10-minute Willy ride from the town square, but we choose to go on foot and it took us about half an hour. We recommend you book your stay at Kasaguada in time, as it is one of the most popular places to sleep in Salento.

The ecolodge runs a Jungle Tour as well, which is one of the best things to do in Salento. An English-speaking guide will teach you about the ecosystem of the jungle during a fascinating tour, giving you a deep respect for this special piece of nature.

Check the current rates and availability of EcoLodge Kasaguadua.

Ecolodge Kasaguadua Salento

#5 Ecohotel Piedemonte

With unanimously positive reviews from hotel guests, Ecohotel Piedemonte is one of the most popular accommodations in Salento. The sustainable hotel has beautifully designed suites with large, comfortable beds. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom and some even have a kitchen with a dishwasher and coffee machine.

The eco hotel has a beautiful location in the jungle and the large garden is the perfect place to enjoy this area. Equipped with a playground, bar and restaurant, there is hardly any reason to leave Piedemonte during your stay. Despite its remote location, the eco hotel has free Wi-Fi for its hotel guests.

Check the current rates and availability of Ecohotel Piedemonte.

#6 Hotel Kawa Mountain Retreat

Located a few minutes outside of Salento, this beautiful cabin hotel combines a central location with the tranquillity and remoteness of a countryside resort. Kawa Mountain Retreat is one of the most romantic hotels in Salento, making it the perfect choice for couples.

The spacious rooms with a large bed and furnishings of natural materials are beautiful. Some have a private patio with views of the surrounding nature. There is also a lovely hot tub and you can book a massage. With its own bar and restaurants, you don’t even have to head into Salento, though the main square is within walking distance.

Check the current rates and availability of Hotel Kawa Mountain Retreat.

#7 Hotel Salento Plaza

With a location right next to the central square Plaza de Bolívar Salento, you can’t stay more centrally in Salento than at this hotel. The hotel has very positive reviews, praising the location, the friendly staff, the tasty breakfast and spacious, clean rooms.

Located in an old building with white facades and yellow window frames, Hotel Salento Plaza immediately catches the eye. A highlight is a huge garden, where you can relax after a day of hiking in the Valle de Cocora or visiting a coffee plantation. There are cozy seats and the umbrellas provide shade, which is much needed in this warm climate.

Check the current rates and availability of Hotel Salento Plaza.

#8 Best Airbnb in Salento: Arborea Ecolodge

The Arborea Ecolodge is located just outside of Salento. You can make a booking with Airbnb or contact the owner Vicky on Instagram @arboreaecolodge.

The Arborea Ecolodge offers two cabanas with a kingsize bed and stunning views of the Salento hills. There are two ecolodges, both equally beautiful with their unique design. This Airbnb is an architectural gem with a green moss roof, large windows and natural building materials. One of them has an outside bath and the other a jacuzzi. Both have a large net hammock where you can enjoy the stunning view with the two of you. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Salento nature!

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Ecolodge Cottage Airbnb Salento

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