Where to stay in Split

In Split, you can find the finest hotels, cozy hostels, and luxurious accommodations. However, it may require some effort to discover these exceptional places. As a highly sought-after sunny destination in South-Eastern Europe, Split offers a wide range of accommodations. Our blog provides assistance in making the right choice for your stay in Split, including recommendations for hotels.

How to get to Split in Croatia

Split, the capital of the Dalmatia region, is situated on the southern Dalmatian coast, near the border with Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Split, the second largest city in Croatia, has its own international airport. Due to the nearby beaches and resorts, the airport is often used as an entry point to the country without visiting Split itself. We highly recommend exploring the city during your trip to Croatia as well. Consider renting a car to discover the surrounding attractions in Dalmatia, while not forgetting about Split.

In addition to the international airport, the Port of Split also serves as a significant transportation hub for the city. Regularly, large cruise ships carrying numerous tourists arrive, and there are also frequent scheduled services from Split to the Dalmatian islands and Italy.

Is Split worth visiting?

In short: yes, it absolutely is.

Split’s rich history sets its old town apart from the historic city centers of neighboring cities. The city emerged from a Roman palace which, over time, was inhabited and expanded upon by the local population during the Middle Ages. This extraordinary combination of Roman remnants and Medieval architecture in Split remains unparalleled.

Split’s history dates back to the time of the Romans, when a retired Roman emperor built his palace on this site. Over the centuries, the palace in present-day Split was inhabited and expanded by locals, resulting in almost every free surface being occupied by houses.

Thus, Split is essentially the old Roman palace. Recognition of the palace as a UNESCO World Heritage Site placed the city center of Split on the World Heritage List.

While in Split, explore every part of this historic palace and transport yourself back to the Middle Ages. Visit the cathedral, originally built as Diocletian’s mausoleum, and the catacombs where Game of Thrones was filmed. Beyond the old city, you will discover a charming seaside promenade, lively squares, and beautiful urban beaches. There is plenty to keep you entertained for several days!

Where to stay in Split

We suggest selecting accommodation near the old town in Diocletian’s Palace and the Riva boulevard, ensuring that the attractions in Split are easily accessible by foot. This area encompasses the region between the eastern gate of Diocletian’s Palace and Marjan Hill to the west.

If you use Split as a base to explore the Croatian coast, it’s convenient to have your own rental car from Split airport and find accommodation with parking.

The best hotels in Split

#1 Olivia Luxury Rooms for a beautiful bed and breakfast in a prime location, including views of the Riva boulevard and harbour.

#2 Jupiter Luxury Hotel in Diocletian’s Palace and with its own roof terrace and restaurant. If you book in time, you will still find rooms here for a good price.

#3 Heritage Hotel Antique Split in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace with luxurious rooms in pastel shades.

The best hotels in Split

#4 Hurricane Hostel for a budget-friendly option with dorms within walking distance of the historic city center.

#5 Siri Biri Bela Boutique Hostel for a nice and comfortable hostel with dormitories in a central location in the historic city center.

#6 Old Town Hostel Split where you can get the cheapest private rooms in a prime location in the old town.