Where to stay in Monemvasia

Where to stay in Monemvasia while exploring this little gem in the Greek Peloponnesos? Monemvasia is known for its authentic mansions and luxury hotels. However, it can be challenging to find the most exceptional options among the many offers available. As one of Greece’s most beautiful destinations and the most charming town in the Peloponnese, there are numerous great accommodations in both the new part Monemvasia and the walled old city. This blog will help you make a decision on where to stay in Monemvasia and provides recommendations for hotels.

How to get to Monemvasia in Greece

Monemvasia is situated in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese, the largest peninsula in Greece. Nearby attractions include the historic ruins of Mystrad, the picturesque Mani Peninsula, and the fishing village of Githion.

The unique location of Monemvasia contributes to the picturesque character of the town. Its name, which translates to ‘only entrance’, reflects the fact that the town is situated on a rocky peninsula and can only be accessed by a narrow strip of land. To reach Monemvasia, you first head to the new town on the mainland. Although parking on the peninsula is possible, it is often limited during peak season. We then recommend you park in the new town and continue on foot. To start your journey back in time, simply cross the bridge from the mainland to the peninsula and follow the main road on the right side of the island until you reach the old city gate.

Why Monemvasia is worth a visit

Monemvasia, one of the most scenic destinations in Greece, is definitely worth a visit. Often referred to as the Gibraltar of Greece, it is situated on a rocky peninsula directly off the coast. Explore the narrow streets of the walled city, admire breathtaking sea views, delve into ancient ruins, and experience the laid-back village life. Monemvasia should be included in every Greece itinerary!

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Where to stay in Monemvasia

The best places to stay in Monemvasia is the old lower town to experience its medieval atmosphere. The upper town on the island is in ruins and lacks hotels and restaurants. Therefore, the best location for your hotel in Monemvasia is in the lower town. However, if you prefer more affordable accommodations and beautiful boutique hotels with a pool, consider staying near the new city on the mainland.

The best hotels in Monemvasia within the walled city

#1 Byzantine Boutique Hotel is conveniently located near the city gate of Monemvasia. The hotel is housed in a traditional and authentic building. The charming rooms feature wooden beam ceilings and floors, and many offer beautiful sea views.

#2 Bastion Malvasia Hotel is situated in a traditional stone building overlooking the sea. The rooms are adorned with white walls and classic beam ceilings. Its location, ambiance, and scenic views establish it as one of the best hotels in Monemvasia.

#3 Malvasia Traditional Hotel is a charming hotel with curved passages, beamed ceilings, and wooden furniture. The highlight is the magnificent sea-view terrace where breakfast is served every morning.

#4 Guest house Kelly offers the best reviews in Monemvasia. Located in a Medieval building with traditional details, Kellia provides an authentic experience. The terrace and gardens offer stunning sea views.

#5 Ardamis is located in an authentic building with vaulted ceilings and natural stone arches. The terrace offers a panoramic sea view. This historic hotel is ideally situated within the walled city and receives exceptionally positive reviews from guests.

The best mainland hotels at Monemvasia

#6 Akra Morea Hotel is located on the mainland of the new Monemvasia. This modern hotel features sleek grey-toned rooms and a green garden with a beautiful outdoor swimming pool overlooking the sea. Additionally, the hotel offers apartments and family rooms, making it an ideal choice for traveling families.

#7 Monemvasia Green Apartments offers contemporary accommodations including rooms, studios, and apartments. The hotel provides a private car park and boasts a stunning ocean view, receiving excellent reviews from its guests.

#8 Alkinoi Resort & Spa is a modern luxury hotel with a breathtaking view of the Monemvasia peninsula. It features a saltwater swimming pool, bar, spa, hot tub, and an extensive breakfast buffet. The reviews for Alkinoi are consistently positive and it is one of the most popular hotels to stay in Monemvasia.

#9 Iris Beach Hotel is located on a beautiful beach, a bit further from Monemvasia. It offers private parking, a bar, and the beach is just around the corner. Guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast served on the terrace with a view of the Monemvasia peninsula.

#10 Kinsterna Hotel is one of the most stunning luxury hotels in Greece, situated south of Monemvasia and therefore a bit farther from the old town. It is a boutique hotel that occupies a restored Byzantine mansion and offers rooms with charming and genuine furnishings. The hotel features two swimming pools, a spa with a hammam, a restaurant, a bar, and private parking. The highlight is the signature pool, which is supplied by its own freshwater source and winds through the gardens like a river. The delectable breakfast consists of seasonal products sourced from the hotel’s garden.