Where to stay on Santorini

Where to stay in Santorini? The Greek island offers a range of accommodations for a romantic stay, including charming boutique hotels and luxurious establishments with infinity pools. However, finding the truly exceptional options requires sifting through numerous offerings. As one of Greece’s most popular and enchanting island destinations, Santorini is replete with distinctive lodging choices. This blog will help you make a decision: where to stay on Santorini? Which villages are the most charming to stay during your visit? And which hotels come highly recommended in these areas?

How to get to Santorini

Santorini is an archipelago in the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, located north of Crete and south of popular islands like Naxos and Paros. The most convenient way to reach Santorini is by taking a flight from another European airport. Alternatively, you can also arrive by ferry from both the Greek mainland and other Greek islands.

You can easily visit Santorini as part of island hopping around the Greek islands. The island is connected to many other island destinations in Greece by a reliable ferry service. But Santorini alone is also a wonderful holiday destination. As one of the most popular Greek islands, there are regular direct and budget-friendly flights from the Netherlands.

Why Santorini is worth visiting

With azure seas, black and red beaches, white villages boasting blue domes, orderly windmills, and stunning bays, the Greek islands offer an abundance of picturesque beauty. Among them, one stands out as the epitome of perfection, characterized by its charming white and blue architecture and peaceful sandy shores.

Santorini is a volcanic archipelago, with the main island, also known as Santorini, being the largest. It offers a stunning volcanic landscape and breathtaking views of the sea, typical of Greek islands.

Santorini boasts stunning beaches, including white sandy, black pebble, and red sand beaches with red rocks. Notable attractions are the black sand beach of Perissa and Red Beach. Many beaches are adorned with impressive volcanic rocks and offer beach bars for a unique beach experience.

What to do on Santorini: take a boat trip, go on a wine tour, or indulge in Greek cuisine on a gastro tour. Don’t miss the iconic sights of Santorini, including the blue domes of Oia village, renowned for its sunsets, the picturesque churches in Fira town, or the impressive Skaros Rock.

Where to stay in Santorini: the best villages and areas

Santorini’s main island has charming villages and distinct regions. To enjoy a volcano view at night, head to the west side. For affordable accommodations and stunning beaches, consider staying on the east side, like Perissa or Kamari.

The famous villages of Santorini are located on the west side, offering a beautiful view of the volcano and idyllic beaches. The popular places to stay on the island include Oia in the far north, Fira in the center, Imerovigli to the north, and Firostefani just below Fira.

Where to stay in Oia

Oia is the most renowned village in Santorini, known for its iconic beauty. Located on the northern tip of the island, it offers stunning sunsets against the mountain slopes. The village is famous for its traditional Greek streets lined with whitewashed houses and picturesque blue domes. Oia is often considered one of the pricier accommodation options in Santorini.

The finest hotels in Oia:

#1 Andronis Luxury Suites offers a luxurious hotel experience with breathtaking views of the volcano. Indulge in the private swimming pool, savor exquisite cuisine made from organic ingredients at the on-site restaurant, and pamper yourself at the opulent spa. The Andronis suites, carved into the rock, create a unique and enchanting atmosphere that adds to the allure of this exceptional hotel.

#2 Aethrio Sunset Village boasts a prime location in Oia, spacious rooms, and well-appointed apartments. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the seasonal outdoor pool and start your day with a delicious breakfast. With its affordable prices, Aethrio Sunset Village stands out as one of the most budget-friendly accommodations in Oia, without compromising on quality or comfort.

#3 Central Hostel Oia is a fantastic choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking affordable accommodation. Immerse yourself in the clean, white ambiance with arched passageways that perfectly complement the iconic whitewashed streetscape of Oia. Benefit from the convenience of being centrally situated, allowing you to explore all that Oia has to offer easily.

Where to stay in Fira

Fira is the primary town of Santorini, offering a wide range of restaurants, excursion providers, and hotels. Being the liveliest place on the island, Fira is highly recommended for travelers visiting Santorini during the off-peak season, as it remains bustling even during that time.

The finest hotels in Fira:

#4 Lemon Suites Santorini is a captivating hotel that offers an inviting ambiance and charming interior. Renowned for its exceptional quality, this establishment has received nothing but rave reviews, positioning it as one of the highest-rated accommodations in Fira.

#5 Gianna Suites is nestled in a serene location, just 500 meters away from the bustling main square. This hotel perfectly embodies the essence of Santorini with its delightful courtyard, picturesque swimming pool, and whitewashed walls.

#6 San Giorgio is an exceptional family hotel amid the vibrant restaurant and coffee shop scene of Fira. This remarkable accommodation boasts a stunning interior adorned with dark colors, complemented by a pleasant swimming pool. The hospitable family managing the hotel ensures a warm and welcoming stay, making it an ideal choice for spending the night in Santorini.

Where to stay in Imerovigli

Imerovigli is a beautiful village, known for its luxury hotels and resorts. The village has a beautiful location on a cliff, with which you also have beautiful sunsets here. The famous viewpoint Skaros Rock can also be found here.

The finest hotels in Imerovigli:

#7 On the Rocks offers an iconic luxury hotel experience in Imerovigli. All of its rooms feature awe-inspiring views and verandas that overlook the volcano and the sea. This expansive hotel boasts an outdoor swimming pool with a perfect sunset view, a wellness center, and its very own restaurant..

#8 Santorini Princess Spa Hotel offers a truly magnificent sea view. With its extensive spa, outdoor pool, and attractive rooms adorned with whitewashed walls, this hotel stands out as one of the finest luxury accommodations in Santorini. Guests can also enjoy the convenience of an on-site restaurant and bar.

#9 Casa Bianca provides a charming boutique hotel experience with only nine rooms and suites. Despite its small scale, this affordable hotel offers an outdoor pool and boasts a prime location in Imerovigli. The delectable breakfast is included in the price.

Where to stay in Firostefani

Firostefani, an authentic village with white houses, offers a peaceful alternative to the bustling Fira. Situated just south of the capital, it is easily accessible. This charming village exudes a serene ambiance, perfect for immersing oneself in the local culture.

The finest hotels in Firostefani:

#10 Homeric Poems is the epitome of luxury at Homeric Poems, an extraordinary hotel nestled in Santorini’s caldera, offering unparalleled views of the majestic crater. Immerse yourself in the opulence of the boutique rooms and delight in the serene ambiance of the pool area. Glowing reviews from satisfied guests commend the exceptional service, prime location, stunning accommodations, and the delightful breakfast served on private balconies.

#11 Afrodete is an affordable boutique hotel in Firostefani. Revel in the vibrant and cheerful atmosphere created by the colorful and bright rooms. Situated on the enchanting slopes of Firostefani, Afrodete treats you to a mesmerizing seascape. This small-scale hotel consistently earns glowing reviews.

#12 Villa Photini is adorned with the iconic blue and white hues that define Santorini’s traditional aesthetics. This intimate hotel occupies a prime location in Firostefani’s central square, where you can witness awe-inspiring sunsets from the comfort of your balcony. 

Where to stay on the east coast

To have a pleasant beach getaway, consider staying on the east side of Santorini in villages like Perissa and Kamari. This allows for a delightful seaside vacation while also offering more affordable accommodation options. The east side provides easy access to Santorini’s notable attractions and renowned villages on the more western side of the island.

The finest hotels on the east coast:

#13 Meltemi Village Hotel is a lovely luxury hotel located on the eastern beaches of Santorini. Situated a mere 350 meters away from the renowned black sand beach of Perissa, this hotel offers a delightful blend of convenience and indulgence. With its own swimming pool adorned with palm trees and sun beds, as well as a vibrant garden and exquisite suites, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular hotels in eastern Santorini.

#14 Exi Sea Side Suites is an enchanting aparthotel that perfectly combines beauty and affordability. Each suite comes equipped with its own kitchen, providing guests with the convenience of preparing their own meals. Located on one of Santorini’s captivating black beaches, this accommodation serves as an ideal base for an unforgettable Greek beach holiday.

#15 Kalya Suites is a beachside retreat, just a stone’s throw away from the shore at a mere distance of 30 meters. Unwind by the seasonal outdoor pool, complete with comfortable sunbeds, offering a delightful oasis right next to the beach. The alluring and bright rooms of this boutique hotel provide a truly pleasant stay. Highly regarded for their exceptional hospitality and helpfulness, the friendly staff at Kalya Suites have received rave reviews from satisfied guests.

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