13x coffee in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua is our favorite place in Guatemala. Colorful streets, beautiful volcanoes, historical ruins, fantastic restaurants and the best coffee bars are what the city has to offer. The former capital of Guatemala is popular with expats and that brings along the most amazing coffee spots with great wifi for work opportunities. As an espresso lover, Sebastiaan was able to indulge himself here and we had earned that after climbing two volcanoes.

# 1 Artista Cafe

You will immediately notice the interior with all that pink and gold, but its the coffee that will with you. This is really a top place for digital nomads in Antigua Guatemala, partly because of the great internet. Breakfast and cake are also recommended here.

# 2 Fat Cat Coffee House

This coffee was all we could wish for when we got back from the volcanoes. The coffee is top notch and the chai latte also. The atmosphere is no nonsense and low key. The same goes for the simple layout.

# 3 Fernando’s Kaffee Antigua

Top coffee is served here in a quiet courtyard. The very extensive menu also includes crêpes. Just saying.

# 4 The Refuge

If a coffee spot has its own beans, you know you’re in the right place. And this is just the case at Cafe Cafe. Everything is devoted to coffee. The large coffee bar dominates the space. The spots at the bar are therefore top if you want to see the barista at work.

# 5 La Vid Coffee Grills

It’s all about coffee here. You can’t get much more here and that usually a good thing. That promise is certainly fulfilled here. This is really top quality coffee.

# 6 Bella Vista Café

The coffee is fine, but you mainly come here for the view. From this cafe you have a view of beautiful volcanic peaks, including the Fuego that erupt every 15 minutes. At the end of the day it is super busy here for a beautiful sunset.

# 7 Cafe Cafe Guatemala

This coffee spot is located on one of the largest squares in the city, but you could easily walk past it. Don’t, because inside is one of the nicest coffee bars in Antigua. This coffee pot also has its own beans, so you know the quality is good.

# 8 Republic Cafe

One of the hipper spots a real hidden gem. Republic serves high quality coffee. So you shouldn’t skip this place as a coffee lover or coffee connoisseur.

# 9 Café Estudio

Here you not only drink good coffee, but also seriously tasty beers. The nice thing is that you can sit both inside and outside. Estudio is a wonderfully quiet place, just outside the hustle and bustle.

# 10 Rainbow Café

Rainbow has a nice courtyard with lots of light and atmosphere. During the day you come here for coffee and breakfast, but in the evening this is one of the nicest bars in Antigua Guatemala. Many activities are therefore organized for travelers. There is always a list at the door of what’s on the program that week.

# 11 Café Sol

Café Sol is a bit outside the center, but that detour is rewarded with one of the best coffee places in Antigua. The coffee bar has a nice balance between super hip and wonderfully comfortable. Highly recommended!

# 12 Café La Parada

La Parada is located in a beautiful square in the north of Antigua, near the characteristic yellow church. The cafe is straightforward. But the coffee is thick fine.

# 13 Cafe Boheme

We recommend Boheme as a cozy coffee bar with a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t forget to order a piece of cake here!

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