Best Things To Do In Mullerthal With Kids

Discover the magical world of visiting Mullerthal with kids. This gem in Luxembourg is a must-visit for family adventures. The region is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers, boasting majestic rock formations, winding trails, and picturesque valleys.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about visiting Mullerthal with children, from the best hiking routes to fun activities for the whole family. Read on to uncover the best things to do in Mullerthal.

Mullerthal Predigtstuhl

Where is Mullerthal in Europa?

Mullerthal is located in the eastern part of Luxembourg, right next to the German border. It’s only about a 30-minute drive from Luxembourg City.

For travelers from the Netherlands, Mullerthal is conveniently accessible. It’s roughly a 3.5-hour drive from Utrecht, making it an ideal destination for a long weekend or a week-long getaway. In just a few hours, you can find yourself in a completely different setting.

To the west, Mullerthal borders the Belgian Ardennes, famous for their stunning nature, historic castles, and charming villages. On the other side, Luxembourg borders the German Moselle region, known for its quaint villages and vast vineyards.

Echternach Mullerthal

What is Mullerthal Known For

Mullerthal is famous for its untouched nature, with expansive forests, rugged gorges, and impressive rock formations. It’s often called the ‘Little Switzerland of Luxembourg’ because of its hilly terrain, rock formations, and scenic valleys reminiscent of the Swiss Alps.

The hiking opportunities in Mullerthal are legendary, particularly the multi-day Mullerthal Trail. This trail spans over 100 kilometers of marked paths, leading you through enchanting valleys, past imposing rock formations, through lush forests, and across rolling fields.

What truly sets Mullerthal apart are the striking rock formations that dot the landscape. Shaped by millions of years of erosion and geological activity, these extraordinary rocks are both visually stunning and perfect for adventurous activities like climbing and spelunking. While the region is often compared to Switzerland, the rocks also remind us of those found in Prachov, Czech Republic.

In summary, Mullerthal is all about breathtaking nature. It’s a vacation paradise for nature enthusiasts, adventurous travelers, and hikers. You’ll find yourself in a completely different landscape than European tourist attractions in this part of Europe.


Where to Stay in Mullerthal

While you can see a lot of Mullerthal in a day, this Luxembourg region is perfect for a longer visit. We recommend spending at least a midweek or long weekend here, but ideally a full week. There are many great places to stay in Mullerthal.

We stayed at Camping Martbusch in Berdorf. This campsite is wonderful, with lots of greenery and facilities like child-friendly bathrooms and a playground. It offers both camping spots and cozy lodges and cabins. The location makes Camping Martbusch ideal. Situated right next to the Tourist Information Center, beautiful rock formations, and an adventure playground, you have everything within reach. Without long hikes, you can immediately immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Mullerthal. Bistro Martbusch, next to the Tourist Info, adventure playground, and the campsite, is a relaxed spot to enjoy a drink or a meal.

If you prefer a nice hotel, consider staying in Echternach. The historic center is lively and charming with its terraces and restaurants. For instance, Hotel Le Postillon is a small family hotel with excellent reviews. Just outside Echternach, you’ll find the lovely Eden au Lac, overlooking Lake Echternach. With both indoor and outdoor pools and a spa, this is a great choice for a relaxing stay.

Echternach Mullerthal

Our Mullerthal Tourist Map

10 Best Mullerthal Attractions with Kids

#1 Mullerthal Trail with Kids

The main attraction of Mullerthal is the long-distance hiking route, the Mullerthal Trail. This trail stretches over 112 kilometers and is divided into three main loops: Route 1, Route 2, and Route 3. For a visit to Mullerthal with children, this might be too much. Instead, you can walk a section of the trail or choose one of our alternatives.

Route 1 takes hikers past cultural landmarks combined with the typical Mullerthal landscape of rocks, forests, and meadows. Route 2 crosses the heart of the region and offers breathtaking views of spectacular rock formations. Route 3 leads through picturesque stream valleys and past romantic castles, while also taking you to impressive rocks. Each of these routes can be hiked separately or in combination.

For families with children, the full route might be too demanding. A practical option is to choose one of the three stages or one of the shorter alternatives around the Mullerthal Trail. We opted for two shorter hiking alternatives.

One popular short route is the B2 near Berdorf, which is 4.2 kilometers long. This route starts at Camping Martbusch, where you can easily park even if you’re not staying there. This path takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of Mullerthal, including spectacular rocks, gorges, and viewpoints. We found Raiberthiel especially adventurous. You descend via two ladders into the dark depths, needing a flashlight to see at the bottom. At sunset, the view from Adlerhorst, located directly above Raiberthiel, was stunning.

Another alternative is the B1 hiking route around the castles of Beaufort. We walked part of this route, which is 10.3 kilometers long and starts and ends at the castles. The path includes a boardwalk section, and there are educational games for children along the way.

#2 Best Rock Formations in Mullerthal

Mullerthal, also known as Little Switzerland, is a geological wonderland with origins in limestone deposits over 200 million years old. Erosion from rivers over centuries created the characteristic valleys and rock formations that define the landscape. During your visit to the Mullerthal region, you can’t miss these impressive rock formations. Make it a fun challenge to find the most beautiful ones using our tips!

Tip: Use the app, which shows all the stairs, trails, and special viewpoints, rock formations, gorges, and caves. It’s our most-used app on holidays!

One of the most adventurous rock formations is Raiberthiel, accessible via a stairway leading you deep into the darkness. We first thought it would be a bit too adventurous, especially with small children. But it turned out to be one of the most exciting rocks around Berdorf. With our youngest in a carrier, we descended two ladders. It was so dark at the bottom that we needed a flashlight. The route then led through a narrow crevice, where we had to squeeze through a very low passage. Quite an adventure!

Nearby, the Adlerhorst viewpoint offers a breathtaking panorama directly above Raiberthiel. We found this spot especially enchanting at sunset. From our spot at Camping Martbusch, we reached the viewpoint in two minutes in the evening.

Siweschlëff consists of seven crevices and giant rocks forming a small labyrinth of gorges and stairs. One of the gorges is only 30 centimeters wide at its narrowest point, which might not be a problem for kids but could be for their parents.

The Kallektuffquelle in the valley of the Black Ernz is a natural tufa spring with crystal-clear water flowing over the rocks. Nearby, you’ll also find the Schiessentümpel waterfall. You can easily combine the two.

Hohllay, also known as Huel Lee, which means hollow stone, is a hollowed-out rock formed by human hands centuries ago. This location once served as a quarry for millstones. Hohllay is easily accessible from the parking lot.

Perekop is a high rock formation with a narrow passage that visitors can walk through. It’s not far from the Amphitheater Breechkaul and the Hohllay cave.

Wollefsschlucht near Echternach is an impressive rocky gorge with rock walls reaching up to 50 meters high. The name “Wolfsschlucht” refers to an old legend about a count who sold his soul to the devil and now guards a treasure supposedly hidden in the gorge as a wolf.

The Predigtstuhl gets its name from its distinctive shape resembling a pulpit. It’s the easiest to reach of all the locations. The Predigtstuhl is right next to the road, with a small parking lot where you can stop. Climb the stairs to the Predigtstuhl and admire the Werschrummschlüff next to it.

Lastly, Heroldt is known for its overhanging rocks, creating a dramatic backdrop.

#3 Schiesentümpel Waterfall

The Schiessentümpel Waterfall, known locally as Schéissendëmpel, is the iconic symbol of Mullerthal. This natural wonder appears in nearly every postcard of the region, thanks largely to the charming little bridge that arches over the waterfall.

Under a historic 19th-century stone bridge, the famous waterfall cascades through three separate streams, part of the Black Ernz River. The bridge, built at the end of the 19th century, remains in its original state, crafted from local materials.

To reach Schiessentümpel, start at Parking Schiessentümpel. From there, it’s a short, scenic 500-meter walk along the Black Ernz, making it a 1-kilometer round trip. If you’re up for more walking, continue along the river from the parking lot to the Kallektuffquell, a tufa spring with crystal-clear water flowing over the rocks.

A highlight of the walk is the impressive Stairway Mëllerdall, a beautiful wooden staircase made entirely from wood sourced within 20 kilometers of Mullerthal. The stairway leads to the iconic bridge. Descend here to find the perfect spot to admire both the waterfall and the bridge.

Several hiking trails run alongside the waterfall, suitable for all levels. We spent some time at the waterfall with our kids before heading back, and saw many hikers, families, and even a school class passing by. It can get busy, making it challenging to take photos. But if you wait a bit, the crowd will eventually thin out.

Restaurant Tip: Near the waterfall is Reilander Millen restaurant, where you can relax on the terrace while your kids play in the playground. The food is a bit pricey but very good. Our kids particularly enjoyed the Luxembourgish dumplings.

#4 Berdorf

Berdorf, in the heart of Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, is known for its spectacular rock formations and beautiful hikes. The village itself is modest, but the surrounding area is stunning. From Berdorf, you have direct access to the famous Mullerthal Trail, where you can explore parts of the trail featuring impressive rocks, gorges, and panoramic viewpoints.

At the Tourist Info in Berdorf, you can get detailed information about all the hiking routes in the area. This is great for choosing the best trails to explore with children. A popular short route from Berdorf is the 4.2-kilometer B2 trail. This path takes you past some of the most breathtaking natural formations in Mullerthal. We were particularly impressed by the dark gorge of Raiberhiel, the views from Adlerhorst and Teufelsinsel, and intriguing spaces like Totenkammer.

Tip: Use the app to find all the stairs, trails, viewpoints, rock formations, gorges, and caves. It’s our most-used app on holidays!

For families, we highly recommend Camping Martbusch in Berdorf. This campsite is a convenient base next to the Tourist Information Center, stunning rock formations, and an adventure playground. The campsite is lush and green, with facilities like child-friendly bathrooms and a playground. From the campsite, you can walk into the beautiful nature of Mullerthal without long hikes. Bistro Martbusch, next to the Tourist Info, adventure playground, and the campsite, is a relaxing spot to enjoy a drink or a meal.

#5 Echternach

The abbey town of Echternach is the center of the Mullerthal region. With a history dating back to its founding in 698, it is also the oldest town in Luxembourg. Today, it’s a popular tourist destination. The Mullerthal Trail, the local lake, and the charming town center attract many visitors to Echternach.

For a lively atmosphere, head to the historic center, especially around Place du Marché with its historic buildings and terraces. Notable sights include the old city walls, the palace of justice, the city park with its pavilion, and especially the Abbey of Willibrord. Although much of the town was destroyed in World War II, many buildings have been rebuilt in their original style.

The main attraction is the Abbey. You can visit the church for free and don’t miss the crypt, where you can see the tomb of Saint Willibrord. The adjacent Abbey Museum offers more insights into the history of the abbey and Echternach. Echternach is also famous for its UNESCO-listed Hopping Procession and hosts many fun festivals in the summer.

Restaurant Tip: For a great ice cream, visit Gelateria Venezia, where you can choose from a wide variety of delicious flavors. You can also enjoy a large ice cream sundae on the terrace.

#6 Beaufort Castles

The Beaufort Castles are a well-known attraction in the Mullerthal region, featuring both a medieval castle ruin and a Renaissance castle.

Tip: For visitors planning to explore multiple attractions, the Luxembourg Card is a good option. It includes admission to several attractions, including the Beaufort Castles.

The medieval castle at the forefront is an impressive ruin open to visitors. You can wander freely and enjoy the medieval architecture. The Renaissance castle behind the medieval fort can only be visited with a guided tour. This might not be ideal for young children, so we recommend visiting just the medieval castle. Our toddler found exploring all the rooms and stairs very adventurous and kept asking about life in the old days.

The Beaufort Castles are also the starting point for a beautiful 10-kilometer hiking route through the area, featuring educational games for children along the way. Other castles in Mullerthal include Larochette Castle and Bourglinster Castle.

Restaurant Tip: Near the castles is L’Auberge Rustique, where you can both stay and enjoy a meal. We had lunch here after our castle visit and hike. The quiches were particularly delightful, and the kids loved the pancakes.

Mullerthal Beaufort Castles

#7 Aquatower Berdorf

The Aquatower in Berdorf is a striking modern building that stands out in the landscape. The tower is 55 meters high and offers a panoramic view over Berdorf and the surrounding area from the top, 15th floor. An interactive exhibition about (drinking) water and geology is on the 10th floor.

The Aquatower is accessible by both lift and stairs up to the 10th floor. To reach the 15th floor, the lift is the only option. Between these public floors are the tower’s water reservoirs. Due to the height of these reservoirs, the entire region enjoys consistent water pressure.

For children, the interactive displays and water games at the foot of the tower are a big hit. Parents can relax on nearby benches while the kids enjoy the water play equipment.

Entrance to the Aquatower is free with the Luxembourg Card. Be sure to check the opening hours, as during our visit, the tower was only open in the afternoon.

#8 Adventure Playgrounds in Mullerthal

The Mullerthal region is home to several wonderful playgrounds, especially the ‘adventure playgrounds,’ which are fantastic spots for families to visit! There are five in total: Martbusch, Heringer Millen, Echternach, Nommern, and Rosport. Each one is uniquely fun and well-designed.

Our kids loved playing at Adventure Playground Martbusch, conveniently located next to our campsite. The adjacent bistro is a bonus for parents—while you can’t quite see the playground from the terrace, it’s a great spot to relax with a drink if your kids are old enough to play unsupervised. The playground is shaded by the forest, making it a perfect spot to escape the summer heat.

Another gem is Adventure Playground Heringer Millen, where water is the main attraction. Kids can play with pumps, build dams, and more. It’s a must-visit on hot summer days in Mullerthal with children.

Tip: There are also fun water play features for kids at the Aquatower in Berdorf.

#9 Aqua Park Beaufort

Aqua Park Beaufort is a perfect destination for families with children on warm summer days. This outdoor pool, open from mid-May to early September, offers a range of facilities for all ages. The highlight of the park is a 50-meter-long slide, though it was a bit too adventurous for our little ones. For the smallest children, there is a toddler pool with fun sprinklers, a small slide, and a shade cloth for protection.

In the main swimming area, there are mushroom fountains and water cannons for play. Sun loungers and a lawn rental service ensure that parents can relax while the kids have fun in the water.

#10 Lake Echternach

If you’re visiting Mullerthal with children and stop by the town of Echternach, be sure to spend some time at Lake Echternach, a 60-hectare artificial lake. It’s especially popular with families and young people on warm summer days.

The lake’s shore features well-maintained walking paths and bike routes, perfect for a leisurely stroll or bike ride around the lake. The surrounding area is expansive, with 375 hectares of forest ideal for nature lovers and hikers.

Next to the lake, you’ll find a Roman Villa, where you can learn about the ancient settlements of the region. The adjacent museum is free to enter and offers educational exhibits about Roman life and the area’s history.

For kids, the numerous play options are the main attraction. You can rent pedal boats to explore the lake, and there’s a fantastic adventure playground on the riverbank. In the summer, trampolines are available, and you can relax on Adventure Island in the middle of the lake. You can reach the island via a bridge from the youth hostel. The island features a lovely sandy beach, though we were a bit disappointed that the swimming area of the lake was closed during our visit—it would have been a refreshing treat on a hot day.

Mullerthal Echternach

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