10 Things To Do In Luxembourg City With Kids

Luxembourg City, known for its dramatic landscapes and rich history, is a fantastic destination for families. With its blend of ancient fortifications, modern museums, and beautiful parks, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained.

In this blog post, we’ll cover all the best activities for kids in Luxembourg City. From the most beautiful playgrounds and exciting sights to the top museums and fun family activities, join us as we explore this amazing city.

Luxembourg City

What Luxembourg City Is Known For

Luxembourg City is famous for its unique landscape, historical fortifications, and status as a financial hub. The city center is perched on a plateau surrounded by deep valleys carved by the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers, creating stunning elevation changes. The historic district, Oberstadt, sits high above the Grund and Pfaffenthal neighborhoods, offering breathtaking views from landmarks like the Pont Adolphe and the Panoramalift Pfaffenthal.

Dubbed the “Gibraltar of the North,” Luxembourg is known for its formidable fortifications. The city features a complex network of fortresses, casemates, and bastions spread over rocky hills and valleys. These defenses allowed Luxembourg City to withstand the French siege for so long that French military engineer Lazare Carnot called it “the best fortress in the world after Gibraltar.” This military heritage is still visible today in the numerous fortifications and the Bock Casemates.

Luxembourg City is also a key financial center in Europe. The city is home to numerous banks and financial institutions, making it an economic powerhouse. The presence of European institutions like the Court of Justice of the European Union further highlights its international importance.

Luxembourg City

Where To Stay In Luxemburg

We’ve visited Luxembourg City three times with our camper, and Camping Kockelscheuer is an ideal base. The campsite is conveniently close to the old city center and features a large Park and Ride (P+R) facility. A bus departs for the city center every 10 minutes, and since public transportation is free, it’s incredibly convenient. The campsite also has a cozy bistro for snacks and drinks, a playground, and all the typical camping amenities.

If you’re looking for a hotel in Luxembourg City, there are plenty of great options. The Central City – Luxury ApartHotel offers spacious apartments with trendy decor and the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and more—perfect if you prefer to dine in with your family.

Mama Shelter Luxembourg is a vibrant hotel with colorful prints on the ceilings and floors in the lobby and restaurant. The rooms are stylishly decorated, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a home design magazine! The hotel has its own restaurant and offers family rooms.

Domus Hotel is hard to miss with its colorful facade. A highlight of this hotel is its small apartments, each with a dining area and kitchenette with a refrigerator. The rooms are basic but spacious and clean, providing a comfortable stay.

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City Tourist Map

10 Things To Do In Luxembourg City With Kids

#1 The Casemates

One of the most exciting attractions in Luxembourg City for families is the Bock Casemates. These impressive fortifications are part of Luxembourg’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. Exploring the underground tunnels is an adventure kids will love.

This underground defense system was first constructed in the 17th century during Spanish rule and later expanded by the French and Austrians. The tunnels stretch for kilometers and were originally used for cannon emplacements and shelters. They also housed stables, workshops, and kitchens. During World War II, the tunnels provided refuge for 35,000 people.

Today, visitors can wander through these historic corridors, exploring the tunnels and underground chambers while enjoying some of the best views of the city. The windows of the Bock Casemates offer stunning vistas of the Grund, Clausen, and Pfaffenthal districts.

Tip: With the Luxembourg Card, admission is free. The card is valid in Luxembourg City and across the country.

 Casemates du Bock Luxemburg Stad

#2 Seven Themed Playgrounds in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City stands out with its fantastic themed playgrounds that kids will absolutely love!

The most famous is the maritime playground in the city park on Avenue Monterey, close to the old town and main attractions. At the heart of the playground is a large pirate ship, perfect for children to climb on and pretend to be pirates. On a hot summer day, the water pumps, sluices, and pools are sure to be a hit.

The playground in Cents, on der Heed, features an airport theme. Kids can play in a setting resembling an airport, complete with model airplanes and a control tower. In Gasperich, at the Jardin Anglais, the playground has a farm theme. Children can find farm animals, climb on tractors, and pretend they are on an English farm. The playground in Belair, on der Schéiwiss, has a castle theme. Here, kids can feel like knights and princesses while exploring the castle and climbing the towers.

Kaltreis Park features a space theme with water attractions. Children can play as astronauts, explore rockets, and enjoy water activities. Finally, the playground in Limpertsberg, on Rue de l’Avenir, offers a climbing and jumping theme. There are various climbing frames and nets that challenge kids’ motor skills. The Bambësch playground has a forest theme with a climbing course, wooden play equipment, and elements referencing local historical sites.

Tip: Public transport is free throughout Luxembourg. While not all playgrounds are within walking distance, you can easily reach them using public transit.

#3 Panoramalift Pfaffenthal

The Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator in Luxembourg City offers a spectacular way to see the city. This glass elevator, opened in 2016, connects the upper city with the Pfaffenthal district, spanning a height difference of 71 meters. The elevator is free and provides visitors with a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the valley.

Upon reaching the upper platform, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the old town, the Grund and Pfaffenthal districts, and the surrounding nature. The elevator cabin is fully glass-enclosed, offering a 360-degree view during the ride.

The Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator is accessible to both pedestrians and cyclists. At the top, a walkway leads to the historic city center. At the bottom, you can access the Pfaffenthal district and Pescatore Park. The elevator is a convenient way to travel between the higher and lower parts of the city while enjoying the stunning views.

Tip: There’s also a second public elevator you can use. On the other side of the city near the Palace of Justice, you’ll find the Ascenseur Plateau St. Esprit Grund. While it’s not a panoramic lift, it’s a practical way to avoid the uphill walk. You can reach it via an underground tunnel, and then take the lift back up to the upper city.

Panoramalift Pfaffenthal

#4 National Museum of History and Art

The National Museum of History and Art in Luxembourg City is a fascinating place that showcases the rich history of Luxembourg. There’s so much to see that there are bound to be collections that interest your children.

We were amazed by the size of the museum, which you wouldn’t expect from the outside. The museum spans multiple floors, both underground and above ground, covering a total area of 6,200 square meters. Part of the collection is housed in an old mansion, which you reach via a bridge.

The permanent collection provides a chronological overview of Luxembourg’s history, from ancient times to modern art. It covers the prehistoric period on the lower floors, the Roman era, and contemporary art on the upper floors. A highlight is the Roman mosaic floor from the Villa of Vichten, dating back to 240 AD. This mosaic, discovered elsewhere in Luxembourg, is one of the highlights of the collection. There’s also a coin collection, an Art Deco furniture exhibit, works by the famous photographer Edward Steichen, and more.

The museum is located in the heart of Oberstadt, and the permanent collection is free to visit.

Het museum is gelegen in het hart van Oberstadt. De permanente collectie is gratis toegankelijk.

#5 Changing of the Guard at the Grand Ducal Palace

The changing of the guard at the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg City is a delightful spectacle that attracts many visitors daily. The palace, situated in the city center, is the official residence of the Grand Duke and the workplace for the Grand Ducal Court. The ceremony takes place in front of the main entrance and offers a fascinating glimpse into the traditions and protocol of the Luxembourg army. For kids, it’s an impressive sight.

Tip: In the summer months, the palace often opens to visitors.

The changing of the guard is free to watch and is a perfect opportunity to experience a piece of Luxembourgish culture and history up close. Don’t forget to admire the palace itself. It’s a stunning Renaissance building from the 16th century, with rich decorations and beautiful facades that provide a magnificent backdrop for this traditional ceremony.

Tip: If you’re a bit early for the changing of the guard, find a spot on the terrace of Chocolate House. You can enjoy a nice lunch, but the real attraction here is the chocolate. The hot chocolate in various flavors is an experience in itself!

#6 National History Museum

The National History Museum in the picturesque Grund district is a fantastic destination for families with children. This museum offers an engaging and educational experience, thanks to its interactive exhibits and extensive collection of mounted animals.

The museum’s collection is impressive, featuring everything from geological finds to a wide variety of stuffed animals. It provides a deep dive into the biodiversity and natural history of the region, making it both educational and entertaining for visitors of all ages. Children will especially enjoy the interactive elements, where they can learn about Luxembourg’s natural history through hands-on displays and activities. A highlight for many kids is the slide from the first floor.

Located in Grund, a visit to the National History Museum is also a great way to explore this charming neighborhood. Grund itself is worth a visit, with its scenic setting in a valley carved by the Alzette River.

Tip: Admission to the museum is free with the Luxembourg Card. Not far from the museum, you’ll find the Ascenseur Plateau St. Esprit Grund, an easy way to bridge the height difference with the old city.

#7 The Adolphe Bridge

The Pont Adolphe, also known as Adolphe Bridge, is an iconic structure spanning the Pétrusse Valley. The bridge is not only a crucial traffic artery but also a national symbol of Luxembourg. From the bridge, you have a breathtaking view over the Pétrusse Valley.

Built between 1900 and 1903 during the reign of Grand Duke Adolphe, the bridge was once the largest stone arch bridge in the world. With a span of 84.55 meters and a total length of 153 meters, it connects the Gare district with the center of Luxembourg City.

What makes the Pont Adolphe special is its double-deck structure. On the upper deck, cars and trams travel, while underneath, there’s a separate bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. This lower bridge, added during the 2014-2017 renovation, offers a safe and scenic route for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the ravine.

For children, the lower deck is particularly exciting. You descend via stairs, walk through a tunnel, and emerge on the lower bridge directly beneath the main one.

#8 Parc de la Pétrusse

Parc de la Pétrusse is nestled in the picturesque valley of the Pétrusse River. While located in the heart of Luxembourg City, it feels like a natural escape. It’s an ideal spot for families visiting the city, offering a beautiful blend of nature and historical elements. Children can enjoy the winding trails through the park, while parents appreciate the tranquility and natural beauty.

The deep valleys, unique rock formations, and ruins of fortifications and bastions give the park a romantic charm. The Pétrusse River still flows through the middle of the valley, and there are various paths and bridges to explore. Along the way, you’ll encounter the Adolphe Bridge and the Casemates.

#9 Exploring the Different Districts of Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City’s attractions are spread across several districts. The three best areas to explore are Oberstadt, Grund, and Pfaffenthal. Oberstadt is located on the plateau in the heart of the city, while Grund and Pfaffenthal are situated in the lower valley.

The most well-known is Oberstadt, the old city center, famous for its historical charm. Here, you’ll find the Grand Ducal Palace, the impressive Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the lively Place Guillaume II. The narrow streets and cozy squares make this the best district for a leisurely stroll.

The most picturesque is Grund, located at the foot of the old city. With its scenic setting in a valley along the Alzette River, this district feels like a different part of Luxembourg City. It’s often called a village within the city. Grund is known for its stunning views, charming houses, and inviting cafés. The peaceful atmosphere and historic buildings make it a perfect spot for a relaxed walk. Attractions here include the National History Museum and St. Michael’s Church.

Pfaffenthal is another scenic district, located in a valley next to Grund. You can reach this area via the spectacular Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator, which offers breathtaking views during the descent. In Pfaffenthal, you can visit the free Musée Dräi Eechelen. Kids will especially enjoy the museum building, as it’s an old fort with an underground tunnel system.

Since the districts are close to each other, they can be easily visited with children. Most streets are stroller-friendly, and you can avoid the stairs to the lower districts by using public elevators.

#10 Other Museums in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City offers a wide range of museums that are both interesting and educational for children. Fort Thüngen, home to the Dräi Eechelen Museum, provides a look into Luxembourg’s military history. Kids can explore the old fortifications and learn about past defense techniques. The museum features interactive displays and regularly changing exhibitions.

The Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean (MUDAM) is a must for families who love modern art. This museum in the Kirchberg district houses an impressive collection of contemporary artworks in an architecturally striking building. Children can participate in the Mudamini program, which offers tours and activities designed just for them. Admission is free with the Luxembourg Card.

Muerbelsmillen is an old mustard mill where children can see how mustard is traditionally made. This small museum is a fun and educational outing for the whole family, with demonstrations and tastings that bring the history of this everyday product to life.

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain in the heart of the city focuses on contemporary art. While the exhibitions are not specifically aimed at children, our toddler was fascinated by the installations. The museum is free, so if the kids don’t enjoy it, you can quickly pop in and out.

The Luxembourg City Museum takes visitors on a journey through the city’s history. Located in a beautifully restored building, the museum features interactive exhibitions that bring Luxembourg’s past to life. Children will enjoy the multimedia displays and engaging stories about the city’s history. Admission is free with the Luxembourg Card.

Villa Vauban is an art museum housed in a charming city villa dating back to 1873. It’s tucked away in a lovely park in the heart of the city. The villa hosts temporary exhibitions around a permanent collection of European art from the 17th to the 19th century and Luxembourgish art from the 20th and 21st centuries. Nearby in the same park, you’ll find a wonderful playground with a pirate ship. Admission is free with the Luxembourg Card.

We visited Luxembourg City twice on our own and a third time as guests of Visit Luxembourg.

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