5x the best coffee in Tulum

As a great espresso lover, Sebastiaan was finally able to indulge himself in Tulum during our long Central America trip. In a city as popular as Tulum, there is of course plenty of good coffee spots. And not only those #instapretty cappucino’s, but good quality espresso. These are the five must-visits for the best coffee in Tulum.

# 1 Tulum Art Club

vegan hotspot in downtown Tulum

This hotspot for smoothie bowls, scrambled tofu and avocado toast is popular with travellers and expats. This is the place for vegan breakfast and lunch between art and that art is also for sale. It is also a good workplace for digital nomads, so you will see a lot of them here with their laptop. Of course this spot also serves really good coffee, approved by Sebastiaan.

Coffee in Tulum, Mexico | Coffee | The Orange Backpack

# 2 Del Cielo

favorite breakfast in Tulum

Hands down our breakfast favourite in downtown Tulum. Eggs benedict or omelette? It took a while before it was servied, its all delicious. Sebastiaan also talked about the amazing espresso for days.

# 3 Coati Café

coffee bar by the beach

At this cute coffee shop we took quite a few pictures, but that night our camera and everything we had was robbed in our hotel. Bye bye, pictures. This is one of the few hotspots in Tulum that focuses exclusively on coffee. Coati is not in downtown Tulum like our other favourites, but among all the design boutiques, luxury hotels and hip restaurants on the strip at the beach.

Tulum in Yucatan, Mexico | The Orange Backpack

# 4 Prieto

frozen yogurt and coffee

Across from Tulum Art Club in downtown Tulum you will find Prieto. This spot is known for the frozen yogurt – including one with charcoal, how bizarre – but it also serves seriously good coffee.

# 5 Ki’bok

most famous coffee bar in Tulum

The most famous coffee spot in all of Tulum is Ki’bok in downtown center. It is always busy and the coffee is always good. It would be an amazing place to work for a digital nomad, if the WiFi would actually be working. The neighbors wifi is great though, just saying..

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