Best things to do in Campeche in Mexico

The town of Campeche in Mexico on the west coast of the Yucatán peninsula is often called the most beautiful place in the region. The colorful streets, the city walls and the retro cars dominate the street scene in the old center. We found the most beautiful places in Campeche! And with this list of the most instagrammable spots we also collected the best thing to do in Campeche, Mexico.

Best things to do in Campeche

# 1 The swings of the Xmuch’haltun botanical garden

This botanical garden is located on the edge of the old center. It is not large, but it is a nice, green oasis. Because the garden is surrounded by high walls, you are sealed Off from the noice of Campeche. Swings are hanging on two trees. Perfect for your next instagram photo!

# 2 Sunset from the coast

Campeche is right on the coast, so you can walk to the water from the old town in 1 minute. The perfect place to watch the sunset and shoot some beautiful photos! Don’t expect an idyllic sandy beach there. The coastal strip at Campeche is a long promenade called the Malecon. So you can sit on the edge and watch the sun slowly sink into the sea.

# 3 The colorful streets

The cheerful street scene is of course the biggest attraction of the city. We wondered whether the dyeing of every building is imposed by the municipality. Would there be a fine? Would the municipality give a subsidy? It is almost unreal how every building in the old center has been painted in a different color. The best activity in Campeche is simply wandering through the colorful streets.

# 4 The umbrellas from Campeche

You probably know those instagrammable photos in a street with a roof of colored umbrellas? Campeche also has such a street! You can find the umbrellas in the street just outside the northern city gate. You will undoubtedly walk past it, if you walk to the Malecon for the sunset. A bit of a shame about these umbrellas: they were closed every day we were in Campeche.

Tip: during our visit a yellow umbrella hung loose on the wires. So you can borrow it for a nice photo.

# 5 Vintage cars

Throughout Yucatán you see old Volkswagen beetles in the streets. Some cars hang together with duck tape, others are in perfect condition and have beautiful colors. Pick a nice beetle for a colorful wall and take your new profile photo!

# 6 The central square

The heart of every Mexican city is the central square with benches, vendors, and trees for shade. The square in Campeche is extra beautiful because of the beautiful church and the gallery with arches along the square.

# 7 The old city walls

The old city of Campeche is framed by the old city walls. Did you know that the northern ramparts used to be by the sea? In the meantime, the coast has moved slightly and you have to walk one street further to reach the Malecon. Museums can be found in parts of the city walls. You can then enter the walls to look at the streets from the ramparts. Don’t expect a panorama of the city, because the walls are too low for that.

Tip: you can visit the museum in Baluerte de San Carlos, close to the northern gate, for free.

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