Where to stay in Mérida

Where to stay in Campeche? This colorful town in Mexico has the most beautiful luxury hotels, instagrammable hotels and authentic design hotels. But it does take some time to go through that overwhelmingly large offer to find the perfect place to stay in Mérida. As one of the most interesting destinations and largest cities in the Yucatán peninsula, there’s a lot of choice. This blog will help you make a choice. What are the best areas to stay in Mérida? And which unique hotels are the best for an unforgettable travel experience?

How to get to Mérida in Mexico?

Mérida is located in the northwest of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. So it is in a very different part of this Mexican peninsula than popular destinations such as Bacalar, Tulum and Cancún.

Which Mexico destinations are near Mérida? The colorful town of Campeche, beach town of Celestun and colonial Valladolid. A (rental) car takes you to Celestun in less than 1,5 hour, to Valladolid in 2 hours and to Campeche in just over 2 hours. If you are looking for a rental car, we recommend that you read our extensive blog about renting a car in Mexico to learn how to find affordable options, how to make sure you don’t pay (too much) extra for insurance and how to drive the Mexican roads safely. Public transport in Mexico is also really well organized with its comfortable, clean ADO buses.

Mérida itself has an international airport. But it doesn’t have direct flights to as many international destinations as the bigger airports do, so you might have a transfer to a national flight in Mexico City or Cancún. , but unfortunately without direct flights from the Netherlands. You would therefore have to change trains in Mexico City or Cancún. We would therefore recommend flying to the Cancun International Airport and starting your trip around Yucatán from there, including a visit to Mérida.

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Why Merida is worth visiting

Mérida is one of the best places to visit in Mexico because of the cheerful streets with Volkswagen beetles, the vibrant street life, the local culture, the hip hotspots and the lively squares. The colonial city center has beautiful sights and impressive museums. Near Mérida, you can visit some of the best cenotes in Mexico, which is one of the best things to do when staying in Mérida. Combine all of these elements during your stay and you’ll for sure fall in love with this city just like we did.

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The best things to do in Mérida including strolling down the colorful city center with its pastel-colored buildings, colonial monuments and vintage cars. Wandering through the charming old town feels like walking through an open-air museum. At some point, you’ll always end up at the Mérida main square, Plaza Grande, which is one of the most lively places in the city. Here you will find the Mérida cathedral and also the (free) museum palace Casa Montejo. Other free museums to visit are Museo Macay and Palacio de Gobierno with modern art.

Mérida also makes a great base for day trips to some of the best attractions of Mexico. The area south of the town is home to some of the most beautiful cenotes in Yucatán. Another great day trips would be a visit to the world-famous Mayan complex Chichén Itza or the Mayan ruins of Uxmal from Mérida.

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Where to stay: the best areas in Merída

The best areas to stay in Mérida? The center of Mérida with its historic sights extends over the Zocalo, Santa Lucia, Santiago, Santa Anna and Paseo de Montejo districts. This part of the city has the highest concentration of restaurants, sights, nightlife and also hotels in Mérida.

Of these neighborhoods, Zocalo is the most popular with travelers due to its central location in the heart of Merida. This is the historic old town of the city. Zocalo is what the central square of Mérida is also called. This Plaza Grande is the lively heart of Mérida, surrounded by historical monuments and filled with food stalls, cafes and socializing locals. Staying overnight in Zocalo will bring you to the heart of all the vibrancy and bustling life of Mérida.

North of Plaza Grande you will find the district of Santa Lucia, named after the central park in the area of the same name. Here you will find many great places to eat, ranging from local Mexican cuisine to hip, Western hotspots. Our favorite food court Mercado 60 is also located in this neighborhood. If you are looking for a hotel close to the nightlife of Mérida, you should definitely be in Santa Lucia.

West of Santa Lucia and Zocalo is the Santiago district, which is the trendiest and more upcoming part of Mérida. Santiago is not packed with sights, but those are just around the corner. If you stay in Santiago, you can have a little taste of the local atmosphere, while having the Mérida highlights within walking distance. The district is full of trendy eateries and has a relaxed, local atmosphere.

A little further north of Santa Lucia and Santiago you will find Santa Ana. This small neighborhood sits right between the historic part of Mérida and the boulevard Paseo de Montejo. As you are a bit further from the historic center, you will find the more budget-friendly places to stay in Mérida here.

The boulevard Paseo de Montejo also has a number of beautiful places to stay in Mérida. This long and wide street is a kind of boulevard after the French example, so with trees providing shade and with the monumental buildings where the wealthy inhabitants lived in the nineteenth century. The avenue runs from the ring road to the old town and is a good opportunity for a lovely stroll in Mérida. As one of the more luxurious parts of the city, expect to pay a bit more for your accommodation here.

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7x stunning and unique hotels in Mérida

#1 Koox Casona Las Tres Marias for a beautiful adults-only hotel with a swimming pool, spacious rooms, a delicious breakfast and a prime location near the sights of Mérida. We loved the king-size bed wonderfully comfortable, the swimming pool and the interior with its high ceilings and colorful art.

#2 Viva Merida Hotel Boutique for a colorful hotel with a swimming pool, bar, lounge and garden. The small-scale character with only a few hotel rooms gives the boutique hotel a cozy atmosphere, which is enhanced by the attractive patio with seating areas where you’ll immediately feel at home.

#3 Casa Lecanda Boutique Hotel with high ceilings and tile floors in a beautiful colonial building. The stunning adults-only boutique hotel has its own swimming pool, tropical gardens and tiled courtyards.

#4 Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel for those who like to boost their instagram feed. This beautiful hotel with bright pink walls is housed in two authentic mansions. With a tequila bar, a bistro, an outdoor pool and a spa specializing in chocolate treatments, you don’t even have to leave the hotel for a wonderful time in Mérida.

#5 Merida Santiago Hotel Boutique with a prime location in the heart of the city center. There is an outdoor swimming pool with sunbeds and a restaurant with a small but delicious menu. While the hotel itself is very colourful, the rooms are basic but comfortable.

#6 Hotel San Juan for a budget-proof hotel in a prime location in Mérida. The spacious and colorful rooms are basic but clean. The cozy courtyard with a lovely outdoor pool has been praised in enthusiastic reviews from hotel guests.

#7 Hotelito Yum Kaax for a budget-friendly hotel in Mérida with a small outdoor pool. The rooms have their own kitchen, so you have the opportunity to self-cater.