Where to stay in Campeche

Where to stay in Campeche? This colorful town in Mexico has the most beautiful haciendas and authentic design hotels. But it does take some time to go through that overwhelmingly large offer to find the perfect place to stay in Campeche. As one of the most popular destinations in the Yucatán peninsula, there’s plenty of choice. This blog will help you make a choice. What are the best areas to stay in Campeche? And which unique hotels are the best for an unforgettable travel experience?

How to get to Campeche in Mexico?

Campeche is located in the northwest of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico in the state with the same name, Campeche. It is therefore located in a very different part of this Mexican peninsula than popular destinations such as Bacalar, Tulum and Cancún.

Campeche is relatively far from other Yucatán attractions. Relatively close by are the large and colorful city of Mérida (2.5 hours), the beach town of Celestun (2.5 hours) and the Calakmul Maya ruins (4 hours). We included Campeche in our Mexico travel itinerary after visiting Mérida and before driving to Palenque (5 hours) and to Calakmul (4 hours). If you are looking for a rental car, we recommend that you read our extensive blog about renting a car in Mexico to learn how to find affordable options, how to make sure you don’t pay (too much) extra for insurance and how to drive the Mexican roads safely. Public transport in Mexico is also really well organized with its comfortable, clean ADO buses.

Mérida has the nearest international airport. But it doesn’t have direct flights to as many international destinations as the bigger airports do, so you might have a transfer to a national flight in Mexico City or Cancún. We would therefore recommend flying to the Cancun International Airport and starting your trip around Yucatán from there, including a visit to Campeche.

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Why Campeche is worth a visit

Campeche is often called the most colorful city in Yucatán and you’ll understand why when visiting the old town of Campeche. Other colorful towns like Valladolid and Mérida have many buildings and streets in cheerful colors, but in the old town of Campeche each and every building is painted in bright and pastel colors. It is almost unreal how the town managed to convince each home and business owner to paint their building in a cheerful color. We understand why this uniquely colorful and historic old town of Campeche was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The colorful old streets of Campeche are the reason why Campeche is such a unique destination and definitely worth visiting on your Mexico trip.

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The best thing to do in Campeche is to wander through the colorful streets. We wondered the old town of Campeche could be this colorful. Would there be a fine, if you don’t paint your house? Would the municipality provide the paint or pay for it to preserve this unique character? It is almost unreal how every building in the old center is painted in a different color. The vintage cars in the streetscape make the Campeche streets the most picturesque in Mexico. Other fun things to do in Campeche are the magical sunset from the promenade, the small botanical garden Xmuch’haltun, the bustling main square and the view from the ramparts.

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Where to stay in Campeche

The old center of Campeche is quite compact and we recommend that you look for a place to stay within or at least near the old city of Campeche. As the old city walls mark the edges of the old town and there is a road just around the colonial city center, you’ll clearly see the old town marked on every map. That is where you’ll have to look for the best place to stay in Campeche.

The best hotels in Campeche:

#1 Hacienda Puerta Campeche, A Luxury Collection Hotel, for a stunning luxury hotel with a prime location in the old town. Housed in an authentic seventeenth-century mansion, this is for sure the most beautiful hotel in Campeche. The indoor/outdoor pool and spa, colorful Mayan decor, lavish breakfast, and sunny terrace make this a top choice.

#2 Range Campeche Malecon with a prime location on the boulevard, right next to the old city walls. The hotel has free parking, a blue swimming pool and a pirate ship-themed café.

#3 Hotel Boutique Casa Don Gustavo in a restored eighteenth-century mansion with a central location in the old town. The interior is perfectly attuned to the historic, authentic character of the mansion for a special hotel experience. There is an outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and private parking.

#4 Hotel Plaza Campeche just outside the historic center right next to the city walls. The central square is only a 3-minute walk from Hotel Plaza This attractive hotel has a lovely outdoor swimming pool with sunbeds, its own Restaurant Bicentenario and free private parking.

#5 Hacienda Uayamon, a Luxury Collection Hotel, located outside Campeche in the small town of Uayamon. Despite this location, this beautiful hotel is worth a mention among the best hotels in Campeche though. Set in a restored countryside mansion surrounded by jungle, this luxury hotel offers a spa, outdoor pool with woven cotton hammocks, lavish breakfast and Mayan-style suites. Hacienda Uayaman is definitely the most unique place to stay near Campeche and a must-visit destination in Mexico in its own right.