Where to stay in Kotor

Finding accommodations in Kotor can be overwhelming due to the wide range of options available. As one of the most popular attractions in Montenegro, Kotor offers a variety of hotels in different styles and price ranges. Whether you prefer luxury hotels, cozy hostels, or charming boutique accommodations, we can assist you in making the right choice. In this blog, we will guide you through the best places to stay in Kotor and recommend some highly recommended hotels.


How to get to Kotor in Montenegro

Kotor is nestled along the Bay of Kotor in the southwest of Montenegro. Although the bay touches the sea, Kotor itself is positioned quite far inland. This bay is essentially a series of three interconnected bays, with Kotor located at the very end of the innermost bay.

Often referred to as the southernmost fjord in Europe, the Bay of Kotor isn’t a true fjord like those carved by ice in Scandinavia. Nonetheless, this designation highlights the breathtaking landscape surrounding Kotor. The city is framed by a mountain range that almost completely encircles the bay, and on the other side, the ancient city walls are a prominent feature. The views from atop these mountain walls are particularly striking.

Kotor is also conveniently close to the Croatian border, making it a popular day-trip destination for visitors from Dubrovnik. Additionally, its location on the sea makes Kotor accessible for cruise ships, which frequently visit and contribute to the bustling atmosphere in the old town when in port.

Is Kotor worth visiting?

Kotor is truly a gem worth visiting, boasting an atmospheric historic city center that has earned its place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Nestled at the foot of a mountain range and alongside the stunning Bay of Kotor, this city is set against one of Montenegro’s most picturesque landscapes.

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The heart of Kotor’s charm lies in its Stari Grad, or historic city center. This old town is a delightful maze of narrow streets, steps, squares, churches, fountains, and grand city palaces. Every corner is a canvas, offering endlessly photogenic scenes that captivate visitors.

A delightful way to experience Kotor is by walking along the city walls that nearly encircle the town. These ancient walls blend seamlessly into the mountainside that cradles the city, enhancing the scenic beauty of the area.

For those seeking adventure, a climb up the mountainside to the San Giovanni fortress is well worth the effort. While the fortress itself is modest, the panoramic views it offers over the old town are unparalleled and provide a breathtaking perspective of Kotor’s layout and the surrounding bay.

Interestingly, Kotor is famous not only for its picturesque old town but also for its cats. Visitors will quickly notice the abundance of cats lounging around. These feline inhabitants are so beloved that Kotor even hosts a Cat Museum dedicated to them.

As you wander through Kotor’s streets, you’ll encounter numerous souvenir shops offering cat-themed merchandise. One notable shop, run by a local named Danijela, stands out for its charitable efforts; it uses profits to provide food and medical care for the city’s stray cats. Visiting this shop not only offers unique souvenirs but also supports a good cause, contributing to the welfare of Kotor’s cherished cats.

Where to stay in Kotor

Where to stay in the Stari Grad

You may prefer staying overnight in Kotor’s old town for convenient access to attractions, restaurants, and terraces. Luckily, Stari Grad offers numerous accommodations, including a significant amount of budget-friendly hostels.

#1 Boutique Hotel Astoria offers a prime location within the walled old town, housed in the historic Buca Palace. The hotel beautifully marries a luxurious interior with the historic charm of its surroundings.

#2 Boutique Hotel Hippocampus is set in a 17th-century building within the old town, making Kotor’s attractions easily accessible. It features a rooftop terrace restaurant offering stunning views over the San Giovanni walls.

#3 Old Town Youth Hostel is a favorite among travelers, celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere and excellent location near the southern gate alongside lively bars. It offers both dormitory and private room options.

#4 Center Hostel enjoys a central spot in the heart of the old town. It blends historic charm with modern amenities in both its private and shared accommodations, including a communal area.

#5 Hotel Monte Cristo is situated in a picturesque square within Stari Grad, in a building that once served as the residence of Kotor’s bishop. This 13th-century building now offers luxuriously themed rooms and convenient parking for guests.

Where to stay at the Bay of Kotor

We also suggest exploring one of the top hotels situated along the Bay of Kotor. These hotels offer an exceptional view of the water, and you can easily access the old town within minutes from your accommodation.

#6 Hotel Forza Terra is located just north of Kotor’s main city area, offering a serene setting on the bay. The hotel features indoor and outdoor pools, a sun terrace, spa, and a restaurant-bar with bay views.

#7 Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare provides a charming stay outside Kotor but still on the Bay of Kotor. The hotel is modernly decorated with amenities including a seasonal outdoor pool, bar, and garden, perfect for a relaxing retreat.