The best places to eat, drink and sleep in Hpa-An

Hpa-An is not one of the famous highlights of Myanmar and is therefore skipped by most travellers. Such a shame! At this off the beaten track destination you can enjoy the countryside, climb to the top of the Mt. Swallowabin and visit the many Buddhist caves in the area. Especially the impressive Mahar Sadan cave is worth a visit! But where to go for some food and drinks? And where can you find the best hotels? We’ll help you out.

Food & drinks

  • Thai Village Restaurant
    Across the bridge on the B5

Just across the bridge west of Hpa-An you will find Thai Village Restaurant. In the middle of a lush green garden it has tables with little straw roofs above to protect you from the sun. Here you can eat the most delicious Thai dishes for a small price!

  • Famous, coffee & bakery
    On the B5 main road, next to the clock tower
  • New Day Bakery
    On the B5 main road, next to the clock tower as well
  • San Ma To Restaurant
    On the B5 main road, close to the Thayet Taw Monastery
  • Golden Tamarind
    On the B5 main road, close Famous
  • Veranda, Youth Community Cafe
    Zwe Ka Bin Street 4
  • Hotel Gabbana Cafe & Bakery
    School street, close to the fire station

The best hotels and guesthouses

  • Soe Brothers Guesthouse
    Thit Sar Street | Booking
  • Little Hpa-An Boutique Hotel
    On the B5 main road | Booking
  • Keinnara Hpa-An (before: Hpa An Lodge)
    At the foot of the Mt. Zwekabin| Booking

Unfortunately this accommodation was slightly above my budget when I travelled through Myanmar. But I would have loved to stay here! This hotel is without any doubt the most beautiful in Hpa-An, or actually just outside the small town. That is no shame, as you are not visiting Hpa-An for the town itself anyways. You come here for its beautiful surroundings. This luxury hotel with just a few cottages at the foot of the Mt. Zwekabin is in the middle of these peacefull surroundings and will be a point of tranquility during your trip to Myanmar.

  • Hotel Gabana
    B.E.H.S Street | Booking
  • Glory Hotel
    Corner of Padauk Road and Yone Kone Road | Booking
  • Hotel Than Lwin Paradise
    Shwe King Street 8 | Trivago