25x best breakfast in Rotterdam

The best part of a city trip is perhaps going out for some breakfast. From toast with avocado and a poached egg to a stack of fluffy pancakes with fresh fruit. We love it all. Even after so many years we love to explore around our hometown Rotterdam and then we find the best spots for breakfast in Rotterdam.

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Best brunch and breakfast spots in Rotterdam

# 1 By Jarmusch

Goudsesingel 64, Center / East

This American style breakfast diner serves divine pancakes. Those fluffy pancakes with some butter and your choice of toppings. Of course there are also other breakfast options, but trust us and go for the pancakes. Your coffee mug will be refilled by waitresses in classic diner outfits. Just to make your perfect Americal all day breakfast perfect.

# 2 Harvest Coffee Brewers

Glashaven 107, Center

My favourite breakfast in Rotterdam is that of Harvest Coffee Brewers. My choice is always the toast with chili, a poached egg and feta. I could eat this every day. Sebastiaan is a big fan of the speciality coffee at Harvest. Harvest buys beans from its favourite roasters worldwide. So if you order a cup of coffee here, you always get to choose between different top quality beans.

Reading tip: we also wrote about our coffee favourites in Rotterdam.

# 3 Op het Dak

Schiekade 189, Center

Op het Dak serves breakfast at one of the coolest locations in town. The name translates to ‘on the roof’ and that says it all, as you can find this hotspot on the roof of the Schieblok. From the roof you have a view of the famous Hofplein and the yellow Luchtsingel towards the train station. In the summer you can sit outside in the rooftop vegetable garden.

# 4 Lilith

Nieuwe Binnenweg 125 H, Center / West

I already praised the pancakes from By Jarmusch, but Lilith is also known for her amazing stack of American pancakes. You don’t have to get out of bed early for breakfast at Lilith, because they offer all day breakfast here. The location with terrace and cool interior is also a big plus. Beware that Lilith is very popular, so you might have to wait for a while for a table.

# 5 Sajoer

| |
Statenweg 141D in Blijdorp and Botersloot 46A in Centrum

Sajoer serves great smoothie bowls and juices in both the city center and Blijdorp. So this is the place for your daily dose of vitamins and your healthy breakfast. It was once the first juice bar in Rotterdam and has now a loyal fan base. The interior is as instagrammable as the food, so make sure to bring your camera.

# 6 Picnic

Mariniersweg 259, Center

Picnic is a bit hidden on the Mariniersweg, but is one of the most popular places for breakfast in Rotterdam among locals. Lunch is also top choice here. But as you can order açaibowls, breakfast plates and French toast all day, we stick to all day breakfast. In the summer you can sit outside, but there are only a few (picnic) tables.

# 7 Sappi

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Zwaanshals 299 in Noord and Binnenwegplein 2 in Centrum

Another spot for your daily dose of vitamins. This tiny business is located in the heart of the city center, so start your shopping day here with a smoothie bowl and juice. Salads and sandwiches can also be ordered. And did you know that you can also buy a complete juice treatment for several days here?

# 8 Jordy’s Bakery

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Nieuwe Binnenweg 97a in Centrum / West, the Fenix Food Factory at Zuid and Vlietlaan 52 in Kralingen

Jordy’s Bakery can be found in several places in Rotterdam, but the location on the Nieuwe Binnenweg was the very first. You can not only pick up fresh bread here, but also sit down to start your day with a breakfast. Other locations can be found in the Kralingen district or on the South in the trendy Fenix Food Factory.

Note: The Fenix Food Factory is temporarily closed at the time of writing and will soon re-open around the corner.

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# 9 Bazar

Witte de Withstraat 16, Center

No hipster interior here, but mirrors and frills as in the fairy tales of 1001 nights. Do not expect pancakes or avocado toast here, but a more Eastern breakfast menu. We love the extensive breakfast plate with pancakes, sandwiches, fresh gravy, feta, yogurt with fruit and much more.

# 10 Baker & Moore

Westblaak 147

Baker & Moore on the Westblaak is especially popular as a lunch spot, but we love to go here for breakfast as well. The doors open at 7:30 on weekdays. Via the #createityourself menu you can choose your favourite sandwich and you also have the option for spelt or gluten-free bread and all kinds of vegan options.

# 11 Nine Bar

Botersloot 44a, Center

Nine Bar makes your day with the perfect coffee. The coffee is made with the perfect pressure of – gosh! – nine bars and with beans from the famous Rotterdam Giraffe brand. It is even written on the wall: “Where the best beans meet the perfect pressure”. For the non-coffee drinkers, the coffee bar serves all kinds of other drinks ánd food. For breakfast you’re in the right place here as well. The unique sandwiches are my favourite.

# 12 Vroesenpaviljoen

Vroesenlaan 60, Blijdorp

This is probably the greenest spot for breakfast in Rotterdam on this list. The Vroesenpaviljoen is located in the heart of the Vroesenpark in Blijdorp. The extensive terrace is the perfect place in summer time, but you can also enjoy this breakfast spot indoors the rest of the year. During the week the doors only open from 11am, but on weekends you are welcome for some breakfast at 10am. The breakfast menu includes treats such as shakshouka, avocado toast and pancakes.

# 13 Lot & Daan

Gelderseplein 24, Old Harbor in Center

Lot and Daan have been serving their breakfast, lunch and dinner in their healthy hotspot since 2017 at the Oude Haven. A long table, pink walls, a cactus on each table, an indoor tree, a cosy corner with leather sofa and two swings for small and adult children. The interior of Lot & Daan is super instragrammable. The food is mostly vegan and always healthy. Our favourites are the quinoa bowl with blueberries, banana pancakes and shakshouka.

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Kate | Breakfast in Rotterdam | Breakfast in Rotterdam | The Orange Backpack

# 14 Zus en Kees

Bergselaan 239A, Blijdorp / Noord

This new hotspot is a great workplace, lunch spot and breakfast spot. They serve Giraffe coffee, but also nice breakfasts. And you can do some shopping during your breakfast as well, because Zus en Kees is also a shop for pretty interior items.


| |
Lloydstraat 1, West

Rotterdam is known for its modern architecture, but in the west of the city you can visit the historic Delftshaven. That’s also home to this lovely hotel in an old power plant (you get the name which translates into ‘power’?). In addition to the hotel, STROOM is also a brasserie with a vintage feel, bakery, fresh food shop and espresso bar. The brasserie opens every day at 7am, so it’s not just for hotel guests. The menu includes all kinds of eggs, Dutch toast, American Pancakes and croissants from the bakery.

# 16 Bertmans

Karel Doormanstraat 296, Schouwburgplein in Centrum

As the restaurant in Rotterdam-North was to popular for its small location, there’s a new Bertmans in a large building on the Schouwburgplein in the city center. You can go here all day for breakfast, from 8:00 am (and from 9:00 am on Sundays). And that includes breakfasts for every dietary requirement. From vegan and vegan to gluten-free and lactose-free. The extensive menu with numerous sweet and savory breakfasts has options for everyone.

# 17 Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ

Stadhoudersweg 96D, Blijdorp

The name of this breakfast spot says it all: owners Ilse and Phuong serve all day breakfast here. The two are known from their popular Instagram account @breakfastinrotterdam to promote breakfast in Rotterdam. They serve the tastiest and most instagrammable breakfast dishes themselves now. You can find their small restaurant between the retro interiors and cactus jungle of the vintage store Spullen voor in je huis (translated: Stuff for at home) in the Blijdorp area. Everything is for sale, including the chair on which you sit and the table from which you eat.

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Kate | Breakfast in Rotterdam | Breakfast in Rotterdam | The Orange Backpack

# 18 Arzu

Bergweg 209A, North

This breakfast legend in North cannot be missing from our list. Arzu sells delicious, handmade bars in all kinds of flavours, but is most famous for its pancakes. The pancake stacks served here are just huge. It’s a good thing that breakfast can be ordered here all day long, because only that way this popular breakfast restaurant can meet the enormous demand. There are 17 types of pancakes to choose from, so you probably want to come back here more often to give all options a try.

# 19 UEB West

Nieuwe Binnenweg 263, West

Besides good coffee and delicious cakes, you can also order breakfast at the Urban Espresso Bar in Rotterdam-West. The bread is delivered by Jordy’s Bakery which I mentioned earlier, so quality is guaranteed. UEB is also a popular place with locals in West to sit down with a laptop for some work. So this is also a great spot for digital nomads.

# 20 Bas Bakt

Hartmansstraat 22A, Center

In a side street of the Witte de With, Bas Bakt sells fresh sourdough breads and croissants. You can bring your bread home with you or enjoy it at the bakery. You can order a small or large breakfast, both including a croissant and fresh orange juice. The sandwiches for lunch and the sweets are also delicious.

Joy Espresso | Coffee | Breakfast in Rotterdam | Breakfast in Rotterdam | The Orange Backpack
Joy Espresso | Coffee | Breakfast in Rotterdam | Breakfast in Rotterdam | The Orange Backpack

# 21 Mecca

Noordsingel 39, North

The still fairly new Mecca not only serves the best coffee, but also top-quality tea. The perfect place to start your day. The menu is Middle Eastern, so be prepared for fruit cocktails and yogurt with Oriental toppings. The bowls and sandwiches are just beautiful! So this is the right place for some instagrammable breakfast in Rotterdam.

# 22 Kate

Sumatraweg 13b, Deliplein on South

Deliplein mainly has restaurants for the dinner, but Kate is the place for breakfast in the morning. Kate serves top quality coffee, sells food in a colourful food market and offers breakfast and lunch. We love the creative twist of the dishes. For example, a shakshouka at Kate’s is not that classic dish with egg and tomatoes, but one with smoked yoghurt and bacon, spinach and pickled mustard shops. Other dishes are unique as well. A traditional cheese sandwich is for example served here with paprika jam.

# 23 COPPI Coffee & Bicycles

Bergweg 316, North

Bicycles and coffee are now a popular combination. But even before this was that popular, Rotterdam already had Coppi. This unique shop is located in the Hofbogen, on which the railway to The Hague used to run. At Coppi you drink coffee or have your bicycle repaired. But it is also a favourite for breakfast in Rotterdam! The breakfast menu includes waffles, soy yogurt, croissants and avocado toast.

# 24 The Tea Lab

Nieuwe Binnenweg 178A, West

The tea collection at The Tea Lab is immense, but you are also at the right place for coffee, cake, lunch, juices and breakfast. From sandwiches to yoghurt and toast to sweets. The sandwiches are truly divine and I always find it hard to resist some cake for dessert. There are also nice workspaces, so you can sit here all day.

# 25 Joy Espresso & More

Groenendaal 493, Center

Not far from the famous Cube Houses, Joy offers top quality coffee. Coffee lovers can choose from several types of beans. But there is also an extensive selection for tea fans. The breakfasts are classics like yogurt, croissants or cheese sandwich.

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