Breakfast Maastricht: 10x best Maastricht brunch and breakfast spots

We love going out for breakfast on city trips. On a city break, we skip our bearing oatmeal or Dutch sandwich breakfasts for a moment, and order a breakfast party with pancakes, poached eggs, avocado toast or other treats. Maastricht has some great places for breakfast or brunch. These are the best spots for brunch and breakfast in Maastricht!

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10 best spots for brunch and breakfast in Maastricht

#1 Brandweerkantine

location | website | Capucijnenstraat 21 | all day hotspot

The Brandweerkantine is one of the hippest hotspots in Maastricht. The name – translated: firehouse canteen – already indicates the restaurant is located in an old fire station. It doesn’t look like the old fire station at all, as the interior is very instagrammable and trendy. There are workstations to sit down with a laptop, but this is most of all the perfect place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

#2 Cafe Zondag

location | website | Wyckerbrugstraat 42 | breakfast, lunch, tapas and drinks

Café Zondag is a household name in Maastricht. It is always packed with locals from early morning until late at night. You can start your day here in the morning with breakfast and coffee, but this is also the right place for lunch, tapas and drinks. If you come to Maastricht by train, this spot is hard to miss: it is located in the cozy central street in Wijck from Central Station to the Maas and the city center.

#3 SAP Urban Fresh Food & Drinks Bar

location | website | Stationsstraat 8 | juice bar at central station

Whether you are looking for a juice to go while you are in a hurry to catch your train, or just sit down for a full breakfast: you have to go to SAP for breakfast at the Maastricht Central Station. Great bagels and pancakes are served for breakfast, but you can also order an extensive breakfast plate or healthy smoothie bowl.

#4 The Broth Bar

location | website | Hoogbrugstraat 43a | organic slow food

If you’re looking for organic slow food that is also paleo and gluten-free, The Broth Bar is your place to go in the Wyck area. This breakfast spot only serves breakfasts with the best ingredients.

#5 Puur Van Wyck

location | website | Wycker Brugstraat 28 | all-day breakfast

From breakfast platter to extensive pancake party and from breakfast wrap to healthy green bowl, it is difficult to choose between all the dishes at Puur Van Wyck. The goal of this hotspot is to bring the international breakfast culture the Netherlands lacks to Maastricht. And with success. Enjoy your meal!

#6 ‘t Wycker Cabinet

location | website | Wycker Brugstraat 29b |

You can enjoy breakfast at ‘t Wycker Cabinet every day of the week. You can stick to a croissant, but you can also make it a breakfast party with homemade yoghurt, French toast or banana bread with fresh fruit. You are also in the right place here for lunch, drinks or dinner.

#7 Preps

locatiion | website | Mariastraat 6 | coffee, cake and vegan pancakes

This place was once called Kaféthea, a name you might come across online for vegan breakfast. The vegan concept has remained pretty much the same. Preps serves vegan pancakes, French toast, smoothie bowls and cakes in a clean and pretty interior.

#8 Koffie bij Joost & Maartje

location | website | Maastrichter Heidenstraat 8 | coffee with cake and breakfast

Joost made the furniture, Maartje bakes the cakes and together they make the best coffee in Maastricht. There are workplaces where you can sit down with a laptop, but for a great breakfast spot in the sun you should head for the terrace at the back.

#9 Vers

location | website | Grote Gracht 31 | juices and breakfast

The name of this breakfast hotspot – translated ‘fresh’ – says it all: at Vers you eat fair, seasonal and fresh meals. Breakfast is the main focus on the menu – which also includes tasty juices and soups – so you know this makes a great place in the mornings. You can opt for a large breakfast with croissants and sandwiches, but also for healthy bowls and oatmeal.

# 10 Bishop’s Mill

location | website | Stenenbrug 3 | spelt bakery

Spelt bread may be popular nowadays, but this old grain was already widely eaten in this area of the Netherlands ages ago. In Maastricht to be precise! The Bisschopsmolen is the oldest spelt mill in the country. The grain is used to make the most delicious sandwiches and pastries that you can eat in the bar next door for lunch or breakfast. Are all seats taken? Then buy your cake and spelt bread in the bakery and have a picnic on the Maas.