24x best coffee in Amsterdam

The best coffee in Amsterdam? As Amsterdam is my old home town and coffee one of my hobbies, I can help you our for sure. Amsterdam always has a special spot in my heart, even though I don’t live there anymore. I love every part of the city. And even though the center can be terribly touristy, every district outside the center has its own atmosphere and amazing specialty coffee. During the time that I lived in Amsterdam, I had my favorite specialty coffee spots and roasters in our capital in every area. These are my favorite stops for the best coffee in Amsterdam!

24x best coffee in Amsterdam

# 1 Back to Black

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Weteringstraat 48 & Van Hallstraat 268

Back to Black is by far my favorite specialty coffee house in Amsterdam. Not only their espresso is delicious, but the place itself will also bring you to ease. Although the ladies only roasted their first beans in 2015, the Back to Black coffee has been known for its great flavors since the start. Take a seat at the large reading table, or a nice spot at the window, and enjoy the moment. You may even get a visit from Binkie the cat.

# 2 Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

Kinkerstraat 112

This is without doubt one of the best coffee bars in West-Amsterdam. In a corner building with a cool interior you can go for a coffee to go, or of course to stay.

# 3 White Label Coffee

136 Jan Evertsenstraat

White Label is the hippest coffee spot in the Baarsjes. The interior is beautifully minimalist and their espresso is great. The beans are roasted here by themselves. Tip: buy a bag of beans to take home like I did when I lived in Amsterdam.

# 4 4850

Camperstraat 48-50

Coffee and wine may not sound like the most obvious combination until you get to know 4850. This spot in East has Swedish owners, so count on a minimalist Scandinavian interior. We like it a lot!

# 5 Monks Coffee Roasters

Bilderdijkstraat 46

Monks Coffee Roasters stands for straightforward tasty specialty coffee. Here you will find nothing more than good beans, great espresso and lovely places to sit. And that is exactly what we are looking for. A perfect place for the early bird, because they open at 07:00.

# 6 Caffènation Amsterdam

Warmondstraat 120

This looks like a small, cozy coffee bar from the outside, but you will be surprised at how big Caffènation is. Specialty coffee is also served here on a second floor. The beans are freshly roasted, so the coffee is more then fine here. This is the second Caffènation; the first is in Antwerp.

# 7 Rum Baba Café

Pretoriusstraat 33

If you dare to choose a blue floor for your vintage interior, you immediately score points with us. Add to that the coffee table books, delicious sweets and great espresso and you understand why Rum Baba is so popular in East-Amsterdam.

# 8 The Coffee Virus

Overhoeksplein 2

This coffee bar / lunchroom in Noord is a lovely place to sit for a while. It probably won’t surprise you that this is also a popular workplace. The beans are from Bocca (tip 13), so the coffee is very good here anyway.

# 9 Scandinavium Embassy

Sarphatipark 34

Scandinavium Embassy guarantees perfect espresso, which is evident from several awards they have already won. This minimalist, small place is located in the heart of the Pijp at the Sarphatipark. Enjoy dishes from the Scandinavian kitchen for lunch, or take your coffee into the park on a hot day!

# 10 Toki

Within Dommersstraat 15

Toki pours her specialty coffee in a simple and basic shop in the Haarlemmerbuurt. There are several types of coffee on the menu, so you immediately know that you’re at the right place.

# 11 Naked espresso

Warmoesstraat 46

Where once was the most famous police station in the Netherlands, coffee is now served. Breakfast and lunch are also served at a reasonable price for Amsterdam standards.

# 12 Coffee Bru

Beukenplein 14

The most relaxing place in Amsterdam East is definitely Coffee Bru on the Beukenplein. Coffee from Bocca’s is served here. The staff is very friendly, the atmosphere messy, the sandwiches tasty. Definitely worth a visit.

# 13 Bocca Coffee

Kerkstraat 96H

Bocca once started as a roasting company in Noord, but has now become a national coffee brand. Of course, this also includes its own coffee shop, which has been part of the Amsterdam street scene since 2013.

# 14 Friedhats FUKU Cafe

Bos en Lommerweg 136HS

Fuku means ‘happiness’. This is what you are going to get when you order a coffee here. For the owner Lex Wenneker, Fuku has personal significance after closing Headfirst Roasters due to licensing issues. Fortunately, there is now a new coffee tent; Friedhats FUKU Cafe in Bos en Lommer. Friedhats can be recognized by their signature artwork. This is also reflected in the bar. The coffee bar is generally minimalist in design, but the yellow bar stands out. Everyone agrees about the award-winning coffee, it belongs to the top. I also often buy my beans here to put in my grinder at home.

# 15 Public Space

Bercylaan 301

Public Space has been making Amsterdam-Noord happy with its top-quality coffee since 2018. The interior is not one of a kind: everything is shades of gray without getting boring. This coffee shop also has a decent menu, so feel free to come here.

# 16 Coffee Sometime

First Constantijn Huygensstraat 63

Update: unfortunately this cool coffee spot is now closed.

# 17 Barn manoomkensgrassotti

Overtoom 558

Kudos if you manage to pronounce the name of this coffee bar flawlessly. The name is a combination of the surnames of the founders. Two of them founded White Label, so you can guess what coffee is served here. You can also have a drink and there is wine and food on the small menu.

# 18 Espresso factory

Pazzanistraat 39, Westergasfabriek

The Westergasfabriek offers the perfect cup of coffee at the Espresso Factory. The beans are flown in from all over the world and roasted fresh here. With good WiFi, a long table and nice seats, this is also a handy workplace. Tip: IJburg also has a branch of the Espresso Factory.

# 19 Frederix Roastery X Coffee Bar

Frederiksplein 29

No fuss found at this specialty coffee spot. Frederix is located in a small shop with a basic interior, good WiFi and beans for the home. There is also a small menu for breakfast, lunch and some sweets.

# 20 Screaming Beans

Runstraat 6

This small-scale coffee roaster serves its own top-quality coffee. There is breakfast and you can order a sandwich for lunch. The ideal break during your shopping spree in De 9 Straatjes.

# 21 Coffee Academy

Overtoom 95

While drinking your coffee, don’t forget to take a good look around you. Everything is for sale here, so indeed those cool works of art on the wall. Tip: there is now also a branch in Sloterdijk, which I still need to visit myself.

# 22 Pure coffee

Utrechtsestraat 39

Drinking coffee at Pure Coffee is a bit like sitting down with your grandparents. The interior still seems completely authentic, but in a hip way. The homemade cake is highly recommended.

# 23 Coffee & Coconuts

Belt track 282-284

Coffee & Coconuts are all about relaxation. Beach vibes, and “celebrating the abundance of life”. This bar is located in the old Belt Theater, a beautiful building on the belt track. Is the center of Amsterdam too busy? Looking for peace? Then go to this oasis.

# 24 Black Gold Amsterdam

Korte Koningsstraat 13H

Once founded through crowdfunding, Amsterdam was again a special coffee bar richer. Black Gold is not just about coffee. Music also predominates here. Vinyl is therefore the main decoration of this shop!

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