12 hotels with an outdoor pool in The Netherlands

Looking for a hotel with an outdoor pool in the Netherlands? Abroad, and certainly in warm countries, a lovely outdoor pool is the rule rather than the exception. Although this is less obvious in a colder country like The Netherlands, but we also have beautiful accommodations with an outdoor pool in our home country. With beautiful swimming pools with sun terraces, locations on the beach or hotel rooms in Ibiza style, guests will feel like staying in an exotic destination. A hotel with an outdoor pool is the perfect choice for a holiday in the Netherlands. We made a bucket list with 12 unforgettable places to stay in The Netherlands with outdoor swimming pools.

The Glory of Noordwelle

12 B&Bs and hotels with an outdoor pool in the Netherlands

Hotels with an outdoor pool in Zeeland

#1 B&B Vacay Dune Lodges

Located just a few minutes’ walk from the beach, B&B Vacay Dune Lodges is one of the best bed and breakfasts to stay in Zeeland. This bed and breakfast is located in the picturesque Ouddorp. It is run by the owners Myrthe and Eric who live in a beautiful house and have built three even more beautiful lodges in their garden: the Cascara, Madera and Ortiga Lodges. Both the lodges and the rest of the B&B are decorated in a bohemian Ibiza style, so you don’t feel like you’re in the Netherlands at all. The beautiful outdoor pool with sun terrace, the spacious garden with a fire pit, the hot tub and the location by the sea make this a perfect holiday destination.

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Hotel with outdoor pool: Vacay Dune Lodges Ouddorp

#2 Badhotel Renesse

This charming hotel is located a 12-minute walk from the beach and close to the center of Renesse. The hotel and restaurant were completely renovated a few years ago and offer peaceful accommodation behind the Zeeland dunes and the wide beaches of Renesse. The rooms are luxuriously and modernly furnished and some have a private balcony or roof terrace. However, the real highlight of the Badhotel Renesse is the lovely outdoor pool and sauna.

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Badhotel Renesse with swimming pool

#3 De Heerlijkheid van Noordwelle

Looking for a piece of Ibiza in the Netherlands? De Heerlijkheid van Noordwelle is located in an authentic villa in the village of Noordwelle. The decor is bright and stylish, both in the rooms and in the communal lounge and breakfast room. The seasonal outdoor pool with sunbeds and palm trees and the spacious garden make this a perfect summer accommodation in the Netherlands!

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Hotels with an outdoor pool in or near Amsterdam

#4 W Amsterdam

You might not associate Amsterdam with a hotel with an outdoor pool. Neither did we, until we learned about the hotel W Amsterdam. This trendy hotel in the heart of the old town also offers its guests its own outdoor pool in Amsterdam. On the roof! The roof terrace of W Amsterdam offers a phenomenal view over Amsterdam and has a great heated outdoor pool.

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W Amsterdam with outdoor pool

#5 Boutique Hotel Puur Zee

The boutique hotel Puur Zee is located in a beautiful villa in North Holland. The hotel is a 4-minute walk from the beach. With only 13 rooms, the small-scale hotel has an intimate atmosphere. The monumental villa in Wijk aan Zee dates from 1885 and has a seasonal outdoor pool with sun beds. There is also an on-site bar and gourmet seafood restaurant.

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Hotels with an outdoor pool in or near Rotterdam

#6 SS Rotterdam

The SS Rotterdam is one of the best places to stay in Rotterdam. The old steamship of the Holland-America Line is the best fit for a port city like Rotterdam. In the past the ship had steamship cabins, but they were transformed into cool hotel rooms in a fifties style. On the ship’s deck, guests can enjoy a great swimming pool with lounge chairs. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sun after a day exploring Rotterdam.

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ss Rotterdam Hotel Rotterdam

#7 Badhotel Rockanje

In the far south of the province of South Holland, near the border of Zeeland, you will find Badhotel Rockanje. This unique hotel has its own unique atmosphere with apartments instead of hotel rooms and pine trees instead of palm trees. So forget the typical Ibiza atmosphere that you expect from a ‘badhotel’. Badhotel Rockanje is more like a North American forest lodge, but with a lovely sea breeze and a great outdoor pool with a terrace and sauna.

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Badhotel Rockanje

Hotels with an outdoor pool on the Veluwe

#8 De Cantharel

The Van der Valk Hotel De Cantharel is a beautiful hotel with an outdoor swimming pool in the Veluwe. The green surroundings and the proximity to the city center of Apeldoorn give the hotel a beautiful location. The luxurious rooms are stylishly and comfortably furnished with box springs, spacious bathrooms and attractive details. The wellness center with sauna and Turkish bath and of course the outdoor pool make De Cantharel a great place to stay at the Veluwe.

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#9 Veluwe Hotel de Beyaerd

This lovely hotel with an outdoor pool is located in a beautiful location on the Veluwe. In addition to the outdoor pool, there is a sauna, a sunbathing area and a fitness room. The spacious rooms at De Beyaerd are accessed through the hotel garden, where covered paths lead from the main building to the rooms. An extensive breakfast is served and you can enjoy a drink in the on-site bar or the bright greenhouse.

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Hotel with outdoor pool in Limburg

#10 Wellness hotel Thermae 2000

In South Limburg you can relax in a luxurious wellness hotel on top of the Cauberg. Thermae 2000 is wonderful for a sauna and spa day, but you can turn this one day into a relaxing getaway by booking a room in the wellness hotel. The spa has an unusual design with multiple glass pyramid-shaped buildings and a deep blue outdoor pool. And the most beautiful hotel rooms? They are housed at the top of the largest glass pyramid! From there you have a great view over the green surroundings, as the hotel is located in the heart of Limburg’s nature.

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Wellness hotel Limburg Thermae 2000

Hotel with outdoor pool in Brabant

#11 Auberge De Hilver

This luxury hotel in the Brabant village of Diessen, between Eindhoven and Tilburg, has stylish rooms with large bathrooms with a bath and shower. The deluxe rooms are even more luxurious with a fireplace, a furnished terrace and Hästens beds. Auberge De Hilver has its own on-site restaurant and a great outdoor pool.

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Auberge De Hilver

Hotel with outdoor pool in Twente

#12 Parkhotel De Wiemsel

The luxury hotel De Wiemsel is located in a vast park landscape near the Dutch-German border in Twente. Just outside the hotel is Oostmarsum, a charming artist town known for galleries and alleys with boutiques and restaurants. With 56 suites and rooms, the hotel is large enough for a wide range of facilities. There is an on-site spa with a sauna and steam bath, an indoor pool, a gourmet restaurant and an art gallery. For hot summer days, De Wiemsel also has a large outdoor pool with sunbeds.

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Parkhotel De Wiemsel with swimming pool

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