Best Airbnb Netherlands: 15 unique places to stay

The most unique places to stay in the Netherlands? We usually find them on Airbnb. If you’re looking for something different than the standard hotel room or average holiday home at the Dutch holiday parks, you need to be on Airbnb. It has treehouses, teepees, windmills, forest cabins, design houses and many more unique places to stay. We found the 15 most unique Airbnb’s in the Netherlands. Some of which we already stayed at, others are still on our bucketlist. Continue reading for a good dose of Dutch holiday inspiration for your next trip to our home country.

15 unique Airbnb’s in the Netherlands

#1 Bucket list treehouse in the Achterhoek

Halle, Gelderland | current prices and availability | 2 guests | Airbnb | There are many treehouses in the Netherlands to book for your trip, but the Goldsworthy in the Achterhoek is probably the most beautiful. This treehouse in the small town of Halle is exactly as you imagine a treehouse! Far in the east of the country, Andy and Miriam have single-handedly built a unique tiny house. A mighty oak in their horse pasture has a beautiful treehouse at its top. The hut hangs in the oak, without a fixed connection to the ground. Only when you lower the door with a rope, a staircase unfolds to enter the treehouse. The trunk of the oak is at the heart of the tiny house and the branches run through the house. The treehouse is fully equipped with hot water and electricity, a toilet, a spacious shower, a fully equipped kitchen and a large comfortable bed on the sleeping loft.

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Tip: the Netherlands has much more unique treehouse stays, like this treehouse with a slide at the Veluwe, this luxury treehouse for five guests in Overijssel or this back-to-basic treehouse in Twente.

#2 Unique Airbnb in a Frisian church

Peperga, Friesland | Current prices and availability | 2-4 guests | Airbnb | The Pieter Styuvesant Church in Peperga is no longer used for church services, but as a unique Airbnb. This cozy church is decorated with modern furniture and a large four-poster bed without removing the old church elements. Four of you can spend the night here, as there is also a sofa bed and single bed.

Tip: if this church is already fully booked, how about this White Church in Groningen, this beautiful B&B Sint-Anna in an old church in Zeeland, or this charming renovated church in Friesland?

Holy Nights special airbnb sleeping in a church
Holy Nights special airbnb sleeping in a church

#3 Finnish Iglo-Cabin with sauna

Oldeberkoop, Friesland Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Airbnb | This unique Airbnb is hard to describe. It’s unique design with wooden walls is extremely striking. The unique cabin in Friesland comes with its private sauna as well, also housed in such a remarkable cottage. The small cabin has its own garden and terrace, is fully equiped and is located in the Frisian nature.

Finse IGLU HUT | Bijzondere Airbnb Nederland

#4 Romantic teepee with wood burner

Ven-Zelderheide, Limburg | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Airbnb | Limburg in the south of the Netherlands is the spot for a romantic weekend for two. This cozy Sunfield Tipi has all the comfort you could wish for at a holiday home. Such as private sanitary facilities and a beautiful interior with a chesterfield sofa, large box spring and wood stove. In the evening, the teepee turns into a fairytale, when it gets dark and fairy lights illuminate the glamping tent.

Special Airbnb romantic tipi in Limburg

#5 Gypsy car De Bosuil in the woods

Haaren, Brabant | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Airbnb | In a big woodland garden is this unique small Airbnb home. This tiny house in an authentic gypsy wagon is 25 m², but fully equipped. There is a bathroom with a rain shower, kitchenette, bedroom for two, TV and terrace. The gypsy wagon itself is already beautiful to see, especially among all the green trees. But the romantic and yet modernly furnished interior makes this Airbnb especially picture-perfect.

special airbnb gypsy wagon De Bosuil
special airbnb gypsy wagon De Bosuil

#6 Sustainable Wikkelboat in the port of Rotterdam

Rotterdam, South Holland | Current prices and availability | 4 guests | Airbnb | In a port city like Rotterdam, the best way to enjoy its unique character is by booking a stay on the water. So how about one or more nights in a tiny house on the water? Between the Markthal, the Cube Houses and the Willemsbrug are two versions of the Wikkelboat in the Wijnhaven, one of which with a hot tub. The boathouse has a small kitchen, a narrow bathroom and a desk. Not a superfluous luxury, but exactly what is needed. The back part with river view is where you will find the sofa and the fold-out murphy bed. You’ll fall asleep with a view of a second terrace with barbecue and the water.

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Wrap boat with hot tub via Airbnb

#7 Historic wharf cellar on the Utrecht canals

Utrecht | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Airbnb | This Airbnb hotel is located in a medieval wharf cellar on the inner canals of Utrecht. Centuries ago, goods were stored here before or after transport on the canals. But that medieval atmosphere is gone and replaced by a boutique hotel room with a large, comfortable bed and design bathroom with a rain shower and bath. With its own terrace on the water and all the luxury of a boutique hotel, the Cozy Pillow wharf cellar is one of the more unique Airbnb’s in the Netherlands.

#8 Suite in a castle tower

Sint-Oedenrode, Brabant | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Airbnb | Henkenshage Castle in Sint-Oedenrode, near Den Bosch, has existed since the fourteenth century and is now a popular wedding location. You can book a special stay in this medieval castle with Airbnb: a luxury suite in the ridge of the castle with a circular bathroom with a bathtub in the castle tower.

Tip: the Netherlands has many more castle hotels to offer like Castle Vorden in GelderlandCastle Terworm in HeerlenCastle Kerckebosch in Utrecht or the stunning Castle Vaeshartelt at Maastricht where we stayed.

#9 Special Airbnb in an authentic windmill

Abcoude, Utrecht | Current prices and availability | 6 guests | Airbnb | Staying in an authentic windmill from 1874? Book the Mondriaan Mill in Abcoude with Airbnb! The famous Dutch painter Mondriaan has made many paintings of this beautiful mill on the river Gein, which is why the mill is now called the Mondriaan Mill. The mill has three floors with three bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and bathroom. The old beamed ceilings and beautiful views make this a unique place!

#10 Design ecolodge in the Veluwe

Ermelo, Gelderland | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Airbnb | This special Airbnb is a unique and sustainable design house in the middle of the forest with a view of the heath. The special design consists of three parts with a sort of zigzag construction – the architect explains this better in this video – creating a beautiful exterior for the tiny house. The inside is amazing as well. It has a cozy atmosphere with lots of wood and a sleeping loft just under the ceiling.

special airbnb ecolodge tiny house veluwe
special airbnb ecolodge tiny house veluwe

#11 Scandinavian Lavvu with spa

Sint-Michielsgestel, Brabant | Current prices and availability | 2-3 guests | Airbnb | This Airbnb should definitely be on your bucket list for a vacation in the Netherlands. The unique house has a Scandinavian design with a round gabled roof, beamed ceiling and lots of wood. This romantic tiny house on Airbnb has an outdoor shower, wood-burning stove, sauna and hot tub. It is extra special that only one holiday home at a time is rented out on this site to make sure you have absolute privacy and all the facilities just for you. Oh, and you can also book a massage, making this a wellness cabin in the Dutch nature to completely unwind!

#12 The Prison Tower in Vlissingen

Vlissingen, Zeeland | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Airbnb | The historic prison tower on the boulevard of Vlissingen is now a luxury suite for two, available via Airbnb and The king-size bed offers a view over the Westerschelde river and the boulevard of Vlissingen. You can also walk outside around the tower along the battlements! The beamed ceiling and the luxurious bathroom make the experience complete.

airbnb prison tower flushes
airbnb prison tower flushes

#13 Off the grid Mongolian yurt

Renkum, Gelderland | Current prices and availability | 2-4 guests |  Airbnb | If you really want to get away from your busy daily life, this 40 m² off the grid tent is a must. There is no electricity, the toilet is outside, you have to pump water up yourself and you have to walk a short distance to the shower building for a hot shower. The silence of the forest will bring you back to nature.

Tip: you can find more Mongolian yurt tents around the country, like this yurt in Brabant, this yurt in Zuid-Holland or deze yurt in Drenthe.

#14 An award-winning work of art

Ruinen, Drenthe | Current prices and availability | 2-4 guests | Airbnb | This design cabin is a true work of art, designed by artist Ira Koers and awarded in 2009 with a Dutch Design Award. The cabin is named Merry-Go-Round, as it has the same typical corridor circling around the house. The unique cabin design doesn’t work with rooms, but it has niches with different functions. The colorful design is housed on a quiet holiday resort in Drenthe, on the edge of national park Dwingelderveld.

# 15 Cube house in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, South Holland | Current prices and availability | 4 guests | Airbnb | One of the famous icons of Rotterdam are the Cube Houses in the center. These designs by Piet Boon form a kind of modern forest with stairs in the trunks up to the cubes as the leaf part. It is a unique experience to sleep in such a cube with sloping walls and a panorama of windows on the top floor. One of those cube houses is available on Airbnb and there is a – more affordable – Stayokay hotel in one of the largest cube houses.

Cube Houses | Cube Houses | Rotterdam | Netherlands | Netherlands | The Orange Backpack
Cube houses airbnb

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