Goldsworthy: unique treehouse in the Netherlands

There are many treehouses in the Netherlands to book for your vacation, but Treehouse Goldsworthy in the east of the country is perhaps the most beautiful. This treehouse in the town of Halle is exactly as you imagine a treehouse! The treehouse hangs in the top of an old oak tree and has live branches with leaves all across the room. We can’t imagine a more unique vacation home for your trip to the Netherlands!

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Treehouse in the Achterhoek Goldsworthy

In the east of the Netherlands in the Achterhoek area, Andy and Miriam single-handedly built a unique tiny house. Their horse pasture has a mighty oak tree with a beautiful treehouse in its tops. The small house hangs in the oak, without any fixed connection to the ground. Only when you lower the door with a rope, like a drawbridge, a staircase appears to enter the house.

Goldsworthy tree house in the Achterhoek

We got the opportunity to stay in the treehouse on two windy days in June. The tree moved with every gust of wind and so did the house. You feel like part of the tree! The trunk of the oak is in the heart of the tiny house and the branches run through the house. The treehouse is fully equipped with hot water and electricity, a toilet, a spacious shower, a fully equipped kitchen and a large comfortable bed on the sleeping loft.

Goldsworthy tree house in the Achterhoek

The details of the design are fascinating. The chairs that are custom made for the treehouse, the home-made iron kitchen knife, the drawbridge like entrance, the dining table with high chairs overlooking the horses and the big hammock under the house make this treehouse a must-do bucket list experience in the Netherlands. When checking in, ask owner Andy all about his design, as he has wonderful stories to tell. For instance, he removed exactly as many branches as the weight of the house, so that the tree remains healthy and balanced.

Goldsworthy tree house in the Achterhoek

The Goldsworthy is located in the Achterhoek, a beautiful area in the Netherlands. The Zand area it’s with forest, heather and fens is a beautiful area for small hikes. And so is the forest on the estate of Castle Slangenburg. But perhaps you don’t even want to leave your tree to fully enjoy your special vacation home!

Treehouse Goldsworthy

unique vacation home in the Netherlands

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