Tiny holiday home in the Netherlands

This summer we discovered a very cozy holiday home in Gelderland in the Netherlands. Our stay at Bij Tante Hanneke felt a bit like coming home. As if you don’t rent a beautiful holiday home from owners Sebastiaan and Eefje, but temporarily move into their farmyard. The self-built tiny house in their barn, the hot tub, the pizza oven, the friendly animals and beautiful garden make Bij Tante Hanneke the perfect getaway in the Netherlands.

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Holiday home At Aunt Hanneke in Maasbommel
Holiday home At Aunt Hanneke in Maasbommel

The unique tiny house of Bij Tante Hanneke is located in Maasbommel, in the so-called “Land van Maas en Waal” river area in the Dutch province Gelderland. Owner Sebastiaan built the house himself in the corner of an old barn in their yard. The cottage is about 30 m² in total, but feels very spacious.

Downstairs are the hallway and kitchen. You can already feel the height of the tiny house; you can see all the way up to the top. There is a staircase leading you upstairs to a loft with a sofa bed. The bathroom separates the loft from the master bedroom behind it. Above the bathroom is a small sleeping loft as well. That adds up to six sleeping places, but it would get a bit crowdy perhaps with six people in this tiny home.

We stayed in Maasbommel during a summer heatwave, so we spent pretty much all our time outside in the farmyard. The holiday home includes a veranda – also built by Sebastiaan – and a hot tub. The veranda was a lovely cool place for us on those hot summer days. While the hot tub also makes this the perfect holiday home for the winter months.

One of the highlights in the river area at Bij Tante Hanneke is the recreational lake De Gouden Ham at walking distance. At Riverside you can laze on the beach, but also rent canoes and boats to go on the lake. Eefje and Sebastiaan also have their own boat you can rent, within walking distance from the tiny house. We also recommend the small hikes around De Gouden Ham. We walked among the cows – with calves! – and along the water for an hour every day for the ultimate holiday feeling.

Bij Tante Hanneke is a vacation spot to keep an eye on. Sebastiaan already built a large greenhouse with a wood stove in the yard this spring. You can rent it for meetings, but will also become a common area for the even larger project Eefje and Sebastiaan have in mind. A second tiny house will be built in the barn at the end of this year. And the meadow is now home to two cute guest horses, but Sebastiaan plans to build even more unique holiday homes here as well. In a few years, Bij Tante Hanneke will be a unique small-scale vacation paradise!

Bij Tante Hanneke

tiny house in the Netherlands

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