Where to stay in Maastricht: 16 best hotels and hostels

Where to stay in Maastricht to make the most out of your visit to the southernmost city in the Netherlands? You’ll need a few days to explore all sights of the charming city in the south of Limburg, so a great place to stay is essential for your visit. We love the charming streets of the historic city center, but you’ll find the trendy hotspots and best restaurants not just in the city center but also in the historic Wyck quarter. And how about visiting the French quarter? And the upcoming Sphinxkwartier?

Maastricht is packed with unique places to stay for a wonderful city trip in the Netherlands. It has amazing hotels, stunning luxury stays and historic boutique hotels. Not just in the old town, but in more charming neighbourhoods close to the historic center. There are actually so many great options it can be overwhelming to choose the right place to stay in Maastricht. You can spend the night in a castle hotel, a historic monastery, an old factory or a hotel room decorated with waste. This blog will help you find the perfect hotel for your visit to Maastricht. What are the best places to stay in Maastricht? And which hotels are recommended there?

Where to stay in Maastricht: 4 best neighborhoods

The best places to visit in Maastricht are spread over several neighborhoods with the historic city center as the epicenter. Most of the sights can be found in the old town, but the neighborhoods near the old town also have many great things to do and see. That’s also why some of the best hotels in Maastricht are not located in the old town, but in the other districts of Maastricht.

The best neighborhoods of Maastricht:

  • Old Town
  • Wyck
  • Jekerkwartier
  • Boschstraatkwartier & Sphinxkwartier

The historic city center

The historic city center of Maastricht is packed with great places to visit, such as the beautiful Dominicanen bookshop in a 700-year-old church, the cozy Vrijthof and the majestic Basilica of Saint Servatius. It is also great for shopping at charming boutique shops and the old town has many cool hotspots and local restaurants. If you choose a hotel in the old town of Maastricht, you are perfectly close to all the city’s sights.


The trendy neighborhood Wyck – pronounced as ‘Wiek’ – is located east of the historic center, between the Maas and the central station. It is our favorite area in Maastricht because of its charming streets and friendly atmosphere. It is the district with the most coffee bars, concept stores and hotspots, but the Bonnefanten Museum for modern art is also located in this area.


The old Jekerkwartier is located south of the city center. The neighborhood is named after the Jeker River that runs through it. The townscape here is characterized by narrow streets and lanes. Because of that romantic atmosphere, it is also called the French Quarter. The term Latin Quarter is also used for the Jekerkwarter and refers to the part with the university buildings, library and conservatory. A large part of the Jekerkwartier is home to the lush Maastricht City Park with the city’s medieval fortifications. Other places of interest in the Jekerkwartier are the ancient Bisschopsmolen where bread is still baked, the old Berenkuil with works of art and the monumental Helpoort.

Boschstraatkwartier & Sphinxkwartier

The Boschstraatkwartier is sandwiched between the Statenkwartier, the Maas and the city center. It is an upcoming neighborhood with many hip hotspots. If you like shopping, you might want to visit the Mosae Forum, one of the larger shopping centers in Maastricht. The Boschstraatkwartier is also home to the Timmerfabriek and other old factory buildings, now also called the Sphinxkwartier. The crystal and pottery of the Royal Sphinx was once made in these factories. It is now a cultural center with a concert hall, restaurants and a cinema.

Outside Maastricht

Maastricht also has a lot to offer on the outskirts of the city. Directly outside the city are the famous marl caves of South Limburg. A guided tour around the maze of marl tunnels is an absolute must when visiting the Netherlands. Did you know the most famous paintings were hidden here during the Second Worldwar and that you can visit this exact spot with your guide? There are beautiful fairytale castle hotels on the outskirts of Maastricht, creating the perfect place to stay for couples.

Maison Haas Hustinx & Spa Hotel Maastricht

20 best places to stay in Maastricht

Where to stay in the Maastricht old town

#1 Maison Haas Hustinx

Located on the famous Vrjithof, Maison Haas Hustinx has the most central location in Maastricht. The hotel is housed in a beautiful building from the nineteenth century. The old history is reflected in the rooms with high ceilings and historical details. The characteristic elements are beautifully combined with the modern, bright hotel design.

The hotel has its own parking, sauna and swimming pool. There are different types of rooms, suites and apartments, including family rooms.

Check the current prices and availability of Maison Haas Hustinx.

Maison Haas Hustinx & Spa Hotel Maastricht

#2 Kruisheren Hotel

If you want to absorb the long history of Maastricht, the Kruisherenhotel makes the perfect place to stay. This unique hotel is located in an old monastery, combining a medieval exterior with an interior with spectacular design furniture. All rooms are decorated by international designers. The rooms have works of art, a luxurious bathroom and beds made by Henk Vos and Auping.

The restaurant has a special place on a mezzanine floor in the central church hall under the vaulted ceiling. The hotel is also home to wine bar Rouge & Blanc and offers its guests a large garden with terrace.

Check the current prices and availability of Kruisherenhotel.

Kruisherenhotel Maastricht

#3 Send Hotel

How about a stay in an old swimming pool? Then Zenden Hotel used to be a swimming pool with a gym, but has been converted into a hotel in 2009. Zenden’s three monumental buildings are now a stunning design hotel with an ultra-sleek and snow-white interior, creating a striking contrast between the bright interior and historic exterior. The interior was designed by Wiel Arets and has been nominated for the best hotel interior design worldwide.

Zenden still has a swimming pool. It is located in the 700-years-old vaulted cellar from the Middle ages. Hotel guests also join in group classes such as yoga, spinning and pilates.

Check the current prices and availability of Zenden Hotel.

Where to stay in Wyck

#4 The Dutch

Flamingos, pastel shades, an urban jungle, retro vibe. It is hard to describe the colorful and eclectic interior of The Dutch. It is very extravagant, but we just love it.

The rooms are just as colorful as the unique lobby. Though some rooms have a more normal design, other suites are even more over the top than the common areas. The Dutch has funny tests all over the hotel. The Salt-N-Peppa lyrics “Ah, push it. Push it good. Oh, push it. Push it real good” are on the revolving door and the house rules read “Pets are not aloud, unless it’s a flamingo”. We also love the well-sticked minibar in the hotel rooms which is included in your stay.

Check the current prices and availability of The Dutch.

#5 Amrath Grand Hotel de l’Empereur

Amrâth Grand Hotel de l’Empereur is housed in one of the most monumental buildings in Maastricht. The hotel is located in a 100-year-old Art Nouveau building, 50 meters from Maastricht train station. The hotel restaurant has old stained glass windows and there are many authentic details around the hotel building. Unfortunately not in the hotel rooms, which are styled rather simple compared to the grandeur of the building itself.

Check the current prices and availability of Amrâth Grand Hotel de l’Empereur.

Amrâth Grand Hotel de l'Empereur Maastricht

#6 Kaboom Hotel

Kaboom refers to itself as a new kind of low budget hotel. Hotel rooms are very affordable, but you won’t feel like staying in a budget hostel. The bed is just as comfortable, the decor just as stylish and the service just as good as in more expensive hotels. The decor is what makes Kaboom Hotel unique. The name of the hotel already refers to the sound you see often in comic books and the interior also has drawings and illustrations in cartoon character style on the walls. The hotel rooms all have a black and white style with Kaboom wallpaper.

Check the current prices and availability of Kaboom Hotel.

#7 The Green Elephant Hostel & Spa

You won’t often see a hostel and spa combined in one building, but The Green Elephant Hostel makes it happen. The hostel has a restaurant, bar, a shared lounge and garden. And its own wellness center with a hammam and a sauna!

The hotel has a fresh and trendy interior with lots of wood, cheerful colors and natural light. Guests can book pods in dormitories, as well as private rooms or a family room.

Check the current prices and availability of The Green Elephant Hostel & Spa.

Where to stay in the Jekerkwartier

#8 Stayokay Hostel

Stayokay is one of the most colorful hostels in Maastricht. The hostel is located in a unique location right on the Maas river and in the middle of the City Park. From Stayokay Hostel you can easily walk into the Jekerkwartier and the old town, but you can also cross the bridge to Wyck. The Bonnefantenmuseum for modern art is located exactly opposite Stayokay on the other riverbank.

The hostel offers twin beds in dorms and double rooms with its own bathroom. Some rooms have a beautiful view of the river. There is private parking, a bar, a restaurant and a large terrace overlooking the water.

Check the current prices and availability of Stayokay Hostel.

Stayokay Hostel Maastricht

Where to stay in the Boschstraatkwartier & Sphinxkwartier

#9 Student Hotel

The Student Hotel Maastricht is located in the former Sphinx factory in an upcoming part of the Boschstraatkwartier. This cultural breeding ground is a stone’s throw from the old center of Maastricht and has restaurants, a cinema, a pop stage and cafes. And the Student Hotel!

The colorful hotel has comfortable studios and rooms with a special design. The hotel has been nominated for the Design (FRAME) Award for the best use of color. There is a private fitness center and a lovely garden. The Student Hotel has an on-site restaurant The Commons, where guests can have their breakfast.

Check the current prices and availability of Student Hotel.

The Student Hotel Maastricht

#10 Hotel Trash Deluxe

Hotel Trash Deluxe has a special concept that revolves around ‘trash’. Sustainability is the main focus of this hotel. The design furnishings are therefore mainly recycled waste. The rooms all have their own trash theme like rubber or wood. The result is a sleek and sturdy interior and one of the most original hotels in Maastricht spread over two historic buildings.

Check the current prices and availability of Hotel Trash Deluxe.

#11 Mabi City Center Hotel

Mabi City Center Hotel in Maastricht offers a unique stay in an old cinema. There is still a cinema and also a bar and restaurant in the hotel building. Hotel guests are welcomed with a glass of cava and receive a local discount card for discounts at many entrepreneurs in Maastricht.

The interior has a bold, yet stylish design in shades of white and also black. The hotel describes the interior of the rooms as art deco style, although we usually don’t associate that historic style with the modern and sleek black and white we see in Mabi City Center Hotel.

Check the current prices and availability of Mabi City Center Hotel.

#12 Fitz Roy Urban Hotel, Bar and Garden

Fitz Roy Urban Hotel is one of the most beautiful design hotels in Maastricht. The local interior architect Niels Maier has opted for an ‘urban’ design without being too industrial. The main colors are green and white. This also fits perfectly with the Urban Garden, the unique city garden in the heart of Maastricht. Our favorite rooms are the patio rooms, located at the Urban Garden. But if you prefer even more luxury, you should book the jacuzzi suite.

Check the current prices and availability of Fitz Roy Urban Hotel, Bar and Garden.

Where to stay near Maastricht

#13 Castle Hotel Vaeshartelt

If you want to book a royal place to stay near Maastricht, Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt should be your choice. The historic castle is located on a beautiful estate with ancient trees, a forest and llamas. Once reserved for princes and noblemen, nowadays everyone can feel like royalty by booking a night in the castle hotel.

The hotel rooms are in a new wing and are furnished in a neutral way, but the rest of Vaeshartelt still exudes the old allure that you expect in a castle. Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt has several restaurants in beautiful halls and offers pleasant walks in the forests on the estate.

Check the current prices and availability of Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt.

#14 Gatehouse Borgharen Castle

Borgharen Castle has one of the most original bed & breakfast in Maastricht. You can spend a very special night in the gatehouse! The centuries-old building has a claw foot bath, authentic beamed ceiling and fairytale turret. Guests get an extensive breakfast in the morning and can enjoy the castle garden during their stay. The castle is located on the edge of Maastricht, but you can reach the old town in 10 minutes by bike.

Check the current prices and availability of Poortgebouw Castle Borgharen.

Gatehouse Borgharen Castle - Maastricht

#15 Teaching Hotel Chateau Bethlehem

When you hear the combination of school and castle, you probably think of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. But there is also a school in a castle in Maastricht and you can book a room there! The Teaching Hotel is a castle hotel where the students of the Hotel Management School Maastricht learn how to run a hotel. The location for this special concept is the thirteenth-century Château Bethlehem. Various designers were asked to furnish 26 rooms, creating unique rooms in the fairytale setting of a medieval castle.

Check the current prices and availability of Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem.

Original overnight stay in Limburg: Teaching Hotel Maastricht at Bethlehem Castle

#16 Landgoed Kasteel de Hoogenweerth

Fairytale castle hotel De Hoogenweerth is located south of Maastricht on the river Maas. The hotel has its own swimming pool and beautifully landscaped castle garden. From the hotel, you have a beautiful view of the Pietersberg on the other side of the Maas river.

The Hoogenweerth Suites are located in the former coach house of Castle De Hoogenweerth. The deluxe breakfast is delivered to the room each morning and consists of bread rolls, yoghurt, fruit, juices and a small bottle of prosecco.

Check the current prices and availability of Landgoed Kasteel de Hoogenweerth.

Estate Castle de Hoogenweerth Maastricht

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