Where to stay in Den Bosch: 15 unique hotels and hostels

Where to stay in Den Bosch while exploring the capital of Brabant. Den Bosch offers a wide range of accommodations, including unique and luxurious hotels, as well as budget-friendly hostels. However, finding these exceptional and distinct places requires some thorough research. In this blog, we assist you in making a decision by highlighting the best neighborhoods to stay in Den Bosch and recommending hotels in those areas.

Where to stay in Den Bosch: the best neighborhoods

The attractions of Den Bosch are situated in the historic center. These include the medieval Market Square, the gothic St. John’s Cathedral, the Noordbrabant Museum, and the Jheronimus Bosch Arts Centre. Additionally, the Binnendieze can be found here, which is a network of canals, small rivers, and sewers. Since the 1970s, visitors have been able to take a boat trip through the center of Den Bosch.

Uilenburg is situated in the heart of the center and is known as the restaurant district of Den Bosch due to the high concentration of bars, restaurants, and hotspots. If you want to be centrally located between all those sights and nice restaurants, a hotel in the city center is a logical choice.

We are also a fan of the neighborhood Het Zand. This district, dating back to around 1900, is located between the old center and the station. One notable attraction in Het Zand is bakery Jan de Groot, famous for its Bossche Bollen pastries.

In the northern section of Het Zand, you will find old factories that have been transformed into trendy cultural hubs, including the Verkadefabriek and the Mengfabriek. Along Tramkade, you can discover various trendy spots such as silos adorned with graffiti, the popular Barkade hotspot offering delicious food and vintage arcade games, and unique accommodations like floating tiny houses or an old crane for overnight stays.

Stay outside the old town is essential in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In the neighborhoods surrounding the center, you can spend the night in a historic monastery or a spacious greenhouse. Alternatively, consider a luxurious stay at a magnificent estate located south of Den Bosch.

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Unique places to stay in Den Bosch

Where to stay in Den Bosch Center

#1 Design hotel The Duke

The Duke is a unique hotel in Den Bosch, renowned for its exceptional design and interior. Situated in the city center, it occupies a distinctive building that once served as a post office. Built in 1971, the hotel has preserved the concrete aesthetics of the original structure, including the ceilings in various suites.

Located close to the iconic St. John’s Cathedral and the popular Korte Putstraat restaurant hub, it offers a stylish and convenient experience for its guests. Each room boasts a stylish interior featuring dark hues and durable materials.

Additionally, every room is furnished with a king-size box spring and a luxurious walk-in rain shower, providing an enhanced hotel experience. The amenities include a Marshall speaker, espresso machine, and complimentary Netflix. The Duke ensures meticulous attention to every detail.

View the current prices and availability of The Duke.

#2 Hotel Haverkist

The trendiest hotel in Den Bosch is Hotel Haverkist in the Kruisstraat. It is conveniently located in the heart of the old town, close to the central station.

Unlike other accommodations in stately buildings with historic details, Hotel Haverkist offers a fresh and contemporary atmosphere with modern furniture, light colors, and cheerful accents like artwork above the beds. The hotel prides itself on providing modern rooms with a comfortable bed, unlimited freshly ground coffee, and a variety of loose tea.

View the current prices and availability of Hotel Haverkist.

Hotel Haverkist Den Bosch

#3 Hotel The Stamp

Hotel The Stamp is situated on the former site of hotel De Post Stamp and later the discotheque The Galaxy. This boutique hotel boasts 25 individual rooms, each unique in design due to the building’s distinctive shapes. The decor also varies slightly, offering a truly special interior.

The Stamp showcases retro wallpaper, princess beds, chandeliers, and vintage furniture, evoking a nostalgic ambiance. Yet, it seamlessly combines modern luxury with trendy details, ensuring an unforgettable overnight experience.

View the current prices and availability of Hotel The Stamp.

#4 Hotel Central

Hotel Central is ideally located in Den Bosch, occupying a stunning building on the medieval market square. It boasts a brasserie, two bars, a terrace, and a gym on the top floor, offering a remarkable view of St. John’s Cathedral.

The hotel rooms are contemporary and cozy, while the rest of the establishment retains numerous authentic features. Notably, guests can enjoy breakfast in the vaulted cellar from the fourteenth century.

View the current prices and availability of Golden Tulip Hotel Central.

Golden Tulip Hotel Central Den Bosch

#5 B&B CubaCasa

Bed and breakfast CubaCasa exudes South American charm in Den Bosch, Brabant. With just four unique rooms, each named with a Spanish flair like Habitación Biblioteca or Habitación con Terraza. The options vary, including a quadruple room with a kitchenette, a room with a private terrace, and a deluxe room featuring a sauna, mini cinema, and water bed.

View the current prices and availability of B&B CubaCasa.

CubaCasa Den Bosch

#6 Boutique Hotel Nieuw Uilenburg

In the oldest part of ‘s-Hertogenbosch lies the charming boutique hotel Nieuw Uilenburg. What sets this hotel apart as an exceptional destination in Den Bosch? It’s not just the intimate scale of only 4 rooms or the comfortable boutique accommodations, but also the unique theme of each room.

Our personal favorite is the vintage room, characterized by a retro sofa, vintage accents, and an old school cupboard that create a distinctive atmosphere. The ‘wine’ room features a delightful seasonal bottle and a curated list of the finest wine bars in Den Bosch. The coffee-themed room offers a pleasant workspace and an extensive coffee package. And the jazz suite boasts a retro record player equipped with jazzy vinyl records.

View the current prices and availability of Nieuw Uilenburg.

Where to stay in Het Zand and on the Tramkade

#7 Bossche Suites Stationsweg

Bossche Suites, located in a prime area, is a magnificent building offering six opulent suites, each possessing its own distinctive character. What sets this hotel apart is the equal measure of luxury and style found in every suite, complemented by their unique designs.

The Museum suite is adorned with carpet replicas of Dutch masterpieces and features a marble fireplace, while Suite Cathedral boasts an exquisite beamed ceiling and a prominent depiction of Mary on the wall. Suite Parade takes its name from its picturesque view of the Dommel river and the daily procession of tour boats passing by.

Bossche Suites guarantees a one-of-a-kind hotel experience, not only on Stationsweg but also on Verwersstraat.

View the current prices and availability of Bossche Suites Stationsweg and Bossche Suites Verwersstraat,

#8 Hotel Julien

Hotel Julien in Den Bosch offers rare accommodations with a private garden. All suites feature a private terrace overlooking this delightful green space. The hotel is situated in a stunning historic building, characterized by its high ceilings, ornaments, and marble floors. This classic charm is seamlessly blended with contemporary elements like steel doors, black and white photography, and Portuguese tiles. Hotel Julien is truly a sight to behold.

View the current prices and availability of Hotel Julien.

#9 Little Duke Hotel

Little Duke Hotel is situated in a former livery stable and carriage rental. It boasts a prime location near the station and the renowned Jan de Groot Bakery, famous for its Bossche Bollen. This unique hotel seamlessly blends the rich history of the building with a vibrant and modern design.

The boutique hotel has 16 uniquely decorated rooms, some displaying historic features like old windows and dormer windows. Each room has its own distinct style, one with a romantic decor and another with a modern and trendy vibe. All rooms are equipped with an extra long box-spring bed, a private bathroom, and a minibar housed in a fashionable Smeg refrigerator. Breakfast is served at Coffelab, a beloved local café located on the ground floor of The Little Duke.

Check the current prices and availability of Little Duke Hotel.

#10 Wikkelboats Den Bosch

In ‘s-Hertogenbosch, you can spend the night in a unique way in a tiny house on the water. These Wikkelhouses can now be found in various locations in the Netherlands, but in Den Bosch, they are even floating on the water.

These design houses are eco-friendly and made entirely of wrapped cardboard. Each house is one-of-a-kind, as they are built in modules and customized.

Along the Tramkade, there are two sustainable Wikkelboats floating on the water of De Dieze. They offer a spa bath, a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, and a floating deck. This is a perfect choice for a special overnight stay in Den Bosch!

View the current prices and availability of Wikkelboats Den Bosch.

Wikkelboats Tramkade Den Bosch

#11 The Bossche Crane

The Bossche Kraan with a view over the Dieze is one of the most special overnight stays in the Netherlands. From below we found it difficult to imagine that in that container above there is a luxury hotel room. But a beautiful suite awaited us upstairs!

Read more: our personal review of De Bossche Kraan.

The crane house is hip and warmly decorated with heavy yellow curtains, a seat, a large and comfortable hotel bed and a small kitchenette. Every detail has been thought of. And did you know that the crane can also move? Yes, you can do that yourself. Completely in style in the driver’s cabin itself or with buttons next to your bed. De Bossche Kraan is a wonderful base for a city trip to Den Bosch, but also a unique destination in itself for a special night out.

View the current prices and availability of De Bossche Kraan.

Where to stay outside the city center

#12 Monastery hotel de Soete Moeder

Looking for a heavenly stay in ‘s-Hertogenbosch? Kloosterhotel de Soete Moeder is the ideal choice for a unique experience just outside the city center.

Nestled in a charming old monastery building, this beautiful hotel boasts a spacious cloister garden and sun terrace, offering a tranquil space to unwind after a day of city exploration. With its elegant suites and family rooms featuring king-size box springs, exquisite design, and private bathrooms, De Soete Moeder ensures a stylish and comfortable stay for its guests.

In addition to its uniqueness, De Soete Moeder hotel also has a social mission. The founders aim to provide young individuals, including job seekers, school leavers, and interns, with a chance to learn and acquire work experience.

View the current prices and availability of Kloosterhotel de Soete Moeder.

#13 KASerne Boutique Hotel

This boutique hotel has 8 rooms and strives to create a homely atmosphere. The rooms are well-lit and feature a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and contemporary design.

The hotel’s standout feature is its expansive greenhouse, primarily used for parties and group dinners, which adds to its distinct charm. Additionally, there is a grand café-restaurant that caters to both hotel guests and other visitors.

View the current prices and availability of KASerne Boutique Hotel.

The KASerne Den Bosch

#14 Boutique Hotel De Blauwe Pauw

De Blauwe Pauw boutique hotel is situated in a colonial city villa dating back to 1899. While maintaining its historical details, the hotel has been enhanced with modern comforts.

The unique character of De Blauwe Pauw is evident in its beamed ceiling, ornate front doors, and glass garden room. The hotel’s sunny garden offers a stunning view of the beautiful rear facade. With six rooms featuring spacious bathrooms and large box-spring beds, the hotel ensures a cozy stay.

View the current prices and availability of Boutique Hotel De Blauwe Pauw.

Boutique Hotel De Blauwe Pauw Den Bosch

#15 Landgoed Huize Bergen

To enjoy a luxurious overnight experience at Landgoed Huize Bergen, located just a few minutes away from the old town, you will be transported back to 1916 when a wealthy local family commissioned the construction of this beautiful estate.

Situated on a sprawling sixteen-hectare park, a magnificent villa was erected in the popular architectural style of that era. Over the years, it has served as a residence and later as a midwifery school before being transformed into a hotel in the 1970s. The estate’s captivating history has even been immortalized in a book.

Enjoy a night at the unique location near Den Bosch! The hotel offers spacious rooms with garden views, a restaurant, and a stylish hotel bar. The building exudes a historic ambiance, while the rooms boast a trendy and modern decor.

View the current prices and availability of Landgoed Huize Bergen.

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