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Tucked away in the southern reaches of Belgium, snug against the French border and in proximity to the charming city of Tournai, lies one of the country’s newest holidays parks. Eco Resort Your Nature emerges as a premier destination for luxury design cabins in Belgium! This resort is a harmonious blend of extensive amenities and activities with the serene backdrop of a lush forest park. As enthusiasts of distinctive lodgings, the unique cabins and forest houses within the park instantly captivated us. This blog delves into the exceptional cabins, the resort’s commitment to sustainability, and our delightful mini-break at Your Nature!

Take a look at the unique luxury cabins and forest houses at Ecoresort Your Nature.

Ecoresort Your Nature The Treeloft

Sustainable eco resort

Prior to our visit, the concept of a sustainable eco resort like Your Nature was unbeknownst to us. Although the Netherlands and Belgium boast numerous holiday parks, with many integrating sustainable practices, Your Nature places sustainability at the core of its ethos.

Upon arrival, the plethora of charging stations for electric vehicles is striking, reflecting the eco-conscious values of both the resort and its guests. Furthermore, a canopy of solar panels adorns the parking area, providing shade and generating (part of the) green energy that powers virtually the entire resort. This commitment extends beyond solar power to include biogas, which even heats the swimming pool!

Local sourcing is a pillar of Your Nature’s philosophy, extending from the ingredients in the restaurants to the employment of local staff and the procurement of wood for construction. With its architecture predominantly featuring wooden designs, a substantial volume of timber was required. To minimize carbon footprint, the majority of this wood is sourced locally from the Belgian Ardennes, with a minor portion from northern France.

Pride in local sourcing is evident throughout Your Nature. This ethos primarily influences the restaurant offerings, though it’s worth noting that the menu leans heavily towards meat dishes, which some may find less sustainable. The resort’s staff and the timber used in construction also hail from the local region. With the resort’s design heavily featuring wooden constructions, sourcing the vast quantities of timber required from the Belgian Ardennes and a fraction from Northern France was a deliberate choice to minimize the environmental impact of transporting building materials from afar.

Ecoresort Your Nature The Treeloft

Luxury Cabins Amidst Belgian Nature

Set amidst the breathtaking forests near the Belgian-French border, the eco-resort is part of the Domaine du Bois de Fouage, a private expanse owned by the princely De Ligne family, encompassing 280 hectares of stunning woodland. Prince Edouard de Ligne has swiftly transformed this land into an upscale, exclusive holiday resort.

Scattered throughout the forest and along the lake shores, the resort plans to offer 500 cabins, each boasting a unique and eye-catching design. The accommodation options cater to various groups, including friends, couples, families, or larger gatherings. Constructed with exquisite wood, eco-friendly materials, and expansive windows to bring nature inside, each cabin type promises a memorable stay.

Our love for unique stays was sparked the moment we heard about Your Nature. Our excitement only grew when we were invited to a press trip shortly after the resort’s inauguration. So, in early July, I ventured to the south of Belgium with a friend to explore this newly unveiled forest park.

Ecoresort Your Nature The Treeloft

Our Tree Loft Expertience

We were fortunate to reside in The Treeloft, Your Nature’s signature tree suite. Upon arrival, we were provided with a key to our private electric golf cart, essential for navigating the car-free park.

Our Treeloft, nestled among the trees with a lake view, featured an innovative entry hatch, adding to its uniqueness. Inside, luxury awaited with amenities like a private sauna, rain shower, king-size bed, kitchenette, wood stove, and sitting area.

Despite large windows offering views of the surrounding forest and lake, the treehouse’s interior maintained a somewhat dark yet cozy dimness. However, the true jewel of The Treeloft was its magnificent roof terrace. Here, amidst the treetops, a spacious lounge area with plush sofas and a dining table allowed us to immerse ourselves in nature’s embrace, undoubtedly the treehouse’s most enchanting spot.

Ecoresort Your Nature The Treeloft

Adventure and Leisure at the Forest Resort

While the forest cabins provide a serene retreat, Your Nature encourages guests to explore the wider park. The resort boasts an array of activities, from mini-golf and water sports to hot air balloon rides. The beautiful swimming pool, with its heated pools, slide, and outdoor area complete with loungers, is a must-visit. Just remember not to leave your pool visit for check-out day; we learned the hard way that the 10 am opening is a bit too close to the 11 am check-out time for comfort.

Opting for electric bikes, we set out to explore the picturesque surroundings. Although we initially aimed to follow one of the three marked cycling routes, we soon found joy in simply meandering through the yellow fields, dense forests, and quaint villages surrounding the resort. Crossing into France briefly, we took time to soak in the views and capture the beauty of the landscape. Cycling, especially on an e-bike, proved to be the perfect way to immerse ourselves in the stunning environment.

Our afternoon was dedicated to water sports, where we tried everything from kayaking to paddleboarding, including a novel experience with an electric paddleboard that allowed us to glide effortlessly across the lake. Though the water was brisk, an unintended dip proved refreshingly pleasant.

Your Nature doesn’t just excel in providing a vast range of activities but also shines in its culinary offerings. While all cabins feature a kitchenette for those who prefer to self-cater, the resort also houses several restaurants. We enjoyed the poolside tent for lunch—the burrata comes highly recommended—and breakfast and dinner is offered at Le Pavillon and La Maison. A third restaurant, focusing on Italian cuisine, was under construction during our visit. The commitment to local, seasonal ingredients was evident in every dish, providing a unique culinary journey.

Ecoresort Your Nature Belgium

Recharging in Belgian Nature

Our mini-holiday at Your Nature was a blissful escape, immersing us in the tranquility of the forest and offering a chance to reconnect with nature. Whether cycling, walking, or simply relaxing, embracing the natural surroundings is a must.

Yet, it’s the resort’s sustainable mission and the rich variety of sports, luxury, and culinary experiences that truly define Your Nature. This eco-resort is the ideal destination for those seeking a luxury stay in Belgium, where the charm of a forest cabin meets the amenities of a large-scale luxury park, without making any concessions to comfort or sustainability.

Your Nature Eco Resort

luxury cabins in Belgian eco resort

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