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Hidden in the south of Belgium, against the French border and close to the city of Tournai, is one of the newest holiday parks in the country. Eco Resort Your Nature is now one of the best places for luxury design cabins in Belgium! The resort combines a wide range of facilities and activities with the tranquility of a beautiful forest park. As we are big fans of unique places to stay, the unique cabins and forest houses in the park caught our eye straight away. In this blog we tell you about the special cabins, sustainable mission and our wonderful mini holiday at Your Nature!

Take a look at the unique luxury cabins and forest houses of Ecoresort Your Nature.

Ecoresort Your Nature The Treeloft

Sustainable eco resort

We were not yet aware of a sustainable eco resort like Your Nature. The Netherlands and Belgium both have many holiday parks, and more and more of them also have sustainable elements. But at Your Nature it seems sustainability is at the forefront of every decision for the park.

When arriving at Your Nature, you will immediately notice the many charging stations for electric cars. The target group of this eco resort considers sustainability just as important as the park, so charging stations are of course provided for their sustainable transport. You also immediately see the large amount of solar panels, creating a shelter above part of the parking lot. Almost the entire resort is powered by green energy. Not only through our these solar panels, but also biogas. Even the pool is fully heated with biogas!

Your Nature is also proud of how everything is sourced locally. Of course, this applies in the first place to the ingredients for the restaurants, although meat dishes are mainly on the menu and some people consider that very unsustainable. But also, for example, the staff and the wood for the buildings and cabins come from the region. With an architecture of almost exclusively wooden designs, a huge amount of wood was needed to build Your Nature. In order not to have to fly the building materials in from distant destinations, almost all the wood comes from the Belgian Ardennes and a small part from the north of France.

Ecoresort Your Nature The Treeloft

Luxury cabins in Belgian nature

The sustainable eco resort is beautifully situated in a forest area near the Belgian-French border. This forest area is home to the Domaine du Bois de Fouage, a private domain of the princely family De Ligne with 280 hectares of beautiful forest and nature. In recent years, Prince Edouard de Ligne has developed a large-scale exclusive holiday resort at lightning speed.

Hidden in the forest and along the lakes are dozens of forest cabins – the aim is to have 500 cabins in the short term – and all have a beautiful and special design. There are several accommodation types for different target groups, such as friends, couples, families or even large groups. Each cabin type is built with beautiful wood, sustainable materials and large windows overlooking nature.

Our love for unique places to stay was immediately sparked when we received the first press release about the construction of this new resort in our inbox. We were even more excited when we received an invitation to a press trip just after the opening of Your Nature. So at the beginning of July, I traveled to the south of Belgium with a friend to learn more about this brand-new forest park.

Ecoresort Your Nature The Treeloft

Our tree house stay

We were very lucky, as we got to stay in The Treeloft, Your Nature’s tree suite. On arrival we received the key of our private electric golf cart. The forest park is completely car-free, so guests can use the shuttle busses or book one of the carts with their stay.

Our personal golf cart took us to our Treeloft, beautifully situated among the trees and overlooking the lake. The Treeloft does not have a door, but a kind of hatch to enter the tree house in a unique way. Our Treeloft is a spacious cabin equipped with luxury as a private sauna, rain shower, king-size bed, kitchenette, wood stove and sitting area.

Although large windows on both sides offer a view of the forest and the lake, it is actually quite dark inside the tree house. Our favorite place of The Treeloft is therefore not inside, but on the beautiful roof terrace between the treetops. A spacious terrace offers a nice lounge area with large sofas and a dining table to enjoy nature among the trees. It is absolutely the most beautiful place of the tree house!

Ecoresort Your Nature The Treeloft

Active at the forest resort

Though the forest cabins are wonderful places to retreat to for a few days, Your Nature offers plenty of reasons to explore the rest of the park. The resort has a wide range of activities. From miniature golf to water sports and from a balloon ride to mini-golf. A highlight is the beautiful swimming pool with several heated pools, a slide and an outdoor pool with lounge chairs. Access to the pool is included in your stay. Just don’t wait until the day of check-out with your visit like I did, as the pool didn’t open until 10 am and that’s a bit tight with an 11 am check-out time.

We chose to get an electric bike on our first morning and explore the beautiful surroundings. There are three cycling routes in the surrounding forest, but we soon got lost. Fortunately, you can also easily ride around by yourself, enjoying the yellow fields, lush forest and village around the holiday park. While we cycled through the trees and corn and grain fields on our ebike, we even briefly crossed the French border. We made a few stops to enjoy the view and take some pictures of the yellow fields. We loved every second of it. A bike ride, especially on an ebike, is the perfect way to fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings!

In the afternoon, water activities were on the program of our press trip. A large golf cart took us to a forest lake outside the park, where a pontoon with canoes, kayaks, pedal boats and paddle boards was waiting for us. Our gaze was immediately drawn to the paddleboards. Because in addition to the well-known version of this board, Your Nature also offers an electric paddle board from BlueWay. On this electric board you can zoom over the forest lake without any effort and without getting wet. Although the lake is not big and you’ll reach all the edges very quickly, it is a great experience. We also tried the classic paddle board. The transition from the electric board to the normal one was not very smooth and oops, my friend got to experience that the water is fortunately not even that cold.

Your Nature also has a varied offer in the culinary field. Although all cabins have a kitchenette and self-catering is a great option, there are also several restaurants at the resort. The big tent next to the pool serves lunch – tip: take the burrata! – and restaurants Le Pavillon and La Maison offer breakfast and dinner. During our stay, a third restaurant was still being built, which will mainly serve Italian cuisine. The chefs work with only local and seasonal ingredients and knew how to amaze us with a special culinary experience.

Ecoresort Your Nature Belgium

Recharging in Belgian nature

We experienced our stay at Your Nature as a lovely mini-vacation and we especially enjoyed the lush forest and tranquillity. The unique accommodations offer a wonderful place to relax and recharge your batteries in Belgian nature. Cycling, walking and relaxing in nature is in our opinion a must during your stay!

Nevertheless, we think that the Belgian eco-resort attracts its visitors mainly with its sustainable mission and the very large range of sporting, luxury and culinary experiences. Ecoresort Your Nature is therefore the perfect place for a luxury stay in Belgium, where the cozy atmosphere of a forest cabin and forest location is combined with a large-scale luxury park.

Your Nature Eco Resort

luxury cabins in Belgian eco resort

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