Where to stay in Rio Dulce in Guatemala

Where to stay in Rio Dulce? The lush jungle, howler monkeys, lakes, river, tropical atmosphere and beautiful nature of the Rio Dulce region make this one of the most special places in Guatemala. A visit to Rio Dulce is not complete without a beautiful place to stay in this lush green environment. You won’t find these in the villages, but hidden in the jungle on the river banks. During our stay in the region, we visited several of them and collected the best jungle stays in Rio Dulce for you!

Where to stay in Rio Dulce: 5 unique jungle stays

#1 Boatique Hotel & Marina

Of all the hotels in Rio Dulce, this one is our absolute favorite. Wooden cabins with leaf roofs create the perfect tropical vibe. They are located on the water and in the middle of the lush green jungle. In the evening the area of Boatique Hotel is magically lit up with fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere. The main building of Boatique offers the common areas, the restaurant and the large suite. The lounge chairs and hammocks on the deck of the main building make this a wonderful place to relax. We explored the water around Boatique for hours in a wooden kayak from the hotel. We even spotted a howler monkey family. The natural materials, special jungle location and fairy lights in the evening made us feel like staying in a jungle paradise!

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Boatique Hotel and Marina | Rio Dulce | Guatemala

#2 Dreamcatcher Eco Lodge

Dreamcatcher is not far from Boatique and also close to the village of Rio Dulce. We prefer Boatique because of the beautiful common areas and the idyllic atmosphere, but Dreamcatcher is also a great place to stay in Rio Dulce. The food is delicious – though a bit pricey – and the natural surroundings are beautiful. You’ll hear howler monkeys call in the jungle and the owner will help you to arrange excursions in the region.

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#3 Hotellito Perdido

This idyllic hotel is much further from the village of Rio Dulce and closer to Livingston. Beyond El Golfete Lake but before the river canyon, the popular Hotellito Perdido is located in a secluded location on a tributary of the Rio Dulce river. All rooms have a bedroom with a comfortable double bed upstairs and a private sitting area downstairs. They all have lovely views of the jungle garden or the waters of the river. Some have a private terrace with hammocks to make your stay even more perfect. Far away from civilization, Hotellito Perdido is the perfect place to relax and unwind. A stay at Hotellito Perdido is an unforgettable experience!

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El Hotelito Perdido Rio Dulce Guatemala

#4 Finca Tatin

This charming lodge hotel in Rio Dulce is also far away from civilization, in the same jungle area as Hotellito Perdido. It has a dormitory, but the hotel also offers beautiful cabins made of natural materials. They all have jungle or river water views. The beautiful hotel has a large garden, a lovely terrace and an area with hammocks. There is no WiFi, so you can completely disconnect from your daily life.

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#5 Tortugal Boutique River Lodge

This boutique hotel is located between the village of Rio Dulce and the fortress on the bank of the river. There is a diving platform, you can use the kayaks for free and there are sun loungers waiting for you on a floating sun terrace in the water. All rooms have river views, making this a perfect place to stay in Rio Dulce to enjoy this riverine area to the fullest.

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Tortugal Boutique River Lodge Rio Dulce Guatemala

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