Treehouses in Belgium: 10 unique treehouses to stay

There are no other places to stay that capture the imagination as treehouses do. We love to stay for a weekend in those unique wooden holiday homes high up on stilts or even hanging in a tree. And Belgium might just have the best of them. We stayed in a sustainable treetop cabin in Maaseik last year, but there are so many more unique tree houses in Belgium on our wishlist. Continue reading to find out about the most beautiful tree houses!

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10 unique tree houses in Belgium

#1 Treetop Cabins in Warredal

Maaseik | Current prices and availability | 2-5 guests | The forest of Warredal is home to tiny houses made of natural materials with large windows with forest view and a cozy atmosphere. The cabins are promoted as back to nature experiences, as they’re almost off the grid and come pretty close to glamping. But you hardly have to compromise on comfort! There is a fully equipped kitchen, a wood stove keeps the house warm in winter and the bathroom has hot water. Almost everything is made of natural materials and even the kitchen doesn’t even have one single plastic item. One of the walls is completely made of glass, making the forest an extension of the tree house. There are treehouses for two guests, but the largest cabins can accommodate up to five.

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Cozy Cabin | Tree House | Warredal | Belgium
Cozy Cabin | Tree House | Warredal | Belgium

#2 Treehouse with jacuzzi on Airbnb

Érezée | Current prices and availability | 4 guests | This luxurious tree house is located in the middle of the beautiful nature of the Belgian Ardennes. You get to stay high up between the treetops at a height of six meters. There is a wood burner to keep you warm, the 75 m² cabin has two bedrooms and the large terrace has morning and evening sun. One of the highlights is the jacuzzi that you can book (for a large part of the year).

#3 Cabane des Amoureux

Sivry-Rance | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | This romantic treehouse is on the French-Belgian border. At 7 meters high, this house offers you the chance to get back to nature. The treehouse has a terrace with a hammock at the same height and downstairs is a nice jacuzzi.

#4 La Cabane Du Bois Dormant

Spa | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Near Spa are the romantic tree houses of La Cabane Du Bois Dormant in an African style. The treetop high cabins are approximately 35m² and each has a private bathroom, terrace and internet. Your breakfast is lifted up in the morning in a basket. It doesn’t get any more idyllic!

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la-cabane-du-bois-dormant tree house belgium

#5 Les Cabanes de Rensiwez

Houffalizze | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | If you want to book this treehouse, make sure you do so well in advance. This beautiful wooden house at a height of 5 meters is extremely popular! The cabin is made entirely of wood, including a wooden bath, and has a cozy box bed and wood stove. There is also a wooden bat outside so you can even bathe between the trees.

Les Cabanes de Rensiwez tree house Belgium
Les Cabanes de Rensiwez tree house Belgium

#6 Dome glamping at Sphair Perchée

Fisenne | Current prices and availability | 2 people | This very unique treehouse is located on a hill in the Belgian Ardennes: it’s a transparent dome high up in the sky. This treehouse is not like the other cabins, but more like a glamping tent. The transparent dome is where the bed is, so you get to sleep romantically under the stars. Prepare for an adventurous trip, as you sleep in a tent without hot water or a fully equipped bathroom.

Sphair Perchée tree house Belgium

#7 The Cabane du Beau Vallon

Profondeville| Current prices and availability | 2-5 guests | This fairytale cabin offers space for up to five people, so it’s a bit bigger than the other treehouses in Belgium. There is a spacious bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and terrace with Norwegian bath and barbecue. In the evening, the treehouse is romantically lit and this unique accommodation gets even more magical.

Tip: is the treehouse fully booked or do you prefer a smaller treehouse for two? The landlord offers a second treehouse for two that is just as special.

The Cabane du Beau Vallon Treehouse in Belgium

#8 Double treehouse for two

Names | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | This cottage has not one, but two treehouses. One cabin with a bedroom and the other treehouse has a kitchen and bathroom. The cabins are connected by a walkway. The double treehouse is located on a beautiful half-acre estate, so you can enjoy a nice walk directly from the cabin.

#9 Treehouse Camp Treelodge

Retie | Current prices and availability | 2-6 guests | The unique treehouse village of Treelodge is located in the Stille Kempen. There are currently three huts in the forest – the design cabin Tawny Owl, classic Chiffchaff and A-shaped Spotted Woodpecker – but more charming wooden cabins are being built. The cabins are well insulated and can be heated with a wood stove and central heating, so they’re also the perfect destination in the winter months. These beautiful photos of Treelodge make you want to pack your bags straight away, don’t they?

#10 Glamping in a Tree Tent

Ohey | Current prices and availability | This Dom’Up tree tent is a completely different kind of treehouse. This tent hangs between the trees and is accessible via a ladder. The treehouse has a view of green meadows and the Belgian castle Hodoumont. There is no electricity and you can cook only on a small camping stove, but that is just part of this special adventure.

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Tip: if this tree tent is fully booked, the second Dom’Up may still be available.

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