Treehouses in Belgium: 10 unique treehouses to stay

Are you on the hunt for the most enchanting treehouses in Belgium? This gem of a European country boasts an array of unique wooden cabins nestled among the branches. There’s something inherently magical about treehouses, and Belgium excels in crafting these fairytale-like retreats perched atop stilts or cradled by the boughs of a tree.

Our adventures led us to experience the wonder of Belgian treehouses not once, not twice, but multiple times, immersing us fully in the serene embrace of nature. Inspired by these stays, we’ve compiled a bucket list of the top 10 treehouses in Belgium for future explorations. Join us as we share our curated wish list, sparking your imagination to fulfill those childhood dreams!

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The Belgian treehouses on the map

10 unique treehouses in Belgium

#1 Treehouses in the Warredal forest

Maaseik | Current prices and availability | 2-5 guests | The Warredal forest in Limburg is home to Belgium’s most unique treehouses. Hidden in the forest you will find two types of forest houses, Cosy Cabins and Cosy Houses.

Dozens of tiny houses constructed from natural materials feature large windows for forest panoramas and a cozy vibe. Described by Warredal as a return to nature, off the grid, and a glamorous camping experience, the Cosy Cabins ensure comfort isn’t compromised. Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, a wood stove for winter warmth, and a bathroom with hot water. The natural ethos extends throughout, with a no-plastic policy and one wall entirely of glass, seamlessly blending the forest with your living space. Options range from intimate two-guest treehouses to spacious cabins for five. For those craving an elevated experience, the Treetop Cabins are a must.

Warredal also offers a world of fairytale hobbit houses and mystical treehouses. Our invitation to Warredal led us to a breathtaking treehouse equipped with a sauna, five beds, a vast terrace complete with a pizza oven, barbecue, sauna, a fully stocked kitchen, and a cozy lounge sofa by the window overlooking the forest. This Tree House, distinct from the Cosy Cabins, offers a less modern, more rugged, yet slightly more luxurious ambiance for a truly enchanting stay.

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Warredal boomhut in België

#2 Treehouse with jacuzzi on Airbnb

Érezée | Current prices and availability | 4 guests | Nestled in the heart of the lush Belgian Ardennes, this exquisite treehouse offers an elevated escape, perched six meters above the ground amidst the serene treetops. It features a cozy wood burner for chilly evenings, a spacious 75 m² interior with two welcoming bedrooms, and a vast terrace that catches both the morning and evening sun. A standout amenity is the jacuzzi, available for booking throughout much of the year, promising a luxurious soak surrounded by nature’s tranquility.

#3 Cabane des Amoureux

Sivry-Rance | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Straddling the French-Belgian border, this enchanting treehouse is a haven for lovers looking to immerse themselves in nature. Perched seven meters high, it offers a secluded retreat. The treehouse features a terrace complete with a hammock at canopy level, and just below, a delightful jacuzzi awaits for moments of relaxation.

#4 La Cabane Du Bois Dormant

Spa | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Near the charming town of Spa, the romantic La Cabane Du Bois Dormant treehouses beckon with their unique African flair. These lofty abodes, roughly 35m² in size, each boast a private bathroom, a terrace to enjoy the outdoors, and internet access for staying connected. Each morning, breakfast is whimsically delivered in a basket, elevating the idyllic experience.

la-cabane-du-bois-dormant tree house belgium

#5 Les Cabanes de Rensiwez

Houffalizze | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | Highly sought-after, this captivating wooden treehouse stands five meters above the ground, exuding rustic charm. Crafted entirely from wood, including a wooden bathtub, it features a snug box bed and a wood stove for a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, an outdoor wooden bathtub allows for unique bathing experiences amidst the trees. Early booking is advised to secure this popular gem.

Les Cabanes de Rensiwez tree house Belgium
Les Cabanes de Rensiwez tree house Belgium

#6 Dome glamping at Sphair Perchée

Fisenne | Current prices and availability | 2 people | Situated atop a hill in the Belgian Ardennes, this distinctive treehouse offers an unparalleled glamping experience. Unlike traditional cabins, it boasts a transparent dome, offering an intimate setting to sleep under the stars. This adventure-ready accommodation foregoes hot water and a fully equipped bathroom, promising a memorable stay close to nature.

Sphair Perchée tree house Belgium

#7 The Cabane du Beau Vallon

Profondeville| Current prices and availability | 2-5 guests | This whimsical cabin, spacious enough for up to five guests, offers a fairy-tale setting unlike any other Belgian treehouse. It features a large bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, and a terrace complete with a Norwegian bath and barbecue. At night, the treehouse transforms with romantic lighting, adding to the magic of your stay.

The Cabane du Beau Vallon Treehouse in Belgium

#8 Double treehouse for two

Names | Current prices and availability | 2 guests | This unique lodging offers not just one, but two interconnected treehouses—one serving as a cozy bedroom and the other housing a kitchen and bathroom. Linked by a walkway, this double treehouse is nestled within a beautiful half-acre estate, offering direct access to scenic walks right from your doorstep.

#9 Treehouse Camp Treelodge

Retie | Current prices and availability | 2-6 guests | Treelodge, a serene treehouse village in the Stille Kempen, invites you to an unforgettable forest retreat. With three distinct cabins—the Tawny Owl with its sleek design, the classic Chiffchaff, and the A-shaped Spotted Woodpecker—and more in development, this enclave promises a cozy stay. Each cabin is well insulated and equipped with both a wood stove and central heating, making it an ideal year-round destination.

#10 Glamping in a Tree Tent

Ohey | Current prices and availability | This Dom’Up tree tent offers a novel treehouse experience, suspended between the trees and accessed via ladder. Overlooking verdant meadows and the historic Belgian castle Hodoumont, this accommodation provides a rustic escape without electricity. Cooking is limited to a small camping stove, adding to the charm of this unique adventure.

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