Fairytale tree house with sauna at Warredal in Belgium

Nestled within the enchanting Warredal forest, you’ll discover Belgium’s most extraordinary treehouses. This verdant park is not just a haven for modern tiny houses perched gracefully among the treetops; it’s also the realm of whimsical cabins, crafted with sturdy wood and imaginative designs.

Having experienced the charm of the modern tiny houses back in 2020, we found ourselves drawn back to Warredal to immerse ourselves in the magic of one of their storybook treehouses. Our return visit rekindled our affection for these unique forest dwellings and the serene woodland surroundings. Dive deeper into our remarkable stay in Belgium, highlighting our time in a storybook treehouse complete with a sauna.

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Warredal tree house in Belgium
Warredal tree house in Belgium

Cosy Cabins and Cosy Houses

What began over two decades ago as an equestrian center has blossomed into an expansive leisure destination featuring a climbing park, mini-golf, a swimming pond, a petting zoo, and distinctive cabins nestled in the forest. As avid travelers, these unique forest cabins particularly caught our eye, leading us to this enchanting corner of Belgium not once, but twice.

Warredal secretes away two distinct styles of forest cabins. First, there are the modern tiny houses, boasting natural materials, expansive windows framing forest vistas, and a welcoming ambiance. Described by Warredal as a blend of nature immersion, off-grid living, and glamorous camping, these Cosy Cabins do not skimp on comfort. Fully equipped kitchens, wood-burning stoves for chilly winters, and bathrooms with steaming hot water ensure a cozy stay. Whether it’s a romantic retreat for two or a family adventure, the largest cabins can host up to five guests. For those yearning for a heightened experience, the Treetop Cabins offer an enchanting escape. Our stay in a Treetop Cabin was nothing short of magical.

Another section of the forest cradles fairytale hobbit houses and treehouses, affectionately dubbed Cosy Houses by Warredal. Our fortune allowed us a second stay at Warredal, this time in these unique wooden dwellings. A three-day stay in a fairytale treehouse, complete with a sauna, left us utterly enchanted!

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A Storybook Sanctuary in the Warredal forest

Concluding a six-month journey in our camper van, we revisited Warredal, trading our van for one of the park’s latest jewels: a treehouse ingeniously designed with a sauna.

Upon arrival, a golf cart whisked us away to our secluded cabin, ensuring the forest remained a serene, car-free haven. This visit introduced us to a new segment of the forest park. En route, glimpses of other treehouses and two hobbit houses, with their rounded forms and whimsical architecture, brought to mind the charming fantasy of De Efteling, a beloved Dutch theme park.

Warredal tree house in Belgium

Treehouse Luxury: Sauna and Pizza Nights Under the Stars

Our stay in Tree House 3, celebrated by Warredal as the crown jewel of her forest, was adorned with the exclusive luxury of a wood-fired sauna. Anticipating cozy evenings, we arrived stocked for a pizza night, thanks to the large covered terrace equipped with a pizza oven and barbecue. The first evening was spent igniting the outdoor stove, the necessary supplies thoughtfully provided, baking pizzas and dining alfresco in the springtime glow.

Other luxuries of our cabin? This cabin not only offered the convenience of tap water but also a compact fridge instead of a cool box, and ample power sockets. There is no wifi, aligning with the park’s ethos of fostering a connection with nature over digital distractions. With amenities like a pizza oven, sauna, barbecue, games, a climbing park, petting zoo, and nearby nature reserves, there’s little temptation to glance at your phone.

Warredal tree house in Belgium

Forest bathing in Belgian Limburg

Our family adventures took a delightful turn with the arrival of our baby girl, Linde, last year. Traveling with a baby reshaped our priorities; attractions we once overlooked, like the petting zoo with its friendly ponies, goats, and sheep, became daily highlights for Linde’s first animal encounters.

Revisiting Warredal, we rekindled our love for the forest’s embrace. The park lies close to Hoge Kempen National Park, with the Bergerven nature reserve right on its doorstep. A gateway near the climbing park leads into adjacent woodland, where a map details various walking trails. Opting for the longer circuit around the forest lake provided us with tranquil moments, Linde either snug in her sling or perched joyfully on her father’s shoulders.

Returning from our explorations, a treat of chocolate milk, procured from a vending machine at Warredal, awaited warming in our cabin. There’s something profoundly comforting about wrapping up in a cozy treehouse, by the warmth of a stove, savoring hot chocolate after a day immersed in nature’s serenity.

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