Bucket List Experience: sleeping in a boutique tree house

As a child you probably have built one and begged your parents to sleep there overnight. Your childhood dream can come true at the boutique resort Life is Good. A tree house has been built in the tree tops of an old oak and it is more beautiful than you could have dreamed of as a child. We were got the chance to stay in Brabant for a weekend for this ultimate bucket list experience.

Treehouse in Brabant | Boutique resort Life is Good | The Orange Backpack

Founders Mandy and Jeroen are working hard on their special boutique resort in Heeswijk in Brabant. They are building the most beautiful and luxurious sleeping places on the site where they also live and where ponies roam freely. Each one just as special. But for us, there is actually nothing like that one bucket list experience: sleeping in a tree house.

This cool tree suite at 4 meters high is our home for a weekend in Brabant. High in the tree we find a large bed, a nice breakfast corner, a huge bathroom with a sauna and a terrace in the treetops. We have rarely seen a hotel or house that is so complete. Everything is comfortable, beautiful and luxurious. You notice that nothing has been saved to make the tree suite the unique experience that you dreamed of as a child.

The skylight above the bed and the glass wall make the tree suite blend in with the ancient oak, around which the terrace has been built. We did not spot the squirrel of the oak, but there were an incredible amount of birds. The breakfast made everything complete, every morning there was an extensive breakfast basket ready for us.

Mandy told us that most guests don’t actually get out of the tree suite and we understand that. The view, the tranquility, the sauna and the terrace are enough to keep you entertained for a few days. But if you do want to go outside, within walking distance you can visit the historic castle Heeswijk and you can walk in the area.

After a weekend in luxury, our bucket list is a bit shorter again. Or perhaps longer, now that we have tasted the tree house experience. Because how cool would it be to be able to live in such a beautiful house?


luxury tree house at boutique resort Life is Good

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