13 travel tips for the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers

Now that we have to settle with exploring our own beautiful Netherlands in Corona times, the Dutch do so en masse. And that also applies to Dutch travel bloggers! Of course we love to share all those travel experiences in our own country during this mandatory staycation with you. So we teamed up with our favorite Dutch travel bloggers to gather travel tips for the most beautiful places in the Netherlands.

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#1 Marcella from Reiswijven.nl recommends Zeeland

Reiswijven.nl | @reiswijven | My all-time favorite spot in the Netherlands is Zeeland! The coast, the tranquility and the cozy villages give me the ultimate holiday feeling and I can easily get there from my hometown Rotterdam! As a child I often visited the villages of Renesse, Ouddorp and Domburg with my parents on a camping trip. This makes Zeeland a very special place for me. So when I had a few days off last weekend, the choice was quickly made: off to Zeeland! And my camping trip was this time very special: I brought a retro camper van! It was an incredibly cool experience to be completely free to go wherever I want and yet be fully equipped with the van.

After a fresh but surprisingly comfortable night at a campsite near the Brouwersdam, we drove to the Brouwersdam itself to watch the kite surfers in the wonderful sea air. All beach bars were still closed, but luckily we were able to get a nice bowl of squabbling or fries at the snack carts. As in the past, this is a must-do on a weekend trip to Zeeland for me!

#2 Renske from RenskeReist.nl recommends Texel

Renskereist.nl | @renskereist | There is so much beauty to see in the Netherlands, but my favorite place for a staycation is Texel. You can get there easily by boat and yet you have the feeling that you are really far away from home. The tranquility, beautiful nature, great beaches and the typical island vibe make our largest Wadden island a wonderful place. Not just in summer time to enjoy the sea, but also the rest of the year TExel makes a great place to get a breath of fresh air. The best way to explore the island is by bicycle. You can then cycle past all the beautiful places and the villages with their great terraces. Do not miss the famous red lighthouse in the north of Texel. It doesn’t just offer a pretty picture, but is also the best place for a view over the island.

But my favorite activity is hiking on the unique mudflats. You can actually walk on the seabed at Texel with a guide when it is low tide. You’ll enjoy places this way you would otherwise never be able to visit. And you’ll learn everything about the beautiful nature around Texel. It makes a great physical activity and it can get hilarious when get stuck in the mud, again. Afterwards warm up with a hot drink at one of the beach bars or enjoy a delicious fresh Texel beer. In my opinion, Texel is the perfect mix of relaxing, being active, resting and having fun, so great for a staycation.

Renskereist tips Texel Most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers

#3 Nick and Hannah from SaltinourHair.com recommend Rotterdam

Saltinourhair.com | @saltinourhair | This young and energetic city is often overshadowed by Amsterdam, while in reality Rotterdam is much different. Rotterdam is a creative city in the Netherlands full of museums, trendy cafes and offers a great mix of modern and authentic impressive buildings such as the Kubuswoningen,the Markthal and the White House.

Saltinourhair tips Rotterdam Most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers (2)

#4 Milou from Explorista.nl recommends Den Bosch

Explorista.nl | @explorista | My favorite place in the Netherlands is my hometown: Den Bosch. I believe it is the most undiscovered gem of the Netherlands. Den Bosch is a city with a beautiful historic center, at the market square is the oldest brick house in the Netherlands (called Moriaan, probably built in 1220). The world-famous painter Jeroen Bosch has also lived at this square (at number 29 and 61 to be exact). Take a boat trip through the our canal system: the Binnendieze and admire the city walls. After a walk through the center, sit down in one of the delicious Burgundian restaurants in De Korte Putstraat or go shopping in the Snellestraat. Den Bosch is hip, historical and cozy.

Reading tip: more inspiration for a Dutch city trip? Read our blog with more options for a surprising city trip in the Netherlands!

Explorista recommends Den Bosch Most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers

#5 Liesbeth and Gijs from Litepackingdistrict.com recommend Schiermonnikoog

Litepackingdistrict.com | Litepackingdistrict | We have been coming to Schiermonnikoog island for years and believe it is the most beautiful place in the Netherlands. Ha, maybe from the world. It is and remains stunning. The tranquility, the expansive beach, the beautiful evening light. We can’t even explain it in words. It is a feeling. The feeling of Schier. As soon as the ferry leaves from Lauwersoog and you feel the wind in your hair, home feels fair away. You should try it! Three tips:

  • Must do: rent a bike and cycle through the dunes to the quiet Oosterstrand (Paal 10). Take a beach walk there with your feet in the sea.  
  • Sleeping: pitch your tent in the middle of the dunes at camp site Seedune and gaze at the stars at night. If camping is not for you, then stay at the legendary Hotel van der Werff from 1726. It’s still like back in the old days: coffee for 80 cents, waiters dressed up in black and white formal outfits, rooms with old school ceiling lamps and a dinner menu your grandma would preprare. Or rent a holiday home in the dunes.
  • Food: mussels and fries on the sheltered terrace of the beach pavilion De Marlijn.

#6 Stéphanie from Expeditieaardbol.nl recommends Utrecht

Expeditieaardbol.nl | @expeditieaardbol | Utrecht may be the smallest province in the Netherlands, but it is the best place to enjoy nature. One of the most beautiful spots in the area is the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park, but the banks of the Kromme Rijn river between Utrecht and Wijk bij Duurstede are favorites as well. Here you can walk, canoe and paddle, and enjoy different sights along the way. From forests and extensive estates, to meadows with cows and quiet places with no one around. It’s not difficult to find yourself an idyllic spot to roll out your picnic blanket. On hot days, you can cool off in the fresh water. 

Expeditieaardbol ranks Utrecht as the most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers

#7 Kimber and Saskia from Reisgenie.nl recommend the Loonse en Drunense Duinen

Reisgenie.nl | @reisgenie | In the Loonse and Drunense Duinen in North Brabant, I always have the feeling that I am abroad. This National Park is about a 15-minute drive from the city of Tilburg and as soon as you park the car, you’ll enter a different world. The dune landscape is unique in the Netherlands and for that reason alone you should have seen it at least once. I find both the dunes, the pools and the forests equally enchanting, especially early in the day or just before sunset. Hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers and horse riders are all welcome. Clear paths indicate where to go, so everyone remains on ‘their’ own routes. I am a big fan of hiking and the dunes have the perfect route for a walk with a dog of about about 5 kilometers here. It’s perfect it you you want to visit with your dog! So if you’re in Brabant, make sure to visit the Loonse and Drunense Duinen.

Reisgenie tips Loonse Dunense Duinen as the most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers (2)
Travel genius recommends Loonse Dunense Duinen as the most beautiful spot in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers

#8 Sigrid from MyTravelSecret.nl recommends Texel

Mytravelsecret.nl | @mytravelsecret | My favorite place for a weekend trip or holiday in my own country is definitely Texel. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I live in the south of the country and that it is already half a whole world trip to get to Texel, but as soon as I am on the boat from Den Helder to Texel I have the ultimate holiday feeling. Texel has fantastic nature, attractive villages and of course a lot of beaches with cozy beach bars. A must-do on Texel is a seal tour, where you’ll take a boat along sandbanks with of hundreds of seals. So much fun! Furthermore, the Slufter is one of my favorite nature reserves in the Netherlands. You can enjoy walking here and it’s a paradise for bird watchers. 

Mytravelsecret recommends Texel as the most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers
Mytravelsecret tips Texel as the most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers (2)

#9 Lisette from Travellust.nl tips Friesland

Travellust.nl | @travellust_nl | Friesland is by far my favorite province in the Netherlands. In the past I actuaaly thought that there was nothing to do, but nothing could be further from the truth! Friesland is the perfect destination especially for water sports. You can learn kite surfing at the sea, sup through the cozy canals of Sneek and Leeuwarden or go sailing on the Frisian Lakes. I can recommend everyone to rent a boat with a bunch of friends in the summer. Drop your anchor at a beautiful spot with a view of the vast Frisian nature, jump into the water, grab a drink and a snack and enjoy golden sunsets. Did you know that you can easily sail a day to the Wadden islands of Terschelling or Ameland from Friesland as well? There are also plenty of photogenic villages, such as Hindeloopen and Woudsend. And the best part: you can eat Frisian sugar bread all day long! It all ads up to a perfect destination for a perfect weekend trip in our own country.

Travellust recommends Friesland as the most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers

#10 Nathalie from MapofJoy.nl recommends the Marker Wadden

mapofjoy.nl | @map_of_joy | I live in Flevoland, the youngest province of the Netherlands, built by the Dutch on the bottom of the sea. I think the coolest spot in the Netherlands is currently the Marker Wadden in “my” Flevoland. It’s one of a kind. These islands have been constructed with sand, clay and silt from the Markermeer and it may remind of the smaller Wadden Islands. The aim of the Marker Wadden project: to contribute to the restoration of the Markermeer nature. It’s a paradise for fish and birds, but we humans can enjoy it as well, as we can go there by boat!

Mapofjoy tips Marker Wadden as the most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel blogs

#11 Bas and Birget from TheZeroHourWorkweek.nl recommend the Veluwe

@thezerohourworkweek | For us, the Veluwe is one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. It is a lovely place to walk all year round in the middle of nature. But our favorite moment is the end of summer. When the evenings start to get a bit shorter, the Veluwe starts to blossom. The heather turns purple and this gives the area a magical effect. The “purple hills” are a must-visit for a holiday in our country! Want to spend the night in a unique place after your hike? Buitenplaats Beekhuizen is our favorite place to have a drink and book a place to sleep. 

#12 Nathalie of Travelling Vet Nurse recommends Maastricht

@travellingvetnurse | I might be biased, but my home town Maastricht is the most beautiful city in the Netherlands. I would love to highlight the unique and upcoming Sphinx quarter. The city of Maastricht has invested a lot in this area and that’s easy to see. The Sphinx factory has been completely renovated and now houses The Student Hotel, Bold Rooftop Bar, companies, apartments and the interior store Loods 5. In addition, there is the Muziekgieterij for concerts and parties and two cinemas, Pathé and the Lumiere Cinema including an amazing restaurant-café (wow – recommended!). Bassin is the best place for a bite and drinks and a beautiful view of the small harbor… it feels like Southern Europe here. Trust me! And if you want to stretch your legs after a tasty meal, take a walk through the old city works that now form a big park called the Fronten park. It’s beautiful!

Traveling Vet Nurse recommends Maastricht as the most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to Dutch travel bloggers

#13 Lisette and Robert-Jan from Reisplaat.nl recommend the Veluwe

Reisplaat.nl |@reisplaatje | The Netherlands has 21 National Parks. They offer the most beautiful nature in the Netherlands. All the unique nature of our country can be found in the parks. Such as the purple heather fields, sand drifts, forests, moor and meres. Gelderland has the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Many National Parks in the Netherlands are free, but you’ll pay an entrance fee of 10.95 euros at the Hoge Veluwe National Park. It’s not only a beautiful place for a hike, there’s much more. The park has a free white bicycle system with bikes at various points in the park. This offers the opportunity to cycle around the park and choose different routes. In addition to the breathtakingly beautiful nature in the Hoge Veluwe National Park, there is more in the park. You can visit the Jachthuis Sint Hubertus or the Kröller Müller museum. Ready for a break? That has also been thought of. There is a large section with several restaurants where you can eat and drink.

Reading tip: there are many more unique places near the national park. Read more about those in our blog about the highlights of the Veluwe!

Travel image tips Veluwe as the most beautiful place in the Netherlands according to travel bloggers