Tulip Route Netherlands: 3 road trips around the flower fields near Amsterdam

As spring is just around the corner, the Dutch are getting ready for their flower season: the Netherlands will be covered in the most colorful flower and tulip fields. Travelers might have heard of visiting the famous Keukenhof to enjoy the typical Dutch tulip fields in Lisse, but you can actually find tulip farms everywhere around the country. Not just in Lisse close to Amsterdam, but also in Flevoland or Goeree Overflakkee. And the best thing about this: you can visit them for free while enjoying a great road trip around the Netherlands. As Dutchies we know exactly where to find those beautiful tulip fields both close to Amsterdam as further away from the crowds. We will tell you about the best flower routes in the Netherlands: the Tulip Route in Flevoland, a tulip road trip at Lisse near Amsterdam and a road trip itinerary on the island of Goeree Overflakkee close to Rotterdam.


What is the best time to visit the tulip fields in the Netherlands?

The tulip bulbs are planted by the Dutch farmers around October to show their colorful splendor in early spring. You can spot the first tulips from the end of March, but the fields are at their best from mid-April to mid-May. That is the perfect time to take your rental car for a one-day road trip in the Netherlands and drive around the colorful tulip routes.

How to find a rental car?

There are rental car companies all over the Netherlands, especially in big cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. We recommend you to rent a car in Amsterdam or at Schiphol Airport, if you want to visit the tulip fields close to Amsterdam. Like the ones at Lisse and Flevoland. If you’re planning to drive the tulip route at Goeree Overflakkee close to Rotterdam, you could either drive yourself there from Amsterdam or Schiphol, or rent a car in Rotterdam.


 3 must-do tulip routes in the Netherlands

 #1 The Tulip Route in Flevoland

Download route | Length: 88 kilometers | The Noordoostpolder of Flevoland is home to many tulip farms. The result? Endless fields with beautiful tulips. The Flevoland province hosts a Tulip Route every year for a scenic drive along those farmlands. The exact itinerary is different each year. Many farms along the route are part of the excursion, offering tours or flowers for sale. Make sure to respect the farmer’s fields though, as this is their main source of income and they don’t like you to walk on their fields damaging their flowers. The Tulip Route in 2021 is available from April 10 to May 2. You can also drive the route during the rest of the year, but beware that there will be less or even no tulips along the route and the farms won’t be opened for visitors.

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The official website of the Tulip Route provides current information, including the exact road trip itinerary for 2021. If you don’t want to wait for that and aren’t interested in the farms hosting activities, you can also find a route map for a Flevoland Tulip Route here.

#2 A scenic flower route at Goeree Overflakkee near Rotterdam

Download route | Length: 111 kilometers | Goeree-Overflakkee in South Holland has one of the highest concentration of flower fields and tulip farms. We’ve been told that 10% of the Dutch tulips grow here. Endless fields with tulips in all colors stretch out in front of you in the Dutch landscape in the spring, with hardly any travelers visiting them.

The island of Goeree-Overflakkee is located in the south of the province of South Holland, just north of the beaches of Zeeland. It is just over an hour’s drive from Amsterdam and even shorter from Rotterdam. You will find the tulip fields mainly in the area around the towns of Middelharnis, Oude- and Nieuwe-Tonge and Dirksland. You could make a bike trip in the fields by renting an (electric) bicycle in Middelharnis for example, as we did two years ago. But how about a scenic car route for a road trip in between the bulb fields? This one-day road trip of 105 kilometers will lead you across the island Goeree Overflakkee, starting and ending in the town of Stellendam. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the Dutch flower fields.

 #3 Tulip Road Trip near Amsterdam

Download route | Length: 62 kilometers | Keukenhof near Lisse is the well-known highlight in the Netherlands when it comes to visiting tulip fields. But you don’t even have to buy an expensive ticket and brave the tourist crowds to see the most beautiful tulip fields near Lisse. The area around Lisse, Hillegom and Noordwijkerhout is full of colorful flower fields and you can visit them for free with your own rental car.

This 62-kilometer tulip route in South Holland in the Lisse area near Amsterdam starts and ends in Oegstgeest. Depending on how many photo stops you’ll make, this itinerary takes about 3 hours. You won’t just get to see the famous tulip fields in the Netherlands, but also charming villages and coastal towns such as Katwijk and Noordwijk. They are the perfect stop for a lunch break.

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