10 best museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has the best museums in the world. The Amsterdam museums offer you famous artworks, rich cultural history, unique modern art and amazing architecture. We visited all the famous museums in Amsterdam and made a list for you with our favourites. These are the top museums to visit in Amsterdam.

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#1 Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder

Historical| Tickets | Website | When the Protestant Netherlands would not allow Catholics to pratice their religion in pubic, they built hidden churches in the canal houses. Many of them have disappeared with the return of real Catholic churches, but not this hidden church in the Red Light district. The museum does not only bring you to the unique church in the attic of the canal house, but also gives you a glimpse of the city life in the Golden Age.

#2 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Modern art| Tickets | Website | The Stedelijk is the largest museum for modern and contemporary art in the country. ‘De Badkuip’ (‘The Bathtub’) – as the Amsterdam people call the futuristic annex at the historic museum building – can be found among the other big musea at Museumplein. It shows an impressive permanent collection, but there are also changing exhibitions.

#3 Hermitage Amsterdam

Historical art| Website | The Amsterdam Hermitage is a dependance of the world-famous museum from Saint Petersburg. Changing exhibitions offer a glimpse into the endless Russian depots. There are always at least two large exhibitions on show, changing every half year. The Hermitage is also located in a beautiful historical building that used to be a rest home for the elderly. Those who search well will also find the old kitchen and director’s room!

#4 Rijksmuseum

Historical and modern art | Tickets | Website | The Rijksmuseum is probably the most famous and most visited museum in the Netherlands. The building itself is a work of art in itself, but what about the world-famous Nachtwacht (Night Watch)? The Melkmeisje (Milkmaid) or Het meisje met de parel (The girl with the pearl earring)? The enormous art collection is impressive. A guide or audio tour can lead you through it, but much more unique is the
Teekentour (drawing tour) during which you immerse yourself into the Rijksmuseum art during a drawing workshop. Find all the tours.

#5 Royal Palace at the Dam square

Historical | Website | Do you remember the abdication of (then still) Queen Beatrix? Or The Kiss of Máxima and Willem-Alexander? The Royal Palace has been the backdrop for many historical events. If the palace at the Dam square is not used by the royal family for state visits or other official events, you can pay it a visit. Marvel at the impressive architecture and let the audio tour catch you up on the history of Amsterdam and the Oranges!

#6 Museum Willet-Holthuysen

Historical | Tickets | Website | Are the beautiful canal houses drawing you in? And are you wondering what the canals have looked like in the time they were built? There are a few canal houses open for visit, of which the Museum Willet-Holthuysen is perhaps one of the most beautiful. The seventeenth-century building at the Herengracht 605 is completely decorated as it was back in the old days when it was still inhabited by one of the richest families in Amsterdam. Tip: the museum also has a beautiful city garden, wonderful on sunny days!

#7 Tassenmuseum Hendrikje

Fashion, historical | Website | Are you a fashion lover? Then you will love this museum of bags and purses! In an exhibition with hundreds of historical and modern bags and purses, you will learn all about the history of this fashion item. In addition to the permanent collection of antique bags and purses with famous owners and designers, there is also a changing exhibition in which new designers can showcase their talents. The museum is located in one of the oldest and most beautiful canal houses in the city. And there is a very nice museum café that is really worth a visit.

#8 Museum Van Loon

Historical| Website | In this museum you can also see what was behind the façades of the monumental canal houses back in the Golden Age. The rich Van Loon family once lived in this building. Its wealth can still be admired in the beautifully decorated rooms. You can see how the richest Dutchmen lived with all its luxurious furniture and majestic artwork. Tip: the house also has a beautiful garden with a coach house in the back. There you will not only find antique carriages, but also a cute museum café.

#9 Van Gogh Museum

Modern art| Tickets | Website | Of course, one of the most famous Dutch painters has its own museum in the capital. Nowhere will you find more Van Goghs than in this museum! From the Aardappeleters (Potato Eaters) to the Zonnebloemen (Sunflowers), you can admire them all here. Make sure you are there very early or late to avoid the crowds, as it can get so crowded here that it is difficult to view a painting at ease. Tip: Friday evening the museum is open until 9 pm and it is a lot quieter!

#10 Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis

Historical| Website | Can you not get enough of the Amsterdam canals? Then add Geelvinck to your museum wish list. The old monument still has much of its original interior. A nice extra: it is also a music museum for old musical instruments, because of which every Sunday afternoon a concert is hosted. How unique!

And if you saw all museums in Amsterdam, you can start to discover the best museums in the world.

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