8x where to stay in Breda

Where to stay in Breda in The Netherlands? The charming city in the south of the country has amazing hotels, stunning luxury stays and historic boutique hotels. There are actually so many great options it can be overwhelming to choose the right place to stay in Breda. The historic city center of Breda is packed with beautiful places to stay. This blog will help you find the perfect hotel for your visit to Breda. What are the best places to stay in Breda? And which hotels are recommended there?

Why Breda is worth visiting

Breda, often referred to as ‘the pearl of the south’, is arguably one of the most enchanting historic cities in the southern Netherlands. And it’s not just a name – Breda truly lives up to its reputation. From its captivating old town and vibrant street art to its buzzing atmosphere, this city promises a unique experience for every visitor.

As the sun graces Breda, the cityscape comes alive, transforming into a lively hub of terraces. Both locals and tourists flock to the Grote Markt’s terraces, bathing in sunlight and creating a dynamic, festive mood. But don’t be mistaken – Breda’s allure isn’t limited to sunny days. Come winter, the city wraps itself in a blanket of shimmering lights, set against a backdrop of a festive Christmas market, making it a haven of coziness.

Breda is a city where history whispers from every corner. Centuries of rich heritage can be seen throughout its historic center. A pinnacle of this historic splendor is the Grote Kerk. This Gothic marvel not only stands as a testament to the city’s architectural prowess but also offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Breda from its peak. Inside the church lies a touch of royal history – the final resting place of the ancestors of the Dutch King, housed in a magnificent chapel.

But don’t be fooled into thinking Breda is only about its past. The city pulsates with modernity! The downtown area is dotted with chic hotspots, trendy eateries, and unique boutique shops. The highest density of these modern treasures can be found along the charming Sint Janstraat, Sint Annastraat, and Veemarktstraat. Another can’t-miss attraction is the intriguing street art that adorns Breda, part of the Blind Wall Gallery that’s spread across the city. To ensure you don’t miss out on any piece of art, there’s a handy app and an online map pinpointing the exact locations.

In essence, Breda masterfully blends quaint historical charm with contemporary vibrancy. It stands as not just a successful and surprising city break in the Netherlands but a must-visit destination in its own right. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or an art enthusiast, Breda has something to captivate every traveler’s heart.

Where to stay in Breda

Although Breda is quite large, the best places are all concentrated in its historic city center. The old center is bordered by the Oude Mark river, Oude Vest and Vlaszak streets, and on the north side, the Castle of Breda and Valkenberg city park. Within this area, the famous sights of Breda are concentrated, with the market square as the central point.

When searching for accommodation in Breda, the ideal choice is the historic city center. All attractions, restaurants, and shops are conveniently located near the hotels in this area. Additionally, the district of Ginneken, situated south of the center, is also a highly recommended destination in Breda.

The Ginneken district is bordered by the Van Coothplein, located on the southern side of the old town, and stretches towards the Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat and Wilhelminastraat. Here, visitors can find numerous exceptional Breda hotspots, such as coffee bars and concept stores, making it a true hidden gem. Unfortunately, there are no recommended hotels available in Ginneken. Nevertheless, there is a superb hotel option at Van Coothplein, as well as a charming forest hotel within walking distance of Ginneken.

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The 8 best places to stay in Breda

Where to stay in the old town of Breda

#1 Hotel Nassau Breda

The Hotel Nassau Breda – Autograph Collection by Marriott is centrally located in Breda, within walking distance of the city’s tourist attractions. It is situated in a complex of national monuments on one of the oldest streets in the city. Previously, this site housed three mansions, which were subsequently repurposed as a Catholic orphanage and monastery, along with a neo-Gothic chapel. This transformation involved the removal of all internal walls, resulting in a labyrinthine arrangement of corridors and rooms. Despite these changes, the exterior of the hotel still retains the appearance of three distinct monuments. Following a three-year restoration, Hotel Nassau Breda was inaugurated at this location in 2016.

The new hotel retains many references to its ancient history. The old church’s vaulted ceiling has been preserved, now serving as the breakfast room. Guests can enjoy their breakfast while admiring the chapel and stained glass windows. The hotel provides luxurious rooms and suites with comfortable box-spring beds and a modern interior. The hotel also includes the renowned restaurant Liefdesgesticht, which is highly popular in Breda and welcomes both hotel and non-hotel guests.

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Hotel Nassau Breda

#2 Bliss Boutique Hotel

Bliss Boutique Hotel is ideally situated in Breda’s historic center, only 500 meters from the Beguinage and a 15-minute stroll from the train station. Although bicycles are available for rent, all attractions in Breda are conveniently within walking distance.

Bliss Boutique Hotel in Breda offers a distinctive and exceptional lodging experience. It features 7 lavish suites, each boasting a distinct theme. The Dickens & Jones Suite showcases understated British influences, while the Lodge Suite evokes the ambiance of a woodland cabin. For couples seeking romance, the Wedding Suite offers a pristine white setting. All rooms are equipped with a fireplace, luxurious bath, air conditioning, and complimentary Netflix access.

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#3 Boutique Nouveau Van Ham

Nouveau Van Ham is a family-owned hotel ideally situated on the pleasant Van Coothplein. This square lies on the southern border of the historic town, linking the primary shopping streets of Breda with the delightful Ginneken district. It is the ideal location for exploring both areas!

The hotel has eight modernly furnished rooms in various shades of grey. Nouveau Van Ham’s lunch cafe offers homemade dishes such as American pancakes, yogurt bowls, avocado toast, and burgers until 6 p.m. The restaurant features a beautiful interior with trendy colors and furniture, as well as a terrace for sunny days.

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Boutique Nouveau Van Ham Breda

#4 Golden Tulip Keyser

Golden Tulip Keyser has established a delightful hotel in Breda, ideally situated in Keizerstraat. It is merely a 5-minute stroll from the Grote Markt and conveniently located near the primary shopping streets and theater.

The hotel boasts a restaurant, a bar, a gym, and private parking for guests. The rooms and suites feature contemporary furnishings. Certain rooms exhibit a refreshing, luminous aesthetic, while others exude a warm, snug ambiance. Golden Tulip Keyser consistently receives outstanding ratings and exceedingly positive reviews from its patrons.

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Golden Tulip Keyser Breda

#5 Leonardo Hotel (formerly Apollo Hotel)

When visiting Breda by train, choose Leonardo Hotel for its convenient location next to the central station. From there, you can easily walk through the green oasis of city park Valkenberg to reach the Central Market square in just 10 minutes.

Leonardo Hotel, formerly known as the Apollo Hotel, underwent a name change in 2022. It offers modern and stylish rooms featuring a spacious box-spring bed, vibrant colors, and a private bathroom, with some rooms even equipped with a bath.

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#6 Hotel Sutor

Hotel Sutor is situated in the heart of Breda’s historic old town, near the Grote Kerk, Grote Mark, Valkenberg Park, and the central station. The hotel is conveniently located within walking distance of various attractions, shopping streets, and restaurants. The area surrounding the hotel is vibrant and offers numerous dining and drinking options. Including the hotel’s own Irish pub, O’Meares, which serves a variety of Irish beers and whiskey.

All rooms at Hotel Sutor feature a comfortable box-spring bed and a private bathroom. The rooms are tastefully decorated in a modern style, with colored wallpaper and a mixture of bright and grey tones. Complimentary WiFi is accessible throughout the hotel.

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Where to stay outside the old town of Breda

#7 Boutique Hotel Het Scheepshuys

Het Scheepshuys is situated in the Brabantpark residential area, just outside Breda’s old center. Housed in a characterful villa dating back to 1927, the interior seamlessly blends modern elements with the villa’s historic charm.

The boutique hotel features twelve charming rooms and suites. Guests can enjoy the beautiful garden and terrace, as well as the convenience of a bicycle rental service, offering easy access to the old town of Breda in just 10 minutes. The hotel also boasts its own coffee bar, open to both hotel and non-hotel guests.

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Boutique Hotel Het Scheepshuys

#8 Parkhotel Mastbosch

Parkhotel Mastbosch is situated on the edge of the Mastbosch, one of the oldest forests in the Netherlands. Its stylish design and romantic atmosphere make it an ideal choice for accommodation in Breda. The Grote Markt in Breda can be easily reached by bike in just over 10 minutes, and the charming Ginneken neighborhood is within walking distance.

The unique forest location is perfect for outdoor activities such as walking and cycling. The hotel, built in 1897, offers 47 well-appointed rooms and suites, all with a view of the woods. Alongside double rooms, Parkhotel Mastbosch also provides family rooms. The hotel is also home to the restaurant Heeren van Oranje, where both guests and non-guests can enjoy a meal. On sunny days, the spacious terrace provides a perfect spot for relaxation.

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Parkhotel Mastbosch Breda

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