Vaeshartelt: magical nights at a castle near Maastricht

The idyllic Vaeshartelt castle is located near Maastricht. The history of this Maastricht castle goes back centuries. From farmstead to luxurious country retreat to lavish gift to King Willem II, but nowadays we can all visit the castle and enjoy this castle hotel. We were invited to spend some magical nights at Vaeshartelt and loved our small countryside getaway.

Maastricht Vaeshartelt Castle
Maastricht Vaeshartelt Castle

Castle hotel Vaeshartelt

The centuries-old Vaeshartelt castle is located on a beautiful estate with ancient trees, a forest and llamas. Once only a place to stay for royalty and nobility, it is now a place where we can all feel royal by staying a few days in the castle hotel.

Our hotel room itself is surprisingly neutral with a modern, sleek styling, though the rest of Vaeshartelt still breathes the old allure you’ll expect from a castle. But with a modern touch. It starts with entering the spacious lobby with a huge, golden aviary with the chirping of birds.

Maastricht Vaeshartelt Castle
Maastricht Vaeshartelt Castle

To the left is the newest hotel restaurant in Vaeshartelt, The Ballroom, which is also the breakfast room in the morning. To the right of the lobby, are the other restaurants in Vaeshartelt. Restaurants yes, as there is not just one more, but several restaurants. From the royal Bistro and the green oasis of The Greenhouse to the cozy Bar. Each restaurant has its own style and menu.

Maastricht Vaeshartelt Castle
Maastricht Vaeshartelt Castle

Autumn walks in the castle park

Just like the restaurants, the park is not reserved for hotel guests only. There are several walking routes across the park – scan the Q code in the lobby to get the routes on your phone.

During our stay in October, we make beautiful autumn walks between the red-orange leaves and the most beautiful wild mushrooms. The park has several signs with background information, like the ones about ancient trees or the ‘star forest’. The castle park also gives you the best view of the castle facade, especially in the evening when it’s decorated with fairy lights.

If you also feel like exploring the Limburg towns, Burgundian Maastricht and the picturesque Valkenburg are just around the corner. Making Vaeshartelt a great base to explore southern Limburg and well-known Maastricht as well.

Vaeshartelt Castle

Maastricht castle hotel

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