Where to stay in Ohrid

Where to stay in Ohrid in Macedonia? This scenic town on Lake Ohrid is home to excellent hotels and offers wonderful stays at luxury and boutique accommodations with a breathtaking lake view. However, finding the perfect place to stay in Ohrid requires time due to the extensive selection available. This blog will help you make a choice. What are the best places to stay when visiting Lake Ohrid? And which hotels are the best choice?


Where is Ohrid in Macedonia?

Ohrid is situated on the border of North Macedonia and Albania. Lake Ohrid serves as the natural boundary between the two countries and takes its name from the historical city located on the Macedonian shoreline of the lake.

It takes approximately 2.5 hours to drive from Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, to Ohrid. However, it is worth considering visiting this stunning location during your road trip in Albania. Lake Ohrid on the Albanian side may not offer as many attractions as the Macedonian side, which includes the picturesque town of Ohrid and other points of interest on the lake. Due to this, we chose to visit Ohrid without exploring the rest of North Macedonia during our trip to Albania.

Ohrid has its own international airport, but affordable flights to Ohrid are rare. If you want to travel to Ohrid from abroad, we recommend booking a flight to Skopje in Macedonia or Tirana in Albania and renting a car to drive to the lake.

Saint John Kaneo Ohrid

Why Ohrid is worth visiting

Ohrid in Macedonia is the largest city on Lake Ohrid and one of the most beautifully situated places in the Balkans. It is built against the hills and renowned for its medieval city center, numerous orthodox churches, charming streets, and the deepest lake in Europe. Ohrid is definitely worth visiting due to its countless sights.

The old town of Ohrid features authentic white houses with black accents, interspersed with historical monuments. The streets are cobbled and locals navigate narrow roads with their vintage cars. Ohrid is renowned for its numerous stunning churches, among which the Church of Saint John in Kaneo stands out as an icon of the city. Located on a rocky outcrop by the lake, this church, also known as Sveti Jovan Kaneo, attracts many visitors, especially at sunset. From a viewpoint just above St. John in Kaneo, visitors can witness the sun setting behind the mountains of Albania. This creates a beautiful spectacle, with both the lake and the church adorned in a golden glow.

Other highlights in Ohrid not to miss include the ancient Fortress of Samuel, the beautiful churches, the Roman theater, and the Ohrid Boardwalk. Additionally, don’t forget to explore Lake Ohrid through a scenic boat trip. As a day trip from Ohrid, we also recommend visiting Galičica National Park and the renowned Monastery of Sveti Naum, both located near the lake.

Ohrid St Mary

Where to stay in Ohrid

Where to stay in the old town of Ohrid

The old town, with its narrow winding streets up the hills, is the best place to stay when visiting Ohrid. We highly recommend staying in or near the old town if you want to explore the city. It’s convenient to be close to the sights and you’ll love stepping out of your hotel and immediately marveling at the charming cobblestone streets.

The best hotels in Ohrid:

#1 Villa Misiya with a great location by the lakeside promenade, so within walking distance of all the attractions of Ohrid. The stylish, modern rooms are wonderfully comfortable and the hotel receives many enthusiastic reviews from its guests.

#2 Villa Kotlat for a modern, bright hotel with a great location just north of the historic center. The highlights of this hotel are both the lovely, modern rooms and the beautiful private swimming pool.

#3 Villa Jordan for a hotel option near the boulevard and a 10-minute walk from the old center. Prepare yourself for lovely modern hotel rooms and a refreshing dip in the swimming pool.

#4 Hotel Alexandria Ohrid with a prime location in the old center. The rooms are bright and basic with a view of the lake.

Where to stay at Lake Ohrid

There are beautiful hotels along Lake Ohrid’s shores. Since the distances along the lake are small, it’s a great idea to stay at one of these hotels outside Ohrid. You’ll be close to the lovely beaches and enjoy stunning lake views, while also being able to visit Ohrid’s old town on day trips.

The best hotels along Lake Ohrid:

#5 Hotel Tino Sveti Stefan for probably the most beautiful hotel on Lake Ohrid. The hotel has its own spa, indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, hammam and fitness center. The view of the lake, great breakfast and good service ensure excellent reviews from hotel guests.

#6 Hotel Belvedere for a classic luxury hotel south of Ohrid in a pine forest in the village of Sveti Stefan. The hotel and its rooms have a beautiful view of the lake.

#7 Vila Bisera in the village of Lagadin with two seasonal outdoor pools with umbrellas and sunbeds. All attractive and luxurious rooms have a balcony with a view over the lake.